Will Smith hits Chris Rock - BBC News Review

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Will Smith hit Chris Rock at the Oscar ceremonies on Sunday night. This was after Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, Will’s wife.

Shortly after, Will Smith won an award for Best Actor and used his speech to say sorry to the organisers, the Academy.

Rob and Roy look at the vocabulary used in the headlines about this story.

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Video chapters:
0:00 - Introduction
0:32 - Story
1:40 - Headline 1: Will Smith's confrontation with Chris Rock overshadows his long-held Oscar dreams
4:58 – Headline 2: Oscars 2022: Chris Rock won’t press charges against Will Smith, police say
8:12 - Headline 3: Will Smith slammed for NOT apologizing to Chris Rock in Oscars acceptance speech minutes after punching him during fight
10:43 - Language summary

Key words and phrases:
causes something to seem less important

* Violent protests have overshadowed the political event.
* Jorge left the company because he felt overshadowed by one of his colleagues.

press charges
file a police report

* Julia decided to press charges against her sister for crashing the car.
* I do not wish to press charges. I want to move on.

criticised strongly

* He was slammed for his rudeness at the party.
* The advertising campaign was slammed for its insensitivity.

To download the audio and a transcript and test your understanding, go to our website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/english/course/newsreview-2022/unit-1/session-12

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04.05.22 в 03:26

thank you sir

Navruz Madibragimov

20.04.22 в 07:16

Always interesting themes! Like!

Ellen Chan

17.04.22 в 19:04

Nếu thích bản cover này của Đức Phúc thì hãy chia sẻ thật nhiều ạ. Ekip sẽ có động lực tiếp tục ra mắt nhiều ca khúc tiếp theo nè ❤

miss nami

17.04.22 в 16:48

lạ ghê :>>

ich liebe KUCHEN

16.04.22 в 21:59

cái này chắc lâu lắm rồi

410711043 林采琪英語學系

16.04.22 в 16:39

Romie Merk

14.04.22 в 11:50

You both are Great Teachers! Thanks

kyara gomez

14.04.22 в 07:32

nghe mà ưng hết cả tai , đức phúc cover mãi đỉnh

Yryss Zhumakulov

14.04.22 в 06:43

BBC overshadows all the learning english ways by its simple routs

Jazmin A

11.04.22 в 07:00

Oh my God I'm learning english insults with Will Smith.

Koffein Net

08.04.22 в 15:12

Could you explain slammed expression


08.04.22 в 14:19

Love this video, thank you so much, been using it for my classes

zulma Villar

07.04.22 в 16:19

I do really like this method

Prasenjit Pandit

07.04.22 в 06:42

Sorry i cant get properly the word SLAMMED can anyone explain for me.

biba biba

05.04.22 в 14:09

Slammed means criticise strongly. Overshadow means make something less important. Press charge: official complaint

frantz Tabord

04.04.22 в 20:25

Thank you for your good work

Meio Lyn

04.04.22 в 00:55

Thank you.

Nitin Bopanna

03.04.22 в 09:27

Rock or any comedians should be sensitive while cracking joke. Jada Pinkett Smith has her own personal health issues & anyone in the right state of mind, don't crack a joke which will bring pain or insult to others which the rock did.

Sometimes words are more damaging than physical assaults.

Will Smith should not had gone with physical assault & should have opted a verbal way for resorting. But then everyone has their own set of mental status & limitations on what & how they can handle situations.

Cris Rock is equality or to be blamed more for this incident. He should know to use words wisely & know on which to crack jokes.. Someone elses trauma is not a joke for others.

If this irresponsible joke was not made, then this slapping incident wouldn't have happened.

But again, The way Chris handled & went on with the show after the slap is very appreciable.

Jochen Stossberg

03.04.22 в 07:35

This embarrassing farrago isn't really about Will Smith, who is taking the blame here - it' really all about his wife, who has slithered off, martyred and victimized. The focus here needs to be on her, and her part in this. Will Smith is done now. And in my opinion, his wife is responsible.

Mark Beaudry

01.04.22 в 15:20

The Los Angeles Police department said they are ready to arrest Will Smith for Battery. Legally speaking Will broke the Law, however, the remark made by Chris was in my opinion also a violation of law. Fighting words constitute disturbing the peace. By Using language which is inherently likely to cause a violent reaction.

Thiện Tạ

01.04.22 в 14:38

Châu chấu, những dòng sông nước chảy như máu, bệnh dịch, hạn han, lủ lụt, các điềm lạ, động đất.. là báo hiệu tận thế
Phản Kito là ĐGH
Sắp tận thế lúc 15 giờ z

P Thao

01.04.22 в 00:59

OSCAR is one the most important reward of film but Will Smith ' punching action has slammed for them to rebound of the standard strategy to evaluate who is deserved for the prize.

Pedro Petrucci

31.03.22 в 22:02

You both made a good team! very clear and well explained with a bit of sense of humour in it which makes the whole clip easy to get it.

Psevdo Stork

31.03.22 в 11:22

Will clearly was laughing until he saw his wife's reaction to the joke. The slap and him shouting profanities afterwards cheapened the event

Julie Manchester

31.03.22 в 10:45

Will Smith laughs at the joke, then feels guilty and knows he's in for a very moody, 'how-could-you-betray-me-like-that-by-laughing?' ride home in the limo. So Smith then slaps Rock to save his own skin and feel good about himself (see: guilt complex about not defending his mother as subconscious trigger). Look at the expression of empowerment on his face; you think that's for for his wife? The shouting and swearing were done to reinforce and validate the 'authenticity' of his reaction as being motivated by sympathy. It was not. Will Smith was basically saving his own skin, which is what his acceptance speech was about. If he and his wife had just left in silence and refused to receive the Oscar for best actor, then THAT would have been worthy of a standing ovation

nguyễn võ thế sang

31.03.22 в 09:17

thank u

Jaz Sun

31.03.22 в 08:20

We know how the film industry treats domestic violence, I wonder what will it do with the violence on the stage?

Anna Paola Lamberti

31.03.22 в 06:41

Sorry, instead of "slammed" shoudn't be "was slammed?

Lan Phạm

31.03.22 в 04:46

Jack not being slammed for abandoning his prenant girlfriend but for providing little stipend.
Will Smith's slap overshadowed his Oscar winning.
He didn't intend to press charges agains the bully.

Thái Minh Nhật

31.03.22 в 03:06

Thanks for the vocab

Farah Malik

31.03.22 в 02:37

Does overshadow mean dominate as well


30.03.22 в 21:39

UK eccent

Omar Bayrn

30.03.22 в 15:48

I love this lesson its overshadow all other lessons


30.03.22 в 15:32

Overshadowed someone means 让someone 黯然失色,I like the translation

Pedropablo Guijarro Garcia

30.03.22 в 13:48

I don't believe you on 8.11, Roy. It really comes, the headline, from the sun ? ¿?

Angus Cooper

30.03.22 в 13:32

I will never watch this dude and his films anymore . I have just thrown my bad boys cd collection in the bin. His actions in the Awards night are unacceptable and dispicable. If he had done it outside the awards nite, he would have been arrested and charged for assault. The Academy Awards must send a strong mesage that they do not tolerate this behaviour and they do not condone the actions of this actor. he must be banned from the Academy Awards for numerous years, and strip of his oscars. I hope the public will stop watching his films as a protest to his unacceptable behaviour that night.

Sarah Zhang

30.03.22 в 12:15

This shows he is violent and narrow minded person. He doesn’t deserve this award at all.

Molly XIao

30.03.22 в 10:57

So does news use diffirent words to acttract audience? I don't know these words

Aline Cardoso

30.03.22 в 10:49

It was shocking to me, who would guess that such a thing like that would happen? In my view, both were wrong, and violence only generates more violence. The joke was out of line, but on the flip side, Will Smith's slap was extreme.


30.03.22 в 09:07

BBC feel sympathy for will smith,that's the woke elite for you,keep your mouth shut it or else.

Mohsen Bahar

30.03.22 в 07:43

The summary of the words disappear very quickly. Is it possible to keep them on the screen a few seconds more?

1423 dgjkljjghj

30.03.22 в 07:40

From my perspective, I totally disagree with Smith's action the last Sunday, which arises from the fact that The Oscars Awards show is the place to honor the talent and the best actors/actresses. Thus, this should not let those acts of violence take place.

Xiomi Redmi

30.03.22 в 07:18

Subscribed and liked. thank you

Riaz Ahmed

30.03.22 в 05:53

I wish I give you 2 likes but there is only one..

Riaz Ahmed

30.03.22 в 05:51

I learned about slammed first time....

Riaz Ahmed

30.03.22 в 05:49

Nicely explained...
Well done ✅

رشا الساعاتي

30.03.22 в 05:17

Press charges = file complaint against sb

Victor A. Romero Ramirez

30.03.22 в 00:38

Excelent lesson, I always learn a new word :)

razz b

30.03.22 в 00:26

Bye bye BBC

Santo Diablo

29.03.22 в 23:38

If I were Chris, I would press charges against Will Smith

Luis Torres

29.03.22 в 23:06

three very useful words. thanks for sharing the video guys.


29.03.22 в 20:55

The stupidity that is breathed in CNN, also is caused by Trump???¡¡¡¡

Not Me

29.03.22 в 20:36

Black privilege

Faxriya Musayeva

29.03.22 в 18:49

Very informative as well as interesting conversation. Thank you very much from Uzbekistan


29.03.22 в 17:15

If he was white he would already be banned, cancelled, without an Oscar and accused of rasism. But Will Smith assaults Chris Rock, then insults him with uncensored words, wins an Oscar and has a great time dancing and singing at the after party.

Georgino Flamingo

29.03.22 в 16:55

When you slap someone into the face you show your weaknesses rather than strong side

Sueli Ishiyama

29.03.22 в 16:51

Will Smith action took centre stage and overshadowed the news about Oscar's premiation.

Nash Smith

29.03.22 в 16:31

N hits N about another N. Nobody should care

Jose Benito

29.03.22 в 16:15

The Oscar Video makes me feel very uneasy and disturbing.And even worse, like believing America is a very violent country and you 'd be in danger just walking in the streets, hearing music on your MobilePhone. I didn't like at all what I saw❌

Denis Ka

29.03.22 в 15:47

cheap hollywood production

darya maabadi

29.03.22 в 15:25

Thank you
Good lesson


29.03.22 в 15:19

This was a woke/cancel culture stunt. Rock, never put his hand up to his face after the alleged hit. Smith is a trained actor, who knows how to fake a hit. His apology afterwards was a well rehearsed statement.
They should both be given Oscars!!!!

Лилия Цокол

29.03.22 в 15:19

Will Smith is a cool guy, he protected his wife. No one is allowed to mock, especially after her illness. He is a cool actor, he is a cool dad and he is a cool husband!


29.03.22 в 15:19

Ah, the Oscars...an annual event where some of the most privileged people working in one of the most corrupt industries get to publically pat themselves on the back for how inclusive and progressive they are


29.03.22 в 15:16

Surely there's no limit on learning in many ways. Never expected that news could be a learning material.

Tanisha Samaiyra

29.03.22 в 15:07

I am not covering up for Will Smith. But, as soon as he was his wife rolling eyes at Chris's disrespectful joke for her, Smith just laughed off his joke, he should've controlled his anger. It wasn't a wiseful act to walk upon the stage and hit a comedian who was just joking around there, Chris seemed to have been reading out the joke from somewhere on stage. If Will Smith and his wife got intensely hurt by his joke, Will Smith could've talked out the things with Chris off the stage. I must say that Will Smith shouldn't have taken matters in his hands and punched Chris on the face. It is absolutely a physical assault. What if after some days, when someday like Will Smith wouldn't sit well with a comedian's joke about them, they just bolt towards the comedian to hit him. I truly condemn his act. Chris had a chance to respond his punch, but he chose to continue with his play.

Πετρος Νικου

29.03.22 в 15:04

Overshadow press charges Hefty vice captain lightweight under my budget apparel flammability outspoken slammed

Faruk Karaduman

29.03.22 в 14:57

Will Smith hit Chris Rock at the Oscar ceremonies on Sunday night?
Yes, he will.

Neo (Reloaded)

29.03.22 в 14:54

Let's be honest, the prize should be revoked. His drama just overshadowed lots of great things such as the Troy Kotsur's acceptance speech in sign language. We should be talking about that a deaf man made history.

Ewa Milena

29.03.22 в 14:53

Will Smith is a violent man. I would be scared to joke around him. He needs to deal with his anger in a therapy.


29.03.22 в 14:51

That's hot news in today's newspapers everywhere and I like your news review on this matter, which is eye-catching to their film lovers and fans got topic to learn new things as well ♨


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