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There have been calls for the transition to alternative and renewable energy sources to be speeded up. The War in Ukraine has made many people question their reliance on oil and gas.

Rob and Roy look at the vocabulary used in the headlines.

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Video chapters:
0:00 - Introduction
0:45 - Story
1:48 - Headline 1: Europe's fuel crisis re-energizes debate over natural gas
5:05 – Headline 2: UK renewable energy projects should be accelerated to mitigate impact of Ukraine conflict
7:50 - Headline 3: Is the UK government finally seeing sense on renewables?
10:32 - Language summary

give new energy and life to something

* The new evidence re-energised interest in the case.
* I felt re-energised after my weekend at the spa.

lessen negative effects

* The new scheme was designed to mitigate the effects of the tax increase on low-income families.
* The new ad campaign was created to mitigate the bad publicity from the original adverts.

seeing sense
understanding something logical

* No matter how many times I tell him he needs to stop shouting in the office, he won’t see sense.
* I just wish you’d see sense and let people off the train before you get on it.

To download the audio and a transcript and test your understanding, go to our website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/english/course/newsreview-2022/unit-1/session-10

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Hiwi Birhanu

05.05.22 в 19:09

Please make us another video this is very interesting keep it up

thùy nguyễn thị bích

28.04.22 в 23:39

Thank you so much for your lessons from Vietnam

pemarathana thero

28.04.22 в 02:58

You guys made me see sense the lesson well. Thank you...

Osman creations

24.04.22 в 14:35

We can re-energise by taking a short break

Tony Nakamura

24.04.22 в 08:00

A quality and timely topic!!

Nurbek Muratov

23.04.22 в 12:15

How do they clearly explain each word . WOW

gav wordy

17.04.22 в 08:50

Nếu thích bản cover này của Đức Phúc thì hãy chia sẻ thật nhiều ạ. Ekip sẽ có động lực tiếp tục ra mắt nhiều ca khúc tiếp theo nè ❤

Aslı Polat

12.04.22 в 21:18

I really love news review series. It is so helpful that improve my vocabulary, listening and speaking.Thank you very much☺

aaron solo

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Alexis Rohina

05.04.22 в 09:33

It's so best process to help us learn english

سع شت

02.04.22 в 14:02

It is bad when you rush politicized education under the policy of hatred of countries to achieve your ambitions

Анна Мосиенко

30.03.22 в 08:20

Greetings from Ukraine

shamil isaev

26.03.22 в 04:55

thank you so much for this video. and I would like to tell you this is a great and superb channel to improve our vocabulary skills and English knowledge

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25.03.22 в 03:54

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Sonia Pendola

23.03.22 в 07:34

What a great video; such efficient communicators, masters of the English teaching "art". Thank You guys!

abdalla jama

22.03.22 в 16:10

World leaders have to re-energize diplomacy to mitigate the impact of the war.

b m

21.03.22 в 12:48

Thanks for your effort and hard work. Just one oppinion, since all the new words are displayed on the screen, there’s no need to pronounce it letter by letter

Mahua Moon

21.03.22 в 09:15

Please write English subtitles!


20.03.22 в 00:40

Excellent BBC English teachers. I will memorize the contents.


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Яна Дмитренко

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Moshnur Rakib

18.03.22 в 11:00

It's very good lesson for re-energising myself to lern english.


18.03.22 в 10:44

Good job guys

Doloris Jobe

18.03.22 в 09:21

BBC Learning English is the best one for English learners!

Asari Kanaharaarachchi

17.03.22 в 16:25

Why is Roy always wearing same t shirt?

Muhammad Majid Akram

17.03.22 в 15:23

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17.03.22 в 13:48

Thank you so much. Both of you are rock :) and what a beard!!! :))))


17.03.22 в 10:47

Seeing sence. Recognizing the validity of the matter!


17.03.22 в 10:47

Seeing sense. Recognizing the validity of the matter!
To lessen the impact of the damage, we may mitigate of our demand.

hai nam Nguyen

17.03.22 в 03:28

Wow I definitely enjoy news review progammes. Thank a lot for devoting


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Teacher. Please have a shelving


16.03.22 в 18:12

I'd like to know more about telling stories in fluently way

Baksel Bk

16.03.22 в 17:06

Thanks Rob and Roy, this is a perfect pattern of English class, it's all about dialogue between real English speakers when it comes to reaching fluency considering second Language English learners. Cheers!

Matias Jaliff

16.03.22 в 10:59

Thank you guys! These videos are re-energising my english study!

Franzé Araújo

16.03.22 в 10:54

Well let's go study now in bbc english perfect channel

Luis Torres

16.03.22 в 10:33

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Kiran Pramod

16.03.22 в 09:02

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Kuo Lin

16.03.22 в 06:59

I love to listen about BBC news. Thanks

Jaya Mohan

16.03.22 в 06:53

Rob n Roy , you both are doing great. I am truly thankful for your efforts. I am trying to learn English Language and for this I am finding all BBC program , very useful.

قناة للتدرب اللغة العربية

16.03.22 в 06:22

You guys do such a great job. I really appreciate it. Keep it up. Stay healthy and happy

Cary Salazar

16.03.22 в 05:38

In 10 years EV's will be dominant so fuel won’t be needed nearly as much, energy will be increasing but I’m hoping for a much more greener side to that in 10 years time too. For now though, we will be riddled by inflation and price hikes as blow back from this chaos. My advice to anyone retiring this year is to brace for impact and Pray.

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16.03.22 в 04:05

This channel re-energise my goal to learn English. Geetings from Mexico. Thank you to much..

Thương Mỹ

16.03.22 в 03:57

Having holidays is exactly what I need to re-energise myself and mitigate the stresses that I faced during work. I should see sense before encountering mental health problems in the future.

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Alexander Magnus

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Uyen Tran

16.03.22 в 00:03

I have a question, in the video, understand ST logical, while in my opinion, it should be logically. Is there anything I should learn?
Thank you.

Uyen Tran

16.03.22 в 00:01

Due to the war between Ukraine and Russia, petrol price has reached its peak. Leaders all around the world should see sense of this detrimental impacts to mitigate the situation, and re-energise renewable energy campaign.

Learn More

15.03.22 в 23:51


WD 英語教室

15.03.22 в 23:18

I think the future for fuel is getting stronger cuz we are having a war now.

Olenamykailo gmailcom

15.03.22 в 21:36

All I wanted was to have a good life with my husband and kids. Before this war we were all doing fine, everything happened so fast I lost my husband. I have no home to stay with my kids, we are appealing for help. I need to move abroad for my daughter's health. Please save my babe

alex sviridenko

15.03.22 в 21:33

обыкновенное словоблудие или дроч левой рукой

Ahmed omar

15.03.22 в 19:57

Hi Rob and Roy.
How do you re-energize after a long working hours?...Answer from one of you

Ahmed omar

15.03.22 в 19:49

To mitigate the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war, mediations between the two countries should be re-energised. I wish the leaders would see sense.
Today was the first day I felt the negative effect of this war while I'm in Africa -food prices have increased.


15.03.22 в 19:07

Thank you very much. After watched your video, I get re-energized to learn English.


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I loved to watch your new videos cause you people bring better vocab. Thanks To all BBC members

Manju Praveen

15.03.22 в 18:44

Hello .. it's quite nice. Thanks Rob and Roy.. happy to see you both..

catsapp animation

15.03.22 в 17:21

Britain had left the European Union long before these events. On the eve of the war, she bought a year's supply of gold from Russia, without returning the money for it, and a lot of coal. Were the plans known to anyone?

Πετρος Νικου

15.03.22 в 16:29

Mitigate seeing sense re-energize nagging

Alexandr Surovtsev

15.03.22 в 16:09

Rob was re energised by a cup coffee and a packet of biscuit

Marcos Jose Cardoso de Oliveira

15.03.22 в 15:40

Hi Rob and Roy, I'm here listening both you.

Neo (Reloaded)

15.03.22 в 15:31

Russia was selling fuel as normal with or without conflict. After the conflict, Joe Biden and the European Union decided to apply sanctions to Russia, so the prices went through the roof. It's kind of a self-defeating decision.


15.03.22 в 15:31

Hii Rob, watching from Ethiopia

Bruno Rondan

15.03.22 в 15:31

Great Thinking

Alexandre Lima Urtado Urtado

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in Brasil is happening too


15.03.22 в 15:28

Good job

Umm Salem Palestine

15.03.22 в 15:27

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. My brothers and sisters are with you Umm Salem from Palestine from the Gaza Strip. I appeal to good people, people of generosity. I have five orphaned children who have no food and I live in a rented house, please. My number is in my channel.


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