What Is Integrity? - The Role Of Integrity In Life

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A deep dive into the importance of integrity for living a good life, what integrity means and how it works at a metaphysical level.

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Ashok Ighe

22.09.21 в 12:58


Andrea Berkes

21.09.21 в 08:22

I had tears in my eyes when you were tearing up. Reaching high level of integrity is being part of our spiritual and healing journey, being True to our core being. Love your work.❤

Reshaping Your Destiny

21.09.21 в 06:49

Why do you always pick on Trump?? I am not a Trump fan either but why you never name criminals like Bush and Obama for example? These were real low-lives and way worse than our snakeoil-salesman...

Reshaping Your Destiny

21.09.21 в 06:43

I don't wanna be ruled by any politician neither with high nor with low intergrity, period!


20.09.21 в 03:17

Now do Joe Biden.


16.09.21 в 09:19

Excellent video.

costin peiu

15.09.21 в 06:25

Where can I Find part 2? The practical methods?

Nikita Kem

18.08.21 в 19:50

i had so much Integrity, that i lost my job

Gorgeous Cherub

10.08.21 в 11:58

Now I'm emotional

aWoman Freed

02.08.21 в 04:49

As they explain it in rehab, integrity is when what u say, do, and think are all the same.

Akshay Vijay

01.08.21 в 13:50

Such passion for once work.incredible!


21.07.21 в 13:49

My lack of integrity has cost me my reputation. I feel depressed and suicidal right now.

Wayne C

20.07.21 в 23:46

One of my favorite episodes this is going to be my second time going through part one and then two

Anka Radulovic

15.07.21 в 18:03

Dont tell me you voted for Biden, cause if you have than where is your integrity?

Alexander Nylén Bergman

14.07.21 в 09:11

where is part 2 my man?

Mkart Mkart

08.07.21 в 07:22

This talk gaye me sooo much.... but Where is the part 2 ?

Really hope there is one or there is one on the way in Universe :) Thank you for being there in our life Leo


06.07.21 в 06:27

Leo where's part 2!? You're out of integrity

Mkart Mkart

05.07.21 в 09:36

Love is so much greater than "I Love You"
Thank you Leo for putting yourself out Here
For us all to share

Mkart Mkart

05.07.21 в 08:59

Leo my Gura ;D

Mkart Mkart

05.07.21 в 07:42

I need this !!

Ta Lori

29.06.21 в 15:23

Long story short, I was called here. My lesson to learn is integrity..

Marcie Martinez

16.06.21 в 21:06

How are you going to talk about “integrity” when your message spends ANY time on politics & blasting a particular individual in a particular party? “Integrity” is the topic I was interested in, not politics or politicians. Your topic is completely misleading & I couldn’t get through half of it.

Followyourideas (Aikido Shodokan)

15.06.21 в 09:13

I came to learn about integrity and got a runt about how bad Trump and his followers are.
Do you think Hillary Clinton is integrous? Barack Obama? Any politician for that matter? And you call yourself self actualized? You're so biased and basic in your analysis.

sulvia gania

13.06.21 в 03:52

My dad had high integrity and he taught me this since I was a child

sulvia gania

13.06.21 в 03:22

Omg!!!!! I'm blowen away..... Thank you

Melkor Beleger

12.06.21 в 08:35

People , you must be warned . This guy is a cult leader . He is a snake oil salesman who is encouraging suicidal nihilism and he must be stopped . If you believe his teachings consider yourself warned and if you understand the deep and hurtful deception of this channel consider helping me stop him .

Cruzito ayala

11.06.21 в 15:40

It was great until you became political. This turned into an anti Trump campaign.

Toolbox Evolution

11.06.21 в 03:43

Anyone, where is part 2, please? Thanks!

weegie board

08.06.21 в 18:48

awwww, Leo. You made me tear up, seeing you like that about this topic, and integrity. as that braveheart bit really fucked me up too.. im from Glasgow, Scotland and it honestly affected me so deeply, but i just couldn't 100% divine why. Now i do. THANK YOU
I do appreciate Intergity, over almost everything and yet i am a devil. I don't act with integrity, and it destroys my life. Maybe the next life for me..

jaris wamee

07.06.21 в 08:27


Stom Pantone

05.06.21 в 17:35

What people don't understand about trump that he's able to cheat in a high integrity way...
Thats why he's been able to sustain his strategies in the long term(but also with cost but far less)
And for him this masterful spiritul technique is unconscious...
But never the less its cheating


02.06.21 в 17:05

A take on integrity that sums up what's here in a psychosomatic vocab.


02.06.21 в 15:44

What ballsy statements... definitely gonna rile up the blue in folks

Saugat Mainali

02.06.21 в 01:27

Mykel Mzaiogthoth

27.05.21 в 12:02


Nikola Vešković

24.05.21 в 01:24

It's valid to be a devil, truth is hiding in very weird spots sometimes

youtube commenter

22.05.21 в 20:22

The fact that leo starts crying about mel Gibson in Braveheart kind of makes me question how beautiful and profound experiencing God is

Ermete Trismegisto

19.05.21 в 05:45

I don't think You got out right what's happening with Trump, Putin, Navalny . I can clearly see how the american deepstate propaganda can brainwash people. Power is always power. Basically Trump is just the less worse scenario. The only good scenario though is no centralized power.

Gilly Mac

17.05.21 в 15:25

And the dawning realisation that I have free will because I'm corruptible emerges.
Nothing like a Leo vid for brain food

Souvik Mukherjee

14.05.21 в 04:01

Your words always make me cry, don't know why. I've grown this devil in me and I'm trying to kill it bit by bit.

McKenzie Warren

14.05.21 в 01:24

Great video, Leo, as usual! And as usual, there was that damned Trump rant... where are you getting your information anyway? Charlie Chester!?

Lucas Torres

13.05.21 в 11:04

It's amazing how ppl only have conscious if they think just like you, Leo. Remember, nothing is black and white. You seem like all the cristians in my country. You have so much to evolve. ;)

Cynthia Utti

12.05.21 в 19:55

Ok. It has gotten better. Maybe I was in denial of what he was saying. Still to much Trump

Cynthia Utti

12.05.21 в 19:15

I must not have any. I’m still a good person

Cynthia Utti

12.05.21 в 19:13

To much Trump stuff. I’m getting bored. However I’ll finish. Does he laugh at himself?

Actualize me!

09.05.21 в 17:50

Hahaha I'm laughing with you here man! :D 4:45
Great content once again, really love the opening!

EDIT: Man seriously, I love you. This work you are doing, the way you inspired my life to actualize myself, you are a true hero. I have a hunch that I finally found my life's purpose. My ar. It feels so good. Integrity only. Love!

Floris Hogendoorn

06.05.21 в 17:49

1:43:17 the lion king definitely does this to me

Corey Murphy

04.05.21 в 21:17

Avare Volf

04.05.21 в 01:23

Leo, lowkey, this is sort of personal, but I’m the guy with the ear that sticks out, and my father raised me to be a complete celestial philosopher as he is a bestial one. Sadly, recently, I found out he’s been poisoning the coffee, and COVID arose. This, of course, could be complete coincidence, but I’m a reflection of the universe as it is civilization and they are that as the universe. In positing me, I think it reflected in civilization

David Clifford

03.05.21 в 14:31

Unfortunately the integrity of this man is now in question as its clear his opinion of people is based on a resentment he has towards one man. A good social scientist should be bi partisan


02.05.21 в 14:34

Hey leo this video is great, youre awesome and thank you
But you told us not to judge people after you judged Trump... I know it was for the sake of the example but it still was judgemental don't you think?

Danette M

01.05.21 в 20:25

I absolutely LOVE this episode on integrity! Thank you for this. I like how you mention the super ego interms of its interference when we begin to start working on integrity. It happened to me with all of the love-based qualities when I was starting to develop. Looking back there was really no way of avoiding it my ego's grab and pull back on me. It wasn't until I fully caught onto this trap that I was able to be more mindful. So. I assume most of us do fall into that trap even when we are aware. So, like you were saying its VERY important to forgive ourselves for it. Judgment is hard not to engage in on certain days especially when it comes to the ones who hurt others intentionally.

Happy I am revisiting you. Hope part 2 of this topic of integrity is available now. I am binge watching you

Giovanni Ghirardi

01.05.21 в 10:44

2:18:58 Healthy stage blue values to integrate

in Flow

01.05.21 в 09:57

1:43:46 for myself to revisit everytime I remember the thing Leo said about the Soul

The Doom Guy

30.04.21 в 01:49

No human being on this planet earth is capable off reaching a point of true integrity. By definition humans are nowhere near reaching any kind of integrity.

Skinny Guy Gains

29.04.21 в 17:44

“your business should have a soul. It’s more than just making money”

Al S. Dean

29.04.21 в 14:15

much love, leo great talk!

Skinny Guy Gains

28.04.21 в 22:31


loved that


28.04.21 в 16:45

Hi nearly always agree to your content but in the case of navalny ja conclusions are wrong

Padie Music

28.04.21 в 12:00

That second channel seems awesome! Great for quick learning and reviewing old material

Eyal Bor

28.04.21 в 11:18

Guilt is a topic that I would be interested to hear more about, the mechanism you briefly talked about near the end of the video.

ebelinni. hatdichlieb

28.04.21 в 00:27

https://youtu.be/d-MBhe5Wac8 is the most integrous action i remember witnessing in my life. it always brings me to tears. ❤


27.04.21 в 23:50

You're wrong about Trump. Study him.

The Holy Devil

27.04.21 в 21:48

I don't follow the American political scene, but this dude is obsessed with Trump.

Emm Emm

27.04.21 в 16:18

watching this, I want to comment before I see it all. I have always strived for integrity, and I thought everybody was.And I greatly suffered from this hypocrisy of 99% of people - not doing what they pretended to believe in themselves. The highest point of integrity is knowing to respect oneself - and the others of course - but not letting the others not irrespect you any more. And that requests a huge amount of lucidity, of understanding how the subconscious works.

Francesca Recupero

27.04.21 в 11:50

There was a time when I worked in a public institution, but I had to quit because I clearly perceived they didn't let me work in the way I deeply felt in my heart...I felt my INTEGRITY offensed by all that stuff...I coudn't wast my life in that way, even though I was to abandon my dream job...I've never regretted my decision..Life can open us new doors, only if we really want to. F.

N Ng

26.04.21 в 22:28

omg, this video came up almost the same time I discovered and start to read the School for gods, from Elio D'Anna, wich has a great focus in this topic. Never had think about this word so much as the past few weeks. I strong recommend it's read for those who's seeking the non dualistic path of spirituality.

Bruno Leon

26.04.21 в 16:37

“Selfishness boomerangs”


26.04.21 в 15:44

What are some other good youtubers like him


26.04.21 в 09:57

It seems like every politician and president tends to have a facade of what people want to see. But behind the curtain it’s not even something that will barely deliver what people want to see. But as long people think what they want to see is happening then their good


26.04.21 в 09:27

Forrest Gump makes me cry. Every time I watch it I cry so much. He was so faithful to everything and everyone.

Zayn Umar

26.04.21 в 01:02

Bro you've actually lost the plot. In the entire two and a half hours of rambling , you haven't actually said anything valuable...

Concerned Citizen

25.04.21 в 11:53

This is a great braveheart add

This Journey

25.04.21 в 08:41

"People who are chasing life to be the easiest they end up having life the hardest."

lilibeth beltran

24.04.21 в 23:24

You are making me cry Leo

lilibeth beltran

24.04.21 в 22:09

Sale your book made by you Leo in bookstore, make sure the title is good

kedir kaya

24.04.21 в 17:58

Hi everyone, I'm so sad, My best friend passed away 4 days ago


24.04.21 в 17:41

when Leo cries, I cry, beautiful. tears.


24.04.21 в 17:05

I really liked what Leo said, it was quite beautiful and caught my attention. Although i lost him at Trump. I lose people when they start talking about Trump. It takes away from the message. I can love my enemies even if I do not fully support their dogma, opinions and ideology. I got back on track when Trump didn't get mentioned. Thank you for this message, it was quite eye-opening and confirming. Love always does out win.

Life Explorist

24.04.21 в 15:45

Wow the level of self love you mentioned is the key to becoming successful with LOA... I am all... therefore am also hitler, time is linear so I forgive myself and move foreward.

niranjan saikia

24.04.21 в 14:01

Extreamly happy to be a part of this amazing spritual journey..thank you so much leo..stay blessed and take care..

Sanjay Thakur

24.04.21 в 13:17

Quality content is worth waiting

Julie Saville

24.04.21 в 05:07

Happy Birthday Leo! I’d say you were 33 but with the mind and intelligence of a very few wise 100 year olds.


23.04.21 в 11:20

Anyone that knows how Leo gets his dmt

Tapashya Rasaily

23.04.21 в 08:24

Omg that part in braveheart...I cudnt watch it I was crying so much..

rami muhareb

23.04.21 в 05:33

If humanity was aware and did real fucking research, they wouldn't wear masks. Sorry leo old friend, I came back here to do some more justified trolling

jordan Avesar

23.04.21 в 05:30

Another great episode

Wet Floor Media

23.04.21 в 02:37

I want to thank you for opening my mind and accelerating my growth.

Mark Frank

22.04.21 в 19:48

Again you could not help yourself: Trump, an easy target. Just in case you do not know, he's no longer in office and was replaced (that's another story) with someone I am sure who will be the subject of a future video. Sufficient fodder exists. Your audience could be entreated with an entire episode on Joe himself? The team of Biden/Harris could keep a team of people such as yourself busy for years. Where shall we begin? For the first time in history, we have the first lady and a vice president who made success on their knees. How about the two of them, good subjects for upcoming videos on integrity.

Viviane Treméa

22.04.21 в 17:50

Thank you Leo!! For exist!

Adrena aniston

22.04.21 в 17:33


Mr. Lee

22.04.21 в 16:35

Come on fown to Tegridy farms.

Mr. Lee

22.04.21 в 16:19

I came here to check out the sheep that blindly follow this cult leader. Don't drink the juice!


22.04.21 в 09:35



22.04.21 в 08:09

It is not a matter of what is true that counts but a matter of what is percieved to be true~ Henry Kissinger

kouen Claude

22.04.21 в 08:04

i don 't like trump but he has never send military people to make war in the world , it must be turquoise????


22.04.21 в 08:02

Timely given that i am facing an academic misconduct investigation.

Reality's Truth

22.04.21 в 03:57

i am a 15 years old and in the 2020 quarantine i had the deepest awakening such that words cannot express i didn't understand what was going on i saw your video spiritual enlignement the most chocking truth everything u said i experienced it i related to it and openned doors for more understanding thanks for these vids

Gap piu piu

21.04.21 в 19:20

Namaste for the short version, love the long ones, for many years now Leo, but sometimes I don’t have the time for them all


21.04.21 в 18:02

Leo do make a video on this one :-
"The Human Economy"
This is very important and also the holistic importance of economics
and how it evolves.



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