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Easy Languages is an international video project aiming at supporting people worldwide to learn languages through authentic street interviews and expose the street culture of participating partner countries abroad. Episodes are produced in local languages and contain subtitles in both the original language as well as in English.

Host of this episode: Marian Brosschot
Camera: Ted Cornish
Edit: Ted Cornish
Translation: Ted Cornish and Marian Brosschot

#learnwelsh #easywelsh #easylanguages

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Вчера в 17:02

These people should speak the Welsh language again, it's a very beautiful language, they shouldn't let it die Greetings from Brazil


Вчера в 10:27

Ha. I know this town. In my home county. No idea why that guy said 'being later everywhere'.....I think he was speaking for himself there, because this is not a thing that is recognised as being typical to Welsh people or culture.


20.05.22 в 02:26

Welsh is a very beautiful language, but is so difficult to read in that language

Nathan Loosemore

19.05.22 в 17:01

Dwin wrth fy mod I glywed y iaeth Cymru. Rwy'n diogelwch iawn. ❤️


18.05.22 в 14:03

I am an Englshman who started Welsh back in the 80's. i never have lived in Welsh or have any Welsh connections. After learning other languages to A level I visited Wales and heard the language spoken. Contrary to what we are told, generally, that the language has died out in Wales and no one speaks I thought , what a fib ! This is worthy of learning and promoting . I only intended to learn a few basic phrases but it snowballed into something bigger. I started two groups for learners in East Anglia and now because of COVID we meet jointly on line. I think I speak Welsh as fluent as I can get. I Let's help this ancient language survive , such diversity and culture on our dorrstep.

Jonathan Moelester

16.05.22 в 15:30

I grew up in wales, it was my first language, I left the country when I was 10 and lived in England ever since, I'm 17 now and sadly have somehow forgotten most of the language but it still brings back good memories listening to it being spoken.

Meirion Griffiths

16.05.22 в 14:33

Llawer o geiriau seasneg yn eich cymraeg

Sherry Ridley

14.05.22 в 02:10

I'm in Colorado but my heart is in Wales. I hope I get there some day soon ! Trying to teach myself , or rather, learn the language on my own. Not the easiest thing, but I'll not give up.

sophie searle

13.05.22 в 23:50

This video is the embodiment of hiraeth for me. I miss hearing Welsh every day

absolutely not

13.05.22 в 10:26

I'm from the South of Wales, and everyone around here just speaks English, but knowing my language is still alive and that there are people who still speak it in my country makes me very proud to be Welsh and has also given me a strong strike of motivation to learn it.

Paige Bovey

12.05.22 в 09:46

I’m currently learning welsh, and it’s such a beautiful language, this makes me so happy to see so many people speaking it

Black Summer

11.05.22 в 23:34

So cool watching this being welsh on my mum’s side, Would to love to learn this language so I could talk to my family over there!

el desconocido

11.05.22 в 06:34

I am in aweee! Finally

Llinos Blackwell

10.05.22 в 15:06

Gwych gweld y Gymraeg yn rhan o Easy Languages! Croeso i chi ddod ata ni yn Y Rhyl am sgwrs! Daliwch ati.


09.05.22 в 13:05

I'm half Walsh on my mothers side, started learning it in school and was doing good until I was moved away and I obviously never picked it up again and forgot a lot of what I learnt. I honestly believe if I haven't of moved I'd be almost fluent in it today.

Might take up learning it sometime in life again.

Controlled Chaos

08.05.22 в 22:46

You know, in my case it was thanks to both Tolkien and the beautiful folk song "Dacw nghariad" that I became interested in Welsh.

It's such a beautiful language, and while it may be, at least partially, the influence of Tolkien's LOTR that makes me say this, I do believe that if fairies and elves existed, they would no doubt speak Welsh.


08.05.22 в 11:07

Ahh I can't stand the northerners, as someone from south they just sound like a scouse speaking welsh.


07.05.22 в 21:25

i wanna learn how to speak welsh, it fascinates me more each day


07.05.22 в 19:58

Inspiring, I hope to see this kind of wide spread use of Irish one day!

Jo Foster

06.05.22 в 19:56

I am learning Welsh and it's really hard but I really enjoy it nevertheless.

Gazza 29

06.05.22 в 13:48


James Rees

06.05.22 в 12:32

Most typical characteristic in my experience is being a complete and utter pleb


06.05.22 в 11:54

For the life of me…. Why would anyone want to learn a language only a handful of hillbillies speak?
Why not learn ancient Mohawk or Esperanto?…


05.05.22 в 18:58

filmed right outside my house :)))(


05.05.22 в 18:58

un ‘c’ yn ‘Cricieth’ diolch yn fawr iawn

Craig Hobbs

05.05.22 в 18:19

When I was a student at Bangor, I transferred my weekend job at Boots pharmacy and picked up so much Welsh, I loved hearing it! I can still understand lots!


05.05.22 в 11:50

Very impressive. Very. Welsh is a beautiful language. It totally unacceptable there is no (widespread) teaching of second languages like French, or Spanish, at English schools. And parents have to bankrupt themselves to make sure their children get these vital language skills.


05.05.22 в 11:50

Very impressive. Very. Welsh is a beautiful language. It totally unacceptable there is no (widespread) teaching of second languages like French, or Spanish, at English schools. And parents have to bankrupt themselves to make sure their children get these important language skills.

Dee Dee

05.05.22 в 02:41

What a funny cute language

Phil Owen

04.05.22 в 22:20

Y tair wraig being interviewed efo'u gilydd, mae nhw'n swnio fel Saes Gogleddol, sy'n dysgu Cymraeg fel oedolion. Gwych, if so. (apologies for my own poor grasp of the language!).

atef aboelkassem

04.05.22 в 20:44


Joon Kim

04.05.22 в 20:31

Congratulations! I'm so happy to see you taking up the torch for Easy Welsh. Ihope that many people watching this and following videos will take the next step from just watching for amusement (which is in and of itself a good step), to actually learning it...even if it's only some phrases, again, so that they can be good tourists. Uh yeah, also, there are some negative comments in the comments section, but I suggest ignoring them, because they're outweighed by a sea of positive ones!.

I'd like to put in some requests. One video about Welsh poetry and literature, and one video about Welsh nature! If you could make it to Eryri or the sea cliffs at Sir Benfro, maybe the Welsh tourist office would even sponsor you haha. And also it might be interesting to ask people about the toponomy of Welsh places, to see if they know what the names of the places they live in mean in Welsh.

Sophie Whyman

04.05.22 в 15:17

I find it so crazy that random white Brits speak a completely different language as well as English lol it’s so cool

Ed J

04.05.22 в 11:11

Such a pleasure to hear the language. One day I'd love to learn it.


04.05.22 в 09:10

Such a beautiful language. Fantastic to hear it!

Mr Hrisko

04.05.22 в 09:08

Diolch! I am a Bulgarian who studied at Bangor and I really love coming back to my beautiful Wales! Actually, I have just bought tickets for July, and looking forward to seeing my friends and the beautiful scenery out there!

Conor Smith

04.05.22 в 08:44

What town was this filmed in? Looks really nice!!

Conor Smith

04.05.22 в 08:39

Is it just me or does Welsh sound like Danish or Swedish ??

Evil Communist Pickle Rick

03.05.22 в 17:02

Llawer o gamgymeriadau llythyregol, yn aphoenus

Paul SeoigheMcGee

02.05.22 в 21:30

Up the Welsh , boyo ! Yahu !

Laura Verrall

02.05.22 в 19:27

Im constantly watching videos like this lately. The welsh language is beautiful. I am originally english but my fiancé and our 3 year old daughter is welsh. My daughter goes to a welsh speaking school and comes home everyday saying something new in welsh. I love that she is learning this amazing language. I am trying to learn a bit each day to support her. I have a very long way to go though xx

James Boyle

02.05.22 в 17:52

Really pleased that you are picking this up Marian! Love your own channel and grateful that you are taking this on - which will hopefully give you a wider audience!

Antony Evans

02.05.22 в 15:17

West Wales born and bred, first language fluent. However, if I visit up north I have no bloody clue xD

Muwanga Twaha

02.05.22 в 11:05

Gute arbeit

Katie Davies

02.05.22 в 10:48

Da iawn Easy Welsh a phob bendith i’r dyfodol.

Ray Green

02.05.22 в 06:16

I'm from Ireland and I think Welsh is a beautiful language. Once I visited Bangor in north Wales and I came upon an altercation amongst a group of people. They were shouting at each other angrily but in was in Welsh and it sounded like recitations coming from Dylan Thomas. I stood listening to it in rapture. ☘☘☘


02.05.22 в 05:52

easy welsh lol, it's not easy language, it's basically dead language


02.05.22 в 01:38

This is such a great topic for the first episode and your interview is so wholesome! Congrats Marian and team from Mena


01.05.22 в 23:38

im kinda surprised at the amount of people that dont know wales exists, our country is beautiful!!


01.05.22 в 17:57

Helô, Easy Cymraeg! I recalled I had a few classes in Welsh when I was in school, but totally forgot about it later on. Congratulations on your first video! Keep it going!

Alena Loban

01.05.22 в 16:18

Why is Welsh more prevalent in Wales than Irish is in Irish Republic when Wales is not an independent country and probably has even less autonomy than Scotland

Charlotte Rockel-Kennedy

01.05.22 в 15:55

Welsh is the most beautiful language in the world, it's like a song to the ears. I am so happy to hear so many speaking it ♥️

Helen Owen

01.05.22 в 13:51

da iawn! I’m absolutely delighted to see the welsh language on here! Looking forward to your next video

Aaron Ellis

01.05.22 в 13:17

Defaid yn de

Lix ツ

01.05.22 в 12:02

As someone who's fluent in welsh, lived here all their life the most typical welsh thing is laughing on stereotypes, and acting like you have crush on the sheep around the coroner (as a joke of course)

Bruno Martínez Elalbañil

01.05.22 в 09:52

It's very similar with brezhoneg (Britania lenguage)


01.05.22 в 08:41

Barddioniaeth, Dafydd Ap Gwliym, Twmpath, bara lafwr!

Tomos Sambrook

01.05.22 в 08:21



01.05.22 в 08:14

Been going to North Wales for years. Many nice friendly people but also many hostile hateful xenophobic idiots. I think tourism is the double edged sword. Lots of bitter resentful locals.

Jan Herlitzius

01.05.22 в 06:22

I know that Welsh is a Celtic language but it still sounds a bit Norwegian or Swedish to me. At least the melody they're speaking with. Sounds beautiful by the way.

S nimi Na ves

01.05.22 в 05:44

Nice! Good to see EasyWelsh !

Vremenni Akk

01.05.22 в 02:13

Diolch. Dwi'n hoffi'r fideo 'ma

Mac an Mheiriceánaigh

01.05.22 в 01:56

Is aisteach agus na focail uile a aithníonn tú ach ní thuigeann tú dada hahahaha - mise, is dócha, atá mé a rá - is é an trua é go gcaithfidh mé an béarla a léamh leis an gciall a bhaint as!! Ach is maith liom na freagraí agus an smaoineamh ann féin. Ní raibh mise riamh i gCymru ach ba mhaith liom dul ann lá éigin. Meas tú an dtuigeann mórán daoine ann Gaeilge?

mr. gecko

01.05.22 в 00:16

yn hir o'r diwedd: Gogs!

Bastian Ray

30.04.22 в 23:58

I don't understand a single word of what they're saying

Calfin Jones

30.04.22 в 23:29

Wrth fy modd cael gweld bobl yn siarad Cymraeg ac yn gweld y tirwedd genym ni yma yn y Gogledd, ac mor agos i adra 'fyd! (Hogyn Port ydw i)

Benjamin Screen

30.04.22 в 22:54

Great to see this for Welsh. I've been a subscriber of the German podcast for a while and a member of Easy German. If you want any support, reach out I'd be happy to help.

Jason James

30.04.22 в 22:43

Unfortunately when you have an English accent your not well received in some parts of Wales regardless of how well you speak Welsh

Raymart - re1māt0 -

30.04.22 в 22:42

Sutmae o Myrtle Beach, De Carolina yn yr Unol Daleithiau America! Sut ydych chwi heddiw?

Filipinaidd o Bacolod ydw i a credaf i fod gan Gymru ac Ynysoedd y Philipinau fwy yn gyffredin. Rydyn ni'n dau yn groesawgar, yn garedig, ac yn fwy hamddenol. Hoffwn fyw yng Nghymru a Gaiman yn Nhalaith Chubut am ychydig flynyddoedd pryd bynnag y byddaf yn teimlo fel ymweld â Phrydain Fawr a'r Ariannin yn y drefn honno*. Rydw i eisiau gwella fy sgiliau Cymraeg. Diolch miliwn am eich fideo addysgol cyffrous!

*Yn y dyfodol hoffwn fi weld y fideo Easy Welsh yn Gaiman yn Ariannin (*^-^*)


30.04.22 в 22:42

mae 'n gwych i weld Marian yn #Easywelsh, rwyt ti wedi ffeindio bawb interesting! Dw i'n caru sut ydyn siarad! By the way, ble mae'r dref?


30.04.22 в 22:36

I’m subscribed to Marian’s Channel

Strider whiston

30.04.22 в 22:03

I'm trying to relearn welsh, I forgot most of it but have been fluent in it for the majority of my childhood.
I recognise the words, even if I don't fully understand them anymore they're still really familiar to me.
Where was this? north wales, south, or west?

Monteiro Eduardo

30.04.22 в 21:48

Dwin caru cymraeg

Ihor Kolodnyy

30.04.22 в 21:41

I am half Welsh

Gracie's Corner

30.04.22 в 20:31

Dwi siarad cymraeg dwi yn da Iawn am o

john moffatt

30.04.22 в 19:23

I was never allowed to learn Welsh in school and had to sit outside as a foreigner! My father insisted!!

Derp Nasty

30.04.22 в 18:56

Very interested in Celtic languages and Welsh is incredibly fascinating and beautiful. I’ve been learning Gàidhlig for 12 months now and am curious to pick up Welsh. Ceud mìle taing (One hundred thousand thanks) for this video!

Aled Rees

30.04.22 в 18:45

Ma fideos fel y rhai ‘ma yn rili codi ysbryd! Yn ynwedig i’r rhai o ni sydd wedi gadael cymru, braf i glywed yr iaith yn gal i siarad yn rhygl

Gaynor Mainwaring

30.04.22 в 06:16

Definitely the people, we are very friendly and welcoming, irrelevant of what language you are able to speak.

brooks kimball

30.04.22 в 05:29

So Welsh is harder to learn than Spanish, but easier than Basque? Does Southern Welsh sound similar?

Sherry H

30.04.22 в 02:06

Welsh is kinda like Danish but its pretty easy!! I mean its spoken as its written , I would really love to learn Welsh

Taffy Ducks

30.04.22 в 01:24

As a man of Welsh, English, Irish and Maltese descent. I absolutely love the sound of Welsh (The Native Language of the Isle of Britain). It needs to be preserved, and Promoted more!

Esyllt Roberts

30.04.22 в 00:46

Typical? Dysgwyr disglair!

Daniel Assad

30.04.22 в 00:12

Congratulations Easy Welsh on your first video! I’m looking forward to knowing the Welsh culture!


29.04.22 в 23:29

Pice ar y maen (Welsh cakes), Eisteddfodau, canu'r delyn, cerdd dant, corau meibion, capeli, trenau bychain, mynyddoedd â defaid arnynt a dreigiau ynddynt

The slayer

29.04.22 в 21:15

Sounds nordic.

29.04.22 в 20:52

I wonder where this video was filmed, the scenery is beautiful!

Pedro Mendroni

29.04.22 в 20:23

It's really good to hear these people speaking Welsh and not English

P Z24

29.04.22 в 20:05

Here I thought it'd be somewhat mutually intelligible with English... Not even close lol. Very cool language, great video!


29.04.22 в 18:54



29.04.22 в 18:28

I thought only plankton lived in Wales

Serhat kaygısız

29.04.22 в 17:38

Wowww It is great video. I like it and good to see Easy Welsh videos again.
(As Easy Kurdish)

Alland Baylor

29.04.22 в 17:36

For me, as a spanish speaker, Welsh sounds like a mix of Danish and Icelandic

John Garo Lonergan

29.04.22 в 17:25

You should film an episode in Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch


29.04.22 в 17:24

Just by listening it sounds vaguely Ike Swedish to my ears. I suppose on some level it is logical. Do the English words they use simply have no word in welsh?

Israel Lai

29.04.22 в 17:13


Apps Account

29.04.22 в 17:08

Gareth bale like this

Apps Account

29.04.22 в 17:07

so hard


29.04.22 в 17:04

I not understand


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