Understanding Double Standards & Hypocrisy

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How the mind uses double standards to distorts reality and the connection between hypocrisy and spiritual development.

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Ed Donks

10.09.22 в 05:28


Leo Liu

10.09.22 в 03:02

Looks is a big double standard

Milan Spika

09.09.22 в 22:20

It is debetable whether alcohol does not have spiritual use. Maybe in history usage of alcohol were different than today

Braden Georgeson

09.09.22 в 21:54

Good to see you aren't even trying to hide it anymore.

Beware of false prophets. Satanic.

Jkol Hg

09.09.22 в 20:21

I don't think you can make an absolute argument about selfishness being double standard. Because you can have worldview "Life is a competition. Every man for himself. Let's compete, fight and better person will win". This is absolutely selfish perspective, but not hypocritical.


09.09.22 в 03:24

Do you still meditate every day?

Rorri Maesu

09.09.22 в 01:13

Rorri Maesu says useaMirroR

Dylan Pennick

09.09.22 в 00:35

Is truth a bias like he believes it exists

By Diz

08.09.22 в 20:48

This was probably the most based video I've seen in 10 years


08.09.22 в 19:30

0 point energy is real
Numbers are real

Otto the Crazy Doggo

08.09.22 в 19:01

Anyone come from deangleo wallace?

Juuso Pollari

08.09.22 в 18:50

Brilliant thinking on things but your mouth start almost foaming when you are talking about Trump. Why does he trigger you that much?

Filip Vajdík

08.09.22 в 16:35

The difference is that when you prove religion wrong, it keeps pretending to be right. But if you prove science wrong, the science adapts to the new evidence.


08.09.22 в 15:56

Hi Leo Gura. It’s me, your only Viewer. For Months I have created the illusion that you are streaming your videos to a large audience. But here’s the truth: all these people in the comment-section are me. And now, for you to be convinced of this, I will send this message from all my accounts

Ket Wals

08.09.22 в 15:17

Thx 2 detangle consciousness plays...which is ur play...creating nice road maps.
On a very high perspective...u kinda loose all knowledge and u not even know anymore...whats really true or not true...since all is dreams in dreams and so on...who one singular God dreams...so we can' t really say anything...that we 4 sure know anything...u eventuell will hit this point.
Much love ...is the best anyway...when its pure.
There is a saying : The Ego...which funnylike exist and not exist= a righteous program...which when u see it..kinda humbles u all the time...when u try 2 inquire and see it.
So...somehow 4 me here in my dream works best the path of the heart or light or the middle way. U can not avoid extremes...though somehow they drain 2 much ur energetic play...at least ...that is my experience. Best is ...do what u like and not be a dick 2 u nor anything else and try 2 invent a intelligent dream play 4 urself...not a 2 stupid or complicated one...where u suffer in or apparent others u dream of.
The human worlddream is not a smart one...but well...we always can dream higher and lighter.

Rishabh Rishabh

08.09.22 в 09:20

#SaveShwetabhGangwar .Usually I don't type comments on YouTube but @LeoGura your work has really transformed my life as I am following you from 2017. As your videos grew deep I also started growing by doing the work. Your videos have pointed me out the right questions(generally speaking).As I contemplated them they increased my understanding that what I am missing in reality. This video was also a good one.At the begining of my comment I have written a phrase which I was asked to write to save an Indian youtuber Shwetabh Gangwar who is really in a troubled time. Hope you all can help.


08.09.22 в 03:44

Is echart tolle worth a read


08.09.22 в 02:12

Leo, Have you met some one/ is there someone in your own personal life that you believe is at the same level of consciousness that you are?


07.09.22 в 21:14

I dont understand how can this jave so little views, god videos in general. Bit im low key happy about it since its better that his content stays a hidden gem.

dheeraj mehta

07.09.22 в 17:45

Hello leo, when your book will launch .
I am waiting for it .

Deep Talks

07.09.22 в 13:44


irina k

07.09.22 в 10:08

....on refelection...this is brilliant, thankinu 4 sharing


07.09.22 в 02:54

Jordan Peterson is magnificent at talking in circles eloquently

Martin Wuest

06.09.22 в 20:24

I ran out of actual material so I’m just gonna share my view on politics for an hour or so…


06.09.22 в 15:10

Leo, I replied to your comment you made in my previous comment but it was deleted, I'll repeat it now.

Now Leo, who's the bias one here now, people posting on Reddit are the same people that disagree with your teachings here, So, what you're saying is, all people that don't agree with your teachings are scum?.

Geez Leo, I never thought I'd ever get a reply from you.

devin reaves

06.09.22 в 05:54

You are doing such wonderful work to expand the conciousness of civilization. This is so needed these days


05.09.22 в 19:34

Anybody wanna be my friends just to socialize more. My xbox gamertag is
: qlb LUXE dlp or comment here

Im into spirituality, religions, paranormal, self actualization,

26y male


05.09.22 в 19:34

My xbox gamertag is
: qlb LUXE dlp or comment here

Chelsea Who Elsee

05.09.22 в 16:24

God, show me your magic here.

Iva Road Dog Sitting

05.09.22 в 10:30

it is impossible for you to be a good person, and not have an opinion on politics. and it is impossible to call yourself a good person, if you support trump

kristian minkov

05.09.22 в 08:19

Hey, Leo, when you mentioned how precious finding an unbiased person it got me wondering if it's even possible to be unbiased when you don' t have full understanding of reality and all possible knowledge that there is. I see bias coming out of ignorance just as much as it comes from ego so one can never be sure he/she is unbiased in every situation.


05.09.22 в 06:05

I wasn't aware that my higher self needed to hear this, thank you


05.09.22 в 03:05

Man you're still asleep on what happened on 911 - it's obvious. And Trump and his allies weren't trying to pull off a coup - wtf are you talking about. The left right paradigm in politics is the biggest, most obvious scripted scam that most Truth Seekers can see thru.

Sleight Wryder

04.09.22 в 21:23

1:35:20 TFW Leo confirms what I discovered in HIghschool from contemplating communisim: WE ARE NOT PSYCHOLOGICALLY DEVELOPED ENOUGH COLLECTIVELY to instate the system...

Sleight Wryder

04.09.22 в 20:50

The only way you're going to be able to avoid the pitfalls of bias is awareness AND UNDERSTANDING. Face your inner evils. Face your our inner impulse to behave like that which you judge against.

Bosha Bushra

04.09.22 в 19:07

of topic but I reckon you would love to watch the anime called dragon ball z Leo

z o n i v e r s e

04.09.22 в 18:18

I just went to your most recent video to say that I love you with all my heart and thank you for all the years of content and information you’ve provided, it makes a whole world of a difference and its impacted thousands for the better LEO LEO THANK YOU


04.09.22 в 12:03

We have what is called a persona, a phony facade that we use to interact with the outer world, hiding our true inner self. That must be huge hypocrisy I now realized. Someone said that we even have different personas depending on which people we interact with, such as one family persona and another at-work persona. Leo maybe mentions this in this video, but anyway that was something that came to my mind.

Rule The Monde

04.09.22 в 11:19

Love the swag Leo

Gina Teolis - Love Laugh Lit

04.09.22 в 09:12

To be human is to be a hypocrite.
Or we could simply say…
Human = Hypocrite


04.09.22 в 07:23

Leo I have a question, when I look in the mirror and see a reflected version of myself, is that "Me"? Is the assertion that I "Am" the universe to say that I create the perspective of everything I see using my mind, thus creating the assertion that the creation was "mine"?

Kris McCauley

04.09.22 в 05:32

Hey Leo. I have a question. So I’ve been consuming your content consistently now for a year and a half and I can honestly say anytime I’m stuck or feeling conflicted if I turn to what you have to say about the matter it gives me the clarity I need.

That being said what advice do you have for someone or for watching your older vids that are 5.6.8 years old. You’ve been working in this field at such a rate where I imagine you’ve gained such an insight that there is probably much growth/difference you have seen. Is there anything we should keep in mind or addition you think would be beneficial when consuming older content or should I just proceed as normal?


04.09.22 в 01:45

The part where leo says he would be tempted to take the 10 million dolllars makes me sad lol. I know it doesnt mean much and why would anyone not do it but it just shows the scope of how much of a hold it has on us. Or maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way. Money is a huge issue in my life.

Alexius Scott

03.09.22 в 22:13

HI Leo!!!!!

Julia Htar Htar

03.09.22 в 21:52

I like your shirt... where did you get it?


03.09.22 в 21:32

Feminists deny the differences between men and women. They think most differences between men and women are socially constructed

patientzero xyz

03.09.22 в 21:06

I love that shirt where did you get it

Jonathan Carter Schall

03.09.22 в 14:52

I wish you’d shy away from politics.

Caspar Swahn

03.09.22 в 11:42

You’re still saying fuck, Leo

The Anonymous Seeker

03.09.22 в 11:16

Catch yourself in double standards especially when you are criticizing or complaining.
1. What are all of the ways in which I am a hypocrite?
Make a list.
2. What are all of my double standards?
Make a list.
Add to your commonplace book, keep growing the list, and surrender all of them.

Iva Road Dog Sitting

03.09.22 в 10:09

We trust science because it is based on facts. If more research and knowledge brings more facts to light, science changes. This is not true about religion.
Also, you are using psychedelics as a gatekeeper. You claim to see God through psychedelics. Your hypocrisy is that you are taking a hallucinogen, a powerful mind-altering chemical, over the course of several years, and claiming to see God. You are just tripping balls, nothing new here, it's the mushrooms talking. Leo I came here for practical learning, to improve my life, if I wanted gibberish about God I would go to church.
I notice you are wearing a priestly robe now. You used to dress like a pickup artist, now you looking more like Sadhguru. If you start a cult, can I please be in charge of the harem?

Panitia Akhirat dan Ahli Surga

03.09.22 в 09:22

Leo you're absolitely wrong about terorist nothing to do with religion, especially islam..muhammad is terorist..just read islamic source, quran, hadist, and sirah rasul

Kishan Patel

03.09.22 в 06:38

Can we get a video on Power and Authority?

Saugat Mainali

03.09.22 в 05:58


03.09.22 в 04:55

Leo did you know that many people talk about you on reddit, I'm glad that I'm not the only one that can see through your BS.

Wayne M

03.09.22 в 04:22

Wonderful video bro


03.09.22 в 03:09

Is erecting 5G towers to cull the minds of a population classifyable as "terrorism"? Genuinely curious, can we call things like playing loud, annoying, triggering music terrorism?

tinker bell

03.09.22 в 01:24

Thank you. I needed that.

Brian Bishop

03.09.22 в 00:44

Xntp personality for sure

The Flow Maestro

02.09.22 в 20:58

I’ve learnt from this video that good will finally win over evil! In the next few centuries we will realise things like honesty is the best policy - it provides better outcomes in the long run


02.09.22 в 16:32

At the end of the day, this exercise teaches us that, in many cases, looking trippy in public isn’t as bad as we believe. Sure, we might get some looks and giggles, but these don’t hurt, now do they? The Cynic philosopher orgasm of Sinope used to sleep in a barrel on the streets, walking around in ragged clothes, ‘pleasured’ himself in public, and tripped balls with people who walked past him. He fucked what people thought of him. Therefore, no one was able to hurt him.

WhytLight 4U

02.09.22 в 14:25

Your BIASED ego/DUALITY (ie. political bull-shit) is getting in the way of TRUTH...... and Reality.... stop talking and reside in pure awareness... You have been enSLAVED by words, ideas, and concepts. Anything to make a buck, right? This is the true HYPOCRISY.

Ag 576

02.09.22 в 12:03

Min 1 and Hypocrite has a totally different meaning than the confused or naive people you mention. Deliberate attempt to Deceive others. Deliberate, my friend, not self-deceived

Bird Bath44

02.09.22 в 08:03


Art Book

02.09.22 в 02:45

why buy into the right wing left wing story if you truly believe you’re god?

The Shawn Murphy Journal

01.09.22 в 21:45

Sounds like WEF propaganda

Sergey Jani

01.09.22 в 21:41

dude I can't watch your videos anymore since I feel you run political propaganda against Republicans... I don't give any shit I'm not even an American, but I feel that you are 1. biased, and 2. have double standards


01.09.22 в 20:35

sounds like u just salty :3


01.09.22 в 20:27

Meditation + DMT = fast track your spirituality, you can actually download information from the godhead what he says is legit.


01.09.22 в 19:15

Wait. As a female I am attracted to male breasts and find them sexy and can get excited if they are good looking, just like men do! And I am sorry that only female nude breasts are made to be taboo and men's not. If men's breasts were made to be taboo they would be treated similarly to female's and men wouldn't go topless too. This is not to say that they are the same. But again society is made to suit men who can't keep it in their pants if they see breasts and women are supposed not to notice male breasts. Again, accomodating men at women's expense.
Also, men's and women's circumcision are the same? Come on, Leo!

Brian Bishop

01.09.22 в 18:33

Don't tell me what to do, I'm the commander here. I'm in charge

Brian Bishop

01.09.22 в 18:32

Buy an electric car

Brian Bishop

01.09.22 в 18:30

I think you're wrong, you're just talking about politics. There's nothing technical here.

Brian Bishop

01.09.22 в 18:25

That's wrong answer. China is not capitalism. It is strict communism

Brian Bishop

01.09.22 в 18:24

I'm not buying your politics

Brian Bishop

01.09.22 в 18:22

What's up cult leader!

Brian Bishop

01.09.22 в 17:56

I'm gonna waste my life and enjoy wasting it all. Ha


01.09.22 в 15:47

Conservatives are pro foreign protest, such as Hong Kong protest, but against domestic protest such as blm and womens march.

Tanner Millholland

01.09.22 в 13:47

Thank you for listing and speaking on your own double standards and hypocrisy

Tanner Millholland

01.09.22 в 12:57

I dont get why women cannot go topless like men can. Why is it the only explanation you gave for this reasoning was "bc men are sexually attracted to breasts in a different way than women are attracted to men's chests." I find this a tad annoying as it's basically saying that women should not show their chests because they become sexual objects if they do. We are basing the conduct of women from the viewpoint and value structure of the male viewpoint. How is this not a bias and double standard. You claim that it isnt. But it is. I understand this is the culture we live in, and I know to be apart of a culture you need to follow the "rules" but lmao this is obviously a double standard. Also another comment, what may be a double standard to one person may not be to another person. To act as if theres a higher vantage point we can compare all judgements toward is not necessarily true. I think it is important to try to raise your consciousness and become aware of double standards, but this is a means to an end. Ultimately.


01.09.22 в 12:11

You need to be selling that robe clothing in the online merch store.


01.09.22 в 10:20

This is pure autism


01.09.22 в 08:15

The second example is flawed tbf

Amc McMoor

01.09.22 в 04:13

You have a shallow understanding of Politics , especially East and Middle East Politics

Nicole Sortino

01.09.22 в 01:17

This is scalding I’m like

lewis dallas

31.08.22 в 22:14

Common Tate W

Adam Miceli

31.08.22 в 20:57

Hey guys, just remember that you don't have to be perfectly non-biased... especially when you're starting this journey, the best first step is just awareness. First, focus on being aware and accepting your own double standards... then, slowly they will auto-correct themselves with more consciousness work.

Bacon Steakum

31.08.22 в 18:32

Leo Gura, my mentor and teacher. I want to bring something to your attention, that you may or may not already be aware of. Carlos Castaneda died from liver cancer, for which he blamed taking psychedelics. He said that his mentor, don Juan said that it was necessary, in his case, to shake him from sleep.

I am only pointing this out, because I don't ever remember you talking about the possible liver damage that can be done. I'm not saying it's going to happen for sure. I just feel like it should be included, for the sake of informed decisions, for your viewers.

As always, thanks for the sharing Leo. It'd be much easier for you to keep these things to yourself, and speed up your own ascension. Thanks for being a teacher.

Andrés Collinucci

31.08.22 в 17:38

All this talk about purification made me think of the song "Freed from desire" by Gala. Lol

Nichalaus Rook

31.08.22 в 16:37

I I hold double standards on everything I precieve as negative

the midnight mulch

31.08.22 в 16:02

This was so funny. I was laughing my butt off the whole time. Ha!


31.08.22 в 14:23

This is such a damn good topic.


31.08.22 в 13:55

What about the people complaining bout inflation, but want more covid prevention, vaccine and restrictions on economy, well, the inflation is your fkin fault.


31.08.22 в 13:37

Got a homie who smokes and sells weed, but says: if my children start smoking, i will slap them. WTF


31.08.22 в 12:43

What about the double standard of not minding information on canabis that can prevent covid infection, but minding info on vaccination for prevention


31.08.22 в 12:37

What about the overweighted people who diss people , who smoke canabis, as addicts, but are super over addicted to food themself.


31.08.22 в 12:32

Ok, what about the covid related double standards, they can fill a full episode:

Telling people to get vaccinated or wear masks cause they might land in the ICU but not putting sanctions on alcoholics, over-weighted people, hard drug addicts, motorbike riders, cause they might land in the ICU.

Sadly you see it wrong with the covid prevention, the only problem is , at least in the EU, there are not enough hospital beds, and not enough staff, solution: pay them a lot lot more, at least half of what doctors get paid, in epidemic times, and built more hospitals, there is no need for prevention.

Nandini Singh

31.08.22 в 11:38

27:23 - 27:55 I studied pandemic prevention between 2014 to 2019 January. I found 3 objective answers. I also found out that it's very difficult to manufacture a licensed vaccine for super viruses and that the micro-garments won't protect healthcare workers against Ebola. During the 2013-2015 Ebola outbreak—58% of healthcare workers died containing Ebola alone and most of them had to leave the bigger killers.

Zayn Umar

31.08.22 в 11:04

Pointless video

Enrique Rivas

31.08.22 в 08:27

White Shirt !



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