These Strange English Words are IMPOSSIBLE! – Heteronyms

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Heteronyms pose an incredible challenge to English learners. But don’t worry! I’ll show you the most common examples and exactly how to pronounce them. Heteronyms look the same but are pronounced differently. You will get practice and see multiple examples in this English speaking lesson. Once these heteronyms are incorporated into your everyday speech you’ll be sounding more and more like a native speaker!


00:00 Introduction
00:46 Project
02:01 Protrude
02:17 International Phonetic Alphabet
02:32 Free Sounds of American English Cheat Sheet
02:46 Examples of Heteronyms
03:05 Homograph
03:16 Homonym
03:56 House
04:26 Affect
04:50 Huge thanks to all my supporters on Youtube and Facebook / Membership program
05:09 Alternate
05:29 Address
06:04 Bass
07:40 Bow
07:57 Close
08:15 Console
08:51 Contract
09:31 Desert/Dessert
10:12 Digest
10:40 Dove
11:17 Invalid
11:37 Lead
12:15 Minute
12:47 Object
13:03 Patronize
14:12 Polish
14:29 Present
15:05 Record
15:27 Resume
15:50 Subject
16:08 Tear
16:46 Wind
17:05 Wound

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Logan Flatt

10.09.22 в 06:22

When I studied Mandarin I learned that it has far more of these kinds of dual meaning or different pronunciation words than English does.

JF Silva

09.09.22 в 21:35

Rachel is simply the best, I would love to have class with her one day


09.09.22 в 18:57

You're the greatest ❤️


09.09.22 в 18:17

I can't notice the difference in pronunciations for the digest. Help

Fgg Ggg

09.09.22 в 15:51

You are the best teacher I have ever seen in this have my support.

eric cartier

09.09.22 в 06:27

great video!!

Randy M.

09.09.22 в 00:44

8:23 The same exact thing happened to me. I picked up some tom yum soup, the lid had a slit on it and the soup spilled all over my seat and console. The Airbag warning light stayed on for a couple of weeks until I got it all cleaned up. .

Felipe Mota

08.09.22 в 21:25

Oh my gosh! I have never heard the difference pronunciation of "minute". Very useful video.

Osva Vazquez

08.09.22 в 14:02

I love your videos, they’re very helpful

Mahmadhusen Naikar

08.09.22 в 04:36

Thank you madam for such a wonderful and informative video.


08.09.22 в 01:24

Studying with you is an awesome choice! You're the best Teacher...I love Rachel's way Teaching! Keep in My heart and Your voice in My mind !MISS YOU ❤❤❤


07.09.22 в 18:46

Great lesson! I've personally dealing with these kind of words and how to recognize each of their variations along these past months. Some words can be really tricky with their different iterations. Thanks for the video!

2 Minutes English

07.09.22 в 17:27

I'm not gonna patronize you. You are a next level teacher

Defed Marsh

07.09.22 в 16:43

I love you very very very very much

Nouf T

07.09.22 в 11:53

معلمة جيده، شكرا لك.

Leo Sam

07.09.22 в 10:18

useful collection! Thanks! if you call it crazy English, then what should we call it?!


07.09.22 в 09:31

Rachel mama, good job. Cleared many of my doubts. No words match your teaching. Lovable, admirable and adorable. Nice of you.

Damira Smanalieva

07.09.22 в 09:13

Thank you so much! I'm so happy I've fortuned your channel.

Gorz indian

07.09.22 в 07:45

कहीं अंधेरा तो कहीं शाम होगी,
मेरी हर ख़ुशी तेरे नाम होगी,
कभी मांग कर तो देख हमसे ए दोस्त,
होंठो पर हसीं और हथेली पर जान होगी।

Beautiful Dosti Shayari

Gaugen Von

07.09.22 в 07:12

Thanks ur videos that always help my oral english.

Lear Ning

07.09.22 в 07:04

Thank you so much for this great video!

MrSvinkoyasch MrSvinkoyasch

07.09.22 в 06:07

"tier" also sounds like "tear". Just for the record.

Whale Read

07.09.22 в 01:46

Thank you so much, Rachel : )

ronaldo ferreira Oliveira

07.09.22 в 01:24

Excelent job very good vídeo teacher Rachel

Filipe Silva

07.09.22 в 00:52

Thx Rachel for this class/video! Lots of insights pronunciation-wise, as usual! I loved the script of this particular video! The way you glided from one example to the other was smooth! It made me wish it would never end. I have a question… Could this change in stress also happen in heteronyms with more than 2 syllables?

May Mustafa

07.09.22 в 00:19

Wow ! What a great lesson ! Could you make another video discussing more about word stress .

Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

07.09.22 в 00:08

Спасибо за урок. Вы очень красивая и очаровательная сегодня.

Braulio Herrada

06.09.22 в 23:30

It’s been a quite interesting english class, I really enjoyed it

Miroslav Šilhavý

06.09.22 в 21:44

6:30 and on, isn't it there a mistranscription?

balbal balbal

06.09.22 в 21:05

Amazing as usual

Ebtesam Elsayed

06.09.22 в 20:13

You're a legend

Arwa Alsafty

06.09.22 в 20:03

Hey lovely Rachel. How are you? It's me Arwa from Egypt . Please I have a question relating to pronounciation. I will be thankful if you can help me out .
I know that the flap t sounds like soft d which means you hit the upper alveolar ridge really quickly without the stop component ; that is obvious when I say word like " party " . When I say the flap t in the word party , I do just like I said earlier. But when I say the flap t as in "get it " I do it automatically , and when I watch my tongue in the mirror , I see that the tip of the tongue doesn't touch the upper alveolar ridge as in the word party although it sounds and feels like a flap t too . Is that normal and correct ???
I am waiting for your reply.
Thank you in a advance.

Colbin Barrita

06.09.22 в 19:53

I love rachel's english

Her Highness

06.09.22 в 19:47

Rachel you’re the best. Please do more videos like this.

Житель планеты

06.09.22 в 19:41

Great video, useful! I also recommend this channel :

يحي سريلانكا سريلانكا

06.09.22 в 19:33

Your way of explaining is very respectful and very nice

Paulo Sérgio Miranda Duarte

06.09.22 в 18:55

Why doesn't American phonemic transcription use the "colon" to prolong vowels, for example /fa:/ther?

Nazia Barkat Ali

06.09.22 в 17:42

Wowww amazing topic you chose today.... much appreciated


06.09.22 в 17:34

My baby


06.09.22 в 17:14

OMG, so much precious information!

Be Positive

06.09.22 в 17:11

fr totally impressive it's ultimate profound it's literally perfect wouldn't any way be perfect as you did I think it's A-game from the best in the world .
Thanks you millions

Gonza Chambi

06.09.22 в 16:24

Pretty awesome and useful lesson! Really love this one, keep up the good work. Learn so much with your videos. Thanks a lot!

Sibu Datta

06.09.22 в 15:49

Heartily wish u happy teacher day mam.


06.09.22 в 15:41


Ronald Garrison

06.09.22 в 15:41

I don't think "dove" is correct as the past tense of "dive." It shold be "dived." Otherwise: DIVE, DOVE…HAD DOVE?

As for "snuck," you'll never convince me that that is correct. Ugh.

Necla Konak

06.09.22 в 15:32

Thank you


06.09.22 в 15:07

Thank you so very much Rachel, You're the best.


06.09.22 в 14:43

Hello mam please reaply me

Alberto Canovas

06.09.22 в 14:42

Excelent quality video and a wonderful teacher. Loved this lesson, thanks a lot!

Gan Ainm

06.09.22 в 14:37

Oops! You mixed up [bæs] and [beɪs] while comparing "base" and "bass" (the instrument)!

Dan O'Neill

06.09.22 в 14:32


Titus Dziri

06.09.22 в 14:26

I love that , you're the best . ❤

jorge Melina

06.09.22 в 14:26

I'm out of work looking for a job but yesterday i just gave up trying to get a job becouse he didn't understand me , " i was trying to say " : are you hiring ? , and he kept saying what ....i guess he understood are you hiding . At the end i just said ( no nothing ) and walked away with my head down. Embarrassed
Can you plese help me with the pronunciation between these 2 word ? Thanks in advance

Dali khan

06.09.22 в 14:14

Blondie Huntress

06.09.22 в 14:04

Just loved this video, thank you very much for all the NEW vocabulary i KNEW here.

Mr. S.

06.09.22 в 14:03

Lie lied lay lay laid

Alice Sophia

06.09.22 в 13:51

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Như Đạt Lê

06.09.22 в 13:33

You are the best teacher in the world Rachel, I love you so much ❤❤❤

Vinicius Machado

06.09.22 в 13:31

@Rachel’s English Actually, you mixed up the pronounciations of “adress” as a noun.

Daily Need Store

06.09.22 в 13:29

Yes you are right ✅ English is very confusing language.

Fábio Ferreira

06.09.22 в 12:51

Just like in Metallica's Nothing Else Matters: "so CLOSE, no matter how far..."

Sandra Carli

06.09.22 в 12:45

Beautifully made clip. Thank you, very helpful!

Anna Chekmareva

06.09.22 в 12:41

Thanks soooooooo much ❤️

Pankaj Sarang

06.09.22 в 12:36

Thank you for this Great lesson ....

Dean VlogUSA

06.09.22 в 12:27

Best teacher ever!

ONE ®️

06.09.22 в 12:23

I wanted this lesson badly.

João José Da Silva

06.09.22 в 12:21

What a wonder!!!

Handren Swren

06.09.22 в 12:20

Great, well done


06.09.22 в 12:18

Best teacher


06.09.22 в 12:09

I appreciated that

حيدر محسن

06.09.22 в 12:06

Awesome! Keep it up, Rachel.

Amanda Bautista

06.09.22 в 12:05

Hello I want to go back to the academy. happy to be the first to coment today. hehe


06.09.22 в 12:04

Great lesson!!

Edvin Orozco

06.09.22 в 12:04

Can you make a video about #Conditionals thank you .. Best teacher ever


06.09.22 в 12:03

Wilber Vanegas

06.09.22 в 12:01

Are you feeling better R?


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