The Trap Of The Toxic Life Purpose

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Beware of developing an unconscious, toxic life purpose will sour your life and also sour your role within society.

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27.09.21 в 16:34

It’s a spiritual battle, plain and simple!


21.09.21 в 00:30

'the ego mind, unless u transcended it, but 99.999% of you never will' hahahaha XD

Dimitris Tsiflikiotis

08.09.21 в 08:42

If corporations can have a soul and a spirit

then society can have a soul and a spirit.

Dimitris Tsiflikiotis

08.09.21 в 08:27

Awesome concept!!

Diego Tejera

30.08.21 в 17:39

Now he sounds like he just memorized alot of philosophical, spiritual books. Like the left media isn't shameless. Lmao


01.08.21 в 03:02

The common thread between all ideologies is that each has its own flavor of self responsibility avoidance.

Fatemeh Sadeghi

16.07.21 в 08:51

People in the West Asia are under attack precisely by the West not just militarilly or economically but also culturally. In some places here you can't find one person who hasn't lived through a war or at least the fear of a war. You can find few societies here who haven't gone through RAPID westernization. When your culture,values,language and in some parts even the basic right of existence are under attack by the west or by governments supported by the west do you suggest becoming a Sufi is a good idea? There IS an external enemy. And I do get the point that this enemy is not to be blamed for absolutely everything but what good is it if I do nothing to defend myself when I'm under attack for being who I am? Shouldn't I first not be ashamed of being a Muslim,make sure I wont be a refugee in ten years time, not wake up to find the national currency amounting to next to nothing and then transcend all that?


11.07.21 в 22:40

Left leaning can be a rabbit hole too. Let's just recognize that.

Moses Ocaya

02.07.21 в 11:20

Where can I find that image; can someone provide me it's link?


23.06.21 в 04:00

Leo, the bit about the Mid East was profoundly superficial and divorced from reality. I wouldn’t venture so deeply into subjects you know little about. It damages your credibility on other subjects. That said, Ive learned a lot from you and I’m a big admirer of your work.

Antony Liberopoulos

19.06.21 в 12:47

You have been helping me understand the mind's processes for quite some time. Thank you Leo.

Cynthia Utti

11.06.21 в 23:23

Do you have a video of dying?

Dew Lop

01.06.21 в 11:35

I kinda struggle to understand the pursuit of a life purpose when one wants to pursuit the Truth & getting to know their true inner Self (englightenment etc.). So how does one make sense of that, since " A life Purpose" is a distraction/illusion of the ego. Shouldnt we all align with pursuing the Truth and making that our life purpose? Or are we merely talking here in a minor scence of "life purpose", like everybody has to earn money in order to pay bills/survive, so it would be more wise to chose a higher purpose (job) in order to fulfill that?

Tharusha Basnayake

30.05.21 в 15:01

Thank you leo ☯️❤️


11.05.21 в 16:23

1:06:53 I laughed so hard to this man

Adam Charlton

03.05.21 в 14:17

Wages in America are falling, though they're not being evenly distributed around the globe as you would think. They're still dirt poor in those other countries. The money is going to the top .001%. This is the fact. Call it scapegoating if you will. I would welcome more even wages worldwide if that were the case, but it's just not. 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions worldwide.

Adam Charlton

03.05.21 в 13:20

I'm only 5 minutes in and I'm LOVING the truth being spoken here. I hope this helps other people to awaken. ♥

José Neron

30.04.21 в 22:15

gracias por tu tiempo señor leo

Parth Thakkar

28.04.21 в 16:34


Krstne Nepoviem

27.04.21 в 09:27


Saugat Mainali

27.04.21 в 00:52


25.04.21 в 21:58

I didnt watch your videos for some time now, I missed this. Hope you are good. I had some very toxic people lately, and I strugled a lot to get my peace of mind. Then I remembered your videos. Thank you Leo

Dr. Gamal Heiba

22.04.21 в 11:14

Dear Leo,
thanks for this great lecture it is amazing actually, but I have comment on what you said about islam and medal east which is very true, `Islam is the very toxic ideology despite I am from a muslim family living in Cairo- `Egypt but most of what you saied is very true about ideology any religion if you meta think about it, you will figure out it is toxic the regions like cancer we have some day all human became free of any ideology and think as human only

Shane Lim

22.04.21 в 03:03

Yesterday, the agents from Amway tried to persuade me that Amway is my life purpose. Thanks to Leo and this video, I'm not falling into the trap.


14.04.21 в 01:10

you should debate with Jordan Peterson, that would produce some interesting thoughts.

Irish Dreamer

13.04.21 в 08:32

Buy bit coin today and u will escape wage slavery in 10 years

Dino rivera

08.04.21 в 14:27

I dig your show! It's very helpful in many ways however when you said "this is why people get on drugs it's very simple! and then you began listing the how's and why's, this was very illuminating for me due to my long history of substance abuse which thankfully I have slayed lol I was able to see your expertise on this infinitely broad subject, apparently there's nothing simple about It! And you prove it to me on this video! Based on what you presented, what you revealed didn't even make it to the gate! as to how and why this problem of drug use unravels. So it kinda gave me an insight into your teaching style, yes you reveal a lot of content on video and no doubt this is great, but just because you speak on all of the material that you share with your audience, doesn't necessarily mean that your hitting the mark, there's huge holes in your presentation, and this is not a criticism to devalue your work in anyway, to me it was a very helpful insight about learning how to listen to videos. And to your credit I think in several of your videos you warn that what u talk about is nowhere near the amount of work that goes into all this work. I admire your transparency but if I was too mesmerized by Leo I would have missed it! Lol So I will remain vigilant!
Thanks for sharing all your knowledge so freely...

Warren C.

01.04.21 в 07:43

Does nobody find it ironic this guy kinda looks like Lenin I mean that has to be planned


17.03.21 в 13:21

So first you say we get a worldwide wealth equilibrium (China<>America) but at 1:13:30 you tell us about wage slavery. But didnt you say those ppl were delusional (Trump supporters) because they had bad jobs? Wait ... so what? Get clear on how the money system works. It moves the money from hardworking to rich. End of story

Killjoy Prose

08.03.21 в 00:47

Isn't it absolutely insane how people in the same exact situation come to the same exact conclusion?


07.03.21 в 23:50

Man you are really not as smart as you think you are, holy shit.

Agnes Mugwe

04.03.21 в 15:03

I love love your teachings, but this video left me wondering is it not about consciousness expressing itself as Hitler,or the drug addict or the thief? because it wants to (it's Life purpose therefore?) Just trying to understand

Keth Walls

23.02.21 в 18:10

The only purpose I can make sense of , is to be what u and so nature.
I never was in the spirituell believe 2 much of overcoming this and that...and be good.The one is good who not needs 2 be good in the first place...that one is already pure goodness...without realizing that.
That one is about Love...not the mind plays of stupidity and idioty.
All problem purpose dream making 4 me is stupid...but well ...we all dream of stupidity 4 a entertainment reason maybe...all we have endless time... . Stupidity never makes u happy in no dream here the dream totally fools u .
And u are already highest Love and bliss...but the mind machine plays it out quit opposite in some times .So wake up and realize u are the awwww ♡

Vue Her

10.02.21 в 04:48

I'm glad I found this dude at this point of my life, I've had the same questions my entire life. His break down of mental fallacies, ego, and biases helped untangle my mind. It's like listening to an older wiser version of myself. Some really good stuff.

Tanvir Singh Manku

06.02.21 в 19:53

I don't know what you think about military but living a life where you sacrifice for safety of others can not be toxic.

OldSoul Aquarius

25.01.21 в 22:10

Hi all. One question! We who watch these enlighten videos who are on a awakening spiritual path to enlightenment? Are we rare?

Joseph Vaia

24.01.21 в 18:24

How does one address becoming anti 'anti-position'? Aka ego taking a reflexive meta step up a level as a reaction of receiving this kind of information? Very contemplatively curious about this and its sending 'me' in circles lol profound man.


21.01.21 в 10:17

All I keep hearing about social credit in America this and that, vaccines are killing and this and that, covid camps this and that, how do we deal with that toxicity ?

Josh Avenhouse

19.01.21 в 01:41

"Boner Pills"


13.01.21 в 09:19

Hey big bro
Thanks for the explanation

Yu Maan

10.12.20 в 13:01

Hello Leo! Just wanted to know if I buy your course, is there live video help from you on developing a life purpose and coaching?


10.12.20 в 03:22

I'm so glad you don't have TDS (i.e. thinking somehow he's NOT a total bastard), not a surprise, but you never know with people...

Benjamin Pepin

08.12.20 в 16:49

Thanks for at least criticizing big corporations

Benjamin Pepin

08.12.20 в 16:22

Your "fairness around the world" has a price, Americans are gonna loose some of their fundamental rights because of globalism

Benjamin Pepin

08.12.20 в 15:54

But dude the liberals right now are the ones putting people on house arrest forcing them to wear masks, social distance, closing local businesses, even curfews lol rings a bell? It's not some right wing conspiracy, you got it backwards

Black Polished Chrome

03.12.20 в 03:11

At least half of the users of hard drugs don't have a disorderly mental condition, hidden trauma or weltschmerz when they start taking them. It's about party, doing something new and forbidden and it just feels good to them. It creates a strong bond between each other. The time numbing themselves is still far away. Doing adult things on their own pushes their selfworth up into heaven. They are young and feel invincible. What could possibly go wrong? But the part of their lives that will be the building blocks for a psychological trauma later had just started. And after a while they are in a possition, where the craving will make them do things they don't really want to do. It's a constant struggle then to get their next fix in the midst of a never ending wave of moments of cognitive dissonance. Steeling from family and friends. Constant lying. And with every bad deed done, they feel more worthless and incapable of taking control again. I've lost a lot of friends to hard drugs but I also know a lot that were able to get on their feet again. But I'd never let that distract me from realizing that humans are awesome every day of my life.


24.11.20 в 20:59

It's not me, it's Antichrists at the top of dominance hierarchies. I need to learn to be more like them.

Dee Jay

23.11.20 в 21:42

Leo, honestly, me and my wifey, we stopped visiting church - instead we are watching your videos on Sunday.

Svetoslav Todorov

21.11.20 в 11:03

Up to around a week ago I was lying, doing all the wrong things, and telling people how great I was, and I was doing all of this I still lie and I do many wrong things but I feel more free to express myself mainly because I am not living in fear, I am understanding that my perspective should be challenged by multiple sources and other opinions, I am showing people through simple actions that I do care about myself and others. Not letting go of what I believed in and life experience has made me a stronger person. Thanks Leo for my personal growth journey, its been of great help watching your videos.


17.11.20 в 21:24

Leo I look at all these so called ‘gangsters’ and I envy them to a degree because they’re living their lives 100% in accordance to a cause that most people wouldn’t dare to follow. How do I live my life in accordance with my own rules and beliefs 100% without swaying from them due to external fear and pressure? In a nutshell, how do I live life on PURPOSE?

Twin Half

12.11.20 в 14:12

You have a very strong bias to the left. They are the same crap or worse than the right.

γνῶθι σεαυτόν,

11.11.20 в 08:11

This guy is so trippy lmao thanks papa leo me thinks you a genius

DBAY 012

08.11.20 в 12:58

Were people paying Bills before Bills were even a thing? Say, 1000 years ago? What about 200,000? Were there "Bills" when we were our pre-Human Ancestors? I strongly doubt it lol. "Bills are just a part of life" Actually, not quite so. Actually, not at all. Do I have to pay for this Air I'm breathing? If so, then damn N*gga have I been stealing bruhh.

Hamza Javed

02.11.20 в 16:58

A lot of love from Pakistan

Mango Lover

31.10.20 в 22:44

Its so funny when you hear leo say: ” Being grown up in a bad financial situation...dysfunctional family...” and knowing he is talking about you haha. I am a 17 year old immigrant girl, trying to become conscious and seek answers inside, instead of projecting it outside. But it’s so hard to do that in the environment I live in.

Anna Thyssen

27.10.20 в 00:14

I love listening to you before going to sleep. I agree with you. We think very alike. I came across you 5 years ago and I don't regret it. Thank you so much for your videos. You work hard. You are very determined and focused and have so much drive. I admire this so much.

Apoorva Katpatal

26.10.20 в 05:08

Man, Leo's got similar energy and profound logic, knowledge of stuff like Teal Swan imo. Also, that side smile xD a little cuteness is needed while you dwell and then work on heavy questions.

Duke gust

25.10.20 в 18:42

I think the only real purpose is to awaken from the ego game of I'm a special body that can love and hate and grow old and die or get in a accident first. All the great teachers say to NOT get born again or don't keep coming back it doesn't work
Real life is in the higher dimensions and the body is just a classroom to learn to forgive ourself for our senseless wanderings.

Alec N.

25.10.20 в 18:42

that analogy to addiction was so far off

Adventure Time With Ash

25.10.20 в 16:54

funny how you mentioned (not sure if this video i just came from my desktop to comment) that you are in syria and you join sofism and already had been into that i my life that made me an atheist later lmao because it was a cult with many minor problems
you wont believe this leo but am a 21 yo living in syria(trying to get out :D) i have a life purpose (i wanna make the best 3d animation ever witnessed )
but not only that am getting into stage yellow since a while (i was so blue then so orange then so green lol been throw that tho i only spent 3 years with green but start noting the limitation before learning about spiral dynamic)
i dont know how on earth that shit happened because a lots of my environment are stage red maybe blue

i wanna say thank you so much for this channel i been watching since 2 month and i learned shit ton


19.10.20 в 22:16

Dont have kids whatever you do lol

Nana Ashadze

19.10.20 в 05:11

All I can hear in this video is judgement for other peoples lifes, about how they earn money and about bad things they've done to society etc... Some people might work at dead end jobs as you call them and okay, I accept that maybe its true in some way, but a lot of people feel totally fine with their jobs, with their success and with what they achieve at their 'dead end jobs', and in life and they have family and living their happy life and they are happy and you are telling to all those people, to all those 99% that their lives are wrong, its bad, its not right, but who are u to decide for other peoples life paths? if its really bad or wrong they must understand it by themselves, and something, some their experience in life should lead them to the more 'right' path, not some youtube guru. And what about yourself? Are not you doing all this stuff to earn money? Haven't you earned a lot already? And show me just 1 person whose life has totally changed after watching your videos. maybe they watch you and they are happy and motivated and they think that they found a great channel that can change their lifes, but they continue to coming back watching your videos and after some time they will understand that nothing changes and that you give them just false hope by leading them on the wrong path. because only right thing to tell them is to start acting right now, in this moment, go do something you have never done before, only this will change your life. Go and start working right away, right now, stop watching my chanel just go and do something, watching my videos wont change your life, only you can change it by hard work and do it right now. Not in 5 or 10 years, lol, like you tell them, come watch my videos and buy my courses and maybe your life will change someday lol. Yeah I watched some of your videos and at first I thought wow its great, he's doing a great work for other people, maybe it really helps somehow but those videos will not change their lifes totally, and this is what they really want. after seeing how you judge everyone who's working on regular 'normal' jobs, this is evil, because everyone has their own path their own life and you are not in right to tell anyone what's wrong or what's not. Also you have some 'life purpose development courses' etc and you are also earning even more money with that courses, if you really want to do only right and kind job, do it for free, you are already earning from youtube anyway right? And you tell them this course will not help you in two days or two months or years, maybe in 5 or 10 and maybe never, lol. You are not the first or last who does those kinds of videos or writes a book about 'how to be a billionaire' and stuff like this, and a lot of people has already understood that reading those book will never make you a billionaire, its just selling those books will make the author richer and also taking your course may never help them also. You are just taking those people on the wrong path, giving them false hope, in case to earn more money from them. And lastly, start by judging yourself and your life while you start to judge others.

Urban Sky

13.10.20 в 23:26

Did you read some books to have a better understanding on this topic? I'd like to get more info

Spiral Dynamics

12.10.20 в 12:15

Congratulations on 1 million subscribers.

Spiral Dynamics

12.10.20 в 12:13

Tim Pool.

Paul Costea

10.10.20 в 20:57

Leo! You say: "I dont have enough time!" Leo! Just realize why you have your thyroid problems! The thyroid is the clock of the body! Just accept you dont have time, search in your past your lack of time, see it in your mother or father and you heal! It is easy! :)


10.10.20 в 18:12

Leo, I know that I'm responsible for my life almost 99% of the time if not a 100% of the time. And I also don't want a default life, I want it to mean something just like you said about your own life. But I have tried so many professions by now that I just don't know wtf to do anymore and I'm forced to go default for now until I figure out what my actual conscious goal will be.

Do you have any particular tips on how to do this--on how to cultivate a conscious and non-cancerous goal?

Vinnie Morris

10.10.20 в 09:36

Thanks Leo, on board now.

Amy Elizabeth

09.10.20 в 03:30

Congratulations on the 1 million subscribers Leo!

Inner Seeker

08.10.20 в 13:29

Leo, I have some questions for you. How long did it take Actualized to feel like it was really manifesting? Was there a struggle at all for a time period of feeling like people didn't care?

Also, how do you deal with the insanity of rabbit hole that sometimes comes with life purpose? I love playing music and feel like I can contribute so much to the evolution of consciousness, but I also witness some musicians who are great at playing and entertaining but also have this uneasy insanity to them that I'm not completely willing to adopt in myself. I love your content, but do you ever feel insane having your life revolve around philosophy and theology so frequently?

Miguel Thinks

08.10.20 в 00:08

The ending was a nice bite-sized summary of the theme of this video. "In the end, don't be that guy."

Tetrus Petrus

07.10.20 в 17:45

I started an apprenticeship in the Healthcareindustry in Germany. As Caretaker in Hospital, Psychiatry and Nursing Home. Even If the System is corrupt (but not such as in the U.S.) the everyday work I do is very fullfilling. And its a good starting point to learn about people and their needs and troubles. It fits perfectly in my selfactualizing work and I combine my awareness practice with the work. I can the whole freaking day work on personal development and conscioussness work.

Just an example for people who are lost in finding something to start with.


Carla Pandolfo

05.10.20 в 21:50

Thanks Leo. I’ve watched from my consciousness my soul crying through my eyes watching this.

I’ve experienced a conscious awakening 3 years ago and I’ve quit my soulless job first to try to emigrate to Australia and now luckily I, came to Spain early this year. Just in time to lose my savings while 5 months no work going on.

Besides that, I find very but very life draining to actually do any kind of job, I literally want to be dead each time I need to work. I haven’t find yet my purpose, at least I’ve already dismissed a ego fake purpose (In which I spent 1 and 1/2 year on learning and shit).

I’ve been through a lot of shit these years and of course loneliness, which I’m sure will pay off (and pays off every day because I’m wiser and resilient and shit) but still stuck in WTF I’m going to do to contribute neither how tha fuck I’m going to earn the money for investing on it.
I’m pretty good while volunteering some hours in nature but then I might need to go back to fucking life to fucking work on a fucking shit job again. I will rather be dead I can only think on how draining is and how bad makes me feel and I don’t even know if I could find motivation and mood to balance my life and still find time and energy to put in purpose path. (Let me cry over here since I’m having a 3 days in a row down

Jehria Sean

04.10.20 в 02:03

Early congratulations on reaching 1 million subscribers!

Berhentilah Jadi Judgemental Wahai Orang Malaysia

03.10.20 в 12:45



03.10.20 в 00:01

Leo, this is the first time I watched you. I want to write with my half Google translate english.

Your hard truths is very difficult to me. Specially parts of the you said like shitty middle east and consequences of life without purpose

I literally went to vomit just before. I was on way to being a victim of the wrong purpose

Piece of shit, you are the opposite of my character (like most people)

sweet bunny

30.09.20 в 22:49

Men's rights groups are symptoms of a dysfunctional society. Took decades of gender-biased laws, unlawful wealth redistribution for these communities to to arise. The lncel community is undesirable guys' (and some women's) response to western hookup culture and polygamy which contradict society's makebelief fairytales about love e.g. soulmates, "there's someone for everyone". These communities aren't movements, and they don't hold any political power, unlike feminist-policies, family court laws, affirmative action, vawa, gendered r4pe definitions and so on.

Tate Wrigley

30.09.20 в 15:05

Isnt redpill about truth?

Roy Miller II

29.09.20 в 18:50

I am at a loss for words. So many things come to mind. It is difficult choosing, so this is what came out. Keep them coming Leo.

The Journey

29.09.20 в 10:45

Thank you.

Davor Katusic

29.09.20 в 08:28

Honestly, the only thing that puts me off from purchasing your life purpose course is your (5000$, now only 249$ - like) advertizing. You really don't need this. By doing this you are appealing to achievers / stage orange, and are disrespecting other audience which is more developed. Therefore, I doubt whether this is a good program for me, or not!?

Tom Pickett's Astrophotography

29.09.20 в 02:44

One thing I got out of this video that’s very important to me that I see every day (something I have also thought about for many years of my own life) is how many people do you know that are doing jobs for money that they don’t like and are so lost and miserable doing their job ?
It’s just very sad the world that we have constructed to be combative against one another destroying one another to be at a higher statue or to earn a higher paycheck to try, what every the cost, to be better then someone else with all it really is is an illusion and a very bad lie.

Patricia Westerback

28.09.20 в 17:07

Thank you Leo.. I'm so grateful for you. It's impossible to describe how grateful I am for everything you do, I just want to give you a big hug ♡

Lila Blassblau

28.09.20 в 09:01

Hitlers purpose was to become Hitler. Thinking there is good or bad, is dualistic. Its was obviously a collective experience, which was necessary for the world to rise in frequency. You are still thinking very dualistic. Watch Lorie Ladd.

Lila Blassblau

28.09.20 в 08:57

The idea of life purpose ist devaluating all billion lives lived since generations without purpose. Of course they were unconscious, of course they also may not were very happy or they were happy but did bad things for a living. But isnt it all part of the process. Shouldnt we love and accept every life? If we arent ready in this life, to follow a purpose, its OK!

Oman Khan

28.09.20 в 06:20

We love ❤️

Carson Ford

28.09.20 в 03:29

The entrance theme is back!


28.09.20 в 02:57

Word Engaging Boost Positive Love Joy Amazing Friendly Nice Work Leo Gura

Farid Fakhouri

27.09.20 в 23:12

What do you think about Bitcoin?

João Ferreira

27.09.20 в 22:53

Leo do that belief course you were talking about!

sky amory

27.09.20 в 14:07

LEO & CO, Please note that I've responded to your Reply, Leo, below. I believe it's important, because I don't think I conveyed well enough, what I meant to convey, in my first comment, the one you initially Replied to. Thank you. You'll note that, right below, are "4 replies," mine would be the 3rd and last. Thank you.

Pierre Films

27.09.20 в 06:05

Are you kidding me!? Only one hour and twenty two minutes? Leo stop slacking.

Я Гренджерова

27.09.20 в 03:31

"And you're gonna be taking the whole world down with you", the ending was powerful honestly!

Steve Igi

27.09.20 в 02:32

2 more subscribers to get the 1 million.

Sara M

27.09.20 в 02:11

So damn good

Just Me Allen

27.09.20 в 01:11

I went to the hospital here in AZ. I had a miscarriage. I should have stayed home but I got scared.
They did nothing of nothing just told me that the baby’s heart stopped and the process was going to take one week about.
I had no physical pain however they insisted on giving me pain pills; I rejected the pills but they kept on asking. I accepted. Gave me 2 Tylenol but I took only one.
I went home and later I got a bill for $6,000 dollars. I had insurance so I only had to pay $2,000 dollars out of pocket.
The Tylenol cost was $50.00 for 2 pills
The actual emergency room time was less than 1 hour and 3 hours in the waiting room.


27.09.20 в 01:11

Dude... You completely lost it when you struggled to give proper examples of activities that screw over people for a high paying return. Those examples were terrible because they actually PROVIDE some useful service or product to society, and if a part of society "gets screwed" it's not because of those services, but because people MISUSED those services as a "band aid" to a bigger and deeper issue. Pharma selling medication to diabetics is not "screwing up diabetics", when it was their damn fault for not properly taking care od themselves to begin with. Banks giving credits that then leave credited users with a huge debt is not the banks fault, but the people's mismanage of money.

Actual activities that DO SCREW SOCIETY are kidnapped, forced prostitution, selling of illegal drugs, selling weapons while stirring up a civil war, or something more common like monopolization.

Szijártó Peti

26.09.20 в 23:16

3:06 The pharmaceutical industry... okay..
pardon my english as a pharmacy student in Europe, I fight against homeopathy and other healthcare scams like "light therapy", BIO weight loss products", "amber teething necklaces for babies".. just to mention some, but OMG there's just too much scam out there.. If You mean that pharmaceutical industry is THAT... I agree... But real pharmaceutical industry is more serious. It's here for us to research new drugs to treat serious diseases. Pharmacists study the human body and chemistry for 5-6 years and they can examine and modify a doctor's decision/presciption if the dose is incorrect for example. I don’t think You should generalize scams to the pharmaceutical industry.. It's just evil peaople love scams, it's in every industry. (Hippocratic Oath: "First do no harm" ...)
Btw great video as always, keep up the great work Leo! ❤️


26.09.20 в 20:18

He almost got the million!


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