The Social Matrix - How Society Is A Mass Hallucination

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How society and culture brainwashes you and everyone you know into not questioning epistemology or metaphysics.

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Important Warning: If you finished watching this video and your takeaway was one or more of the following, you have misunderstood the communication:

-- You now feel that your fave conspiracy theories have been validated
-- Your now feel that your fave political ideology has been validated
-- You now feel government sucks, is wrong, or is evil
-- You believe there is a cabal of rich elites manipulating you
-- You now feel vindicated that vaccines are a mind control device
-- You now feel society is bad, you hate society, you want to destroy society
-- You now feel justified to hate or hurt other people or other cultures
-- You now feel the Holocaust is hoax
-- You now feel Google and Wikipedia are bad and shouldn't be used
-- You now feel that education is bad or reading books is bad
-- You now trust random conspiracy theories you find on social media more than science
-- You now feel that evil "Big Tech" is censoring your
-- You now feel validated in your belief that corporations or capitalism is evil

No! No! No! -- None of that is what I said.

Here's the bottom line: if anything I teach makes you feel depressed, fearful, hateful, angry, bitter at the world, misanthropic, cynical, destructive, or judgmental -- you've badly misunderstood the teachings. Apply more nuance.

These teachings are about Love and openness, not fear or hate.

Please be mindful of how your ego-mind twists these teachings to validate its own biases and narratives. That is the opposite of what I teach. Be careful with how your ego-mind misuses skepticism. First and foremost apply skepticism to all of your pet ideas and theories before you apply it to things like science, history, medicine, or government. Biased application of skepticism leads to the greatest of self-delusions. Don't be that guy.

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Emil Maran

28.09.21 в 18:54

To resume all 3 hours in a sentence, "we live in a Reinforcement Learning system feed with multiple Biases", kind of autopilot A.I. deep learning system for Social Matrix with defined boundaries and rules.

Lynna Kivela

28.09.21 в 14:09

The only way to get out of the matrix is to stop breeding - human and animal breeding. And once we become a breeder, our life is over.

Lynna Kivela

28.09.21 в 13:44

If only the slaughter houses had windows.

Paul Cristian Neagoe

28.09.21 в 12:12

They’re gonna find this video in the year 5000 and they’re gonna say :” oh there actually might’ve been a few enlightened human beings in the past after all. They probably had a hard time living in those times…”

Даня Рэм

28.09.21 в 01:47

2:06:00 this hit this person that's writing these silly words so hard

The Comrade

27.09.21 в 22:20

is this what happens when right wingers encounter postmodernism?


26.09.21 в 01:00


Will Christie

21.09.21 в 17:11

1 hour in so far and everything Leo has said so far is bloody obvious. Just say'n. But then, I am 70 years old, so perhaps I've learned a few things in my life time. Perhaps Leo's audience is primarily the very young?

Will Christie

21.09.21 в 16:39

You can see this with Fox News/QAnon MAGA fanatics for Trump. They live in a totally delusional reality. While I confess that we all may do this to some measure, these folks are so deluded that they are a perfect case study for everyone not within that particular extreme right wing bubble.


20.09.21 в 18:15

To be totally honest, If you wont or don't take Psychedelic's there's no point of you watching this channel. You WILL NEVER INNERSTAND what you're saying to yourself.


20.09.21 в 16:30

Thank you

Xander Hudson

19.09.21 в 23:11

I've followed your videos since your first year or two. You legitimately played a big role in my enlightment process. Now I know this will put some fear in your heart, but rest assured I'm not stalking you and I haven't hacked you. I already know you read every comment. And I already know you'll read this whole thing. The fact that you read every comment says a lot about you. You are obsessed with validation. You are obsessed with comments that build up your ego. You are a hypocrite in so many ways I can't list them all. Take the ego, the self. You once talked about shedding it, getting rid of it. Yet, it consumes you more than ever before. In this particular video, you mention that maybe you could go live in a cave. But then your ego kicked in, quickly blocking out other ways you can legitimately and happily live in the wild. You said, "but not really", because you "still have to live within the social matrix." and that this is "not realistic." Now don't get me wrong, you are NOT meant to go live in the wild. This brings us to your next problem. You are obsessed with money. You always have been. Lately you've been linking to other videos of yours within your current videos. Your ego tells itself that your doing a good thing, by guiding people to other content that might help them. But you're also fully conscious of the fact that it's really more because of your obsession with more and more money. Mostly because you want to travel more and experience new and interesting things. Money has consumed you. You are in fact in the matrix. Pow* You call it the social matrix here, and despite the topic of this video, you are hopelessly bound by it. You are far off the path towards ultimate truth. The reason I tell you all this? Because I feel like I owe it to you in a sense, for guiding me through the beginning stages of MY enlightment.. But you have gotten many key things wrong along the way. And those things have strayed you far from the path that you truly seek. I am here to give you two things that are a key element in guiding you back to the path of ultimate truth that you seek. Love. And Ego/Self. If you cannot figure out what you got wrong here, then I'm afraid there is no hope for you. You will continue down the path your headed toward. But you will never be happy and you'll always be working. Your viewership will start to decline, and people will lose interest because you've reached a peak in your growth. You will become frustrated with money and live with emotional misery. You will always know there must be something more than this miserable, petty social matrix that you live in. Then you'll die of old age. Contemplate this message carefully. Read it multiple times. This is real. Or is it?

Derek Fitzgerald-Poe

19.09.21 в 06:07

So then how do we know there is any truth at all if everyone is self deceived down the line?


19.09.21 в 02:39

A lot of Foucault here (a meaning/opinion becomes truth when others perceive/support it as true), some Bateson (the map is not the terrain), even some von Foerster who disagreed with Bateson and instead said "the map is the terrain" (maps/ideas are all we have). You can't get closer to reality than your own perception of it, and we refer to and share our perceived reality thru language and argue that something is to be valued as thruth, why it is true etc. And now we are closing in on Wittgenstein who talked about our entrapment in different language-games. Even refering to science is just an argument of convincing you that something (a formulation) is to be understood as's science, so it must be tru... Keep up the good work and beautiful thoughts! Ps: I felt I saw the Matrix and was let into the backstage of reality during my education as a family therapist...but then again I learned it at school so... All the best from Norway


18.09.21 в 20:58

its true what they say thinking is the hardest work

John Atchason

17.09.21 в 15:44

This is why it's fun to live "off the grid"...just completely drop out of society. I got bored and lonely so I came back, but now I'm more "aware" of exactly how I choose to participate.


17.09.21 в 03:23

I've heard of blue and red pills, but this episode was like taking the turbo multidimensional wizard pill of reality. Awesome, insightful and really heavy stuff. I love it.


14.09.21 в 03:47

Humans just walk around, lying to themselves, constantly. Even me.


11.09.21 в 00:39

Make some content about eastern philosophy like tantra yoga

{ }

09.09.21 в 23:40

there's a lot of bullshit out there. you got that right.

Dark Remus

09.09.21 в 21:40

The Path of Intuition= Leo Gura
The Path of Reason= Morgue
The Path of (healing the) Shadow= Teal Swan

Svetlana Evseyev

09.09.21 в 17:45

I'm curious... If you (Leo), got up there (Moneywise)... would you join them?


09.09.21 в 10:53

realizing the depths of my ignorance was the first step on my path. To know the truth you must first understand you are surrounded by deceptive constructs of the mind and you truly dont know anything at all. great video as usual!

Neurose OTM

08.09.21 в 11:46

Are you starting a cult


08.09.21 в 02:18

im kinda confused what the point of the whole thing was. To just go in and find yourself?

cameron hill

06.09.21 в 03:56

Does Leo eat meat?

Mandy Luz Marquez

02.09.21 в 10:31

Also, lives are not “ petty” simply because all is not unveiled.

Mandy Luz Marquez

02.09.21 в 10:30

Might you do a video on WHAT IS REAL??? that would be great

Ismir Eghal

02.09.21 в 07:01

1:35 "Oh, that's just epistemology!" - No relative ever

Ismir Eghal

01.09.21 в 09:20

Is there any access to the thumbnail? Id like to print it out.

Ismir Eghal

01.09.21 в 09:02

This is really clarifying, why I didn't like getting rewarded with "marks" in school. I always thought it's bullshit for someone to pat me on the back if I have an accumulation of ridiculously specific knowledge about a topic and him to punish me if i spend the last days not doing homework because i actually introspected and broadned my horizon or gained knowledge about some other topic.
It also explains why I never even thought of working in a business. I get the idea of the invisible hand and it might be better than working for an imagined "nation" out of sacrifice. But the Idea feels so wrong that everybody should follow his own interests. We should give incentives not for more profit earned, but for someone working for more than his own interest, for the interest of the many in as good quality possible. Thats what should be rewarded. Not people working for their own gain and then giving some to charity in order to feel like they actually are selfless!

Idank 7

30.08.21 в 07:03

I love the videos you make

philip cormier

29.08.21 в 21:13

Value of Life given to you by my mother universe!

philip cormier

29.08.21 в 21:12

Value of the universal value of life in mortal flesh!

philip cormier

29.08.21 в 21:11

The value of a universe that will birth you life!

philip cormier

29.08.21 в 21:10

Value of being a true human being

philip cormier

29.08.21 в 20:32

You are a genius!

Failed Experiment

29.08.21 в 07:29

We live in a society

Isaiah Senku

29.08.21 в 04:03

I'm at this point where there is nothing that is inherently good or bad.... those differences are there cuz we were brainwashed by the society matrix... it's sad

Kaout ar

28.08.21 в 18:53

Big up to those who listened to Leo till the end

Vincent Russo

28.08.21 в 15:34

The ex Goggle employee had some unnerving things he disclosed on the Russell Brand under the skin podcast.. he admitted they literally use the Las Vegas slot machine algorithm to keep you captured and explained the social validation dosing mentality...definitely worth the watch.

jgirl 34

28.08.21 в 05:37

We don't have child labour anymore???? Wrong and we aren't as violent anymore?? This world gets more and more violent as time goes on

Luís Pacheco

26.08.21 в 23:37

I wonder what you are selling.... And people fell for it... My God... I never dreamed America where so illiterated. I thought people selling miraculous drugs belonged in the XIX century in America... At any time he should talk about QUANTUM REALITY and I'm only in 5 minutes.... You'll see....

Sean Im

26.08.21 в 18:27

Thank you so much for everything Leo

Kati Paulina

26.08.21 в 14:07

Society is suffering mass psychosis these times

Vakishna Thayalan

24.08.21 в 19:01


Vakishna Thayalan

24.08.21 в 18:29


Vakishna Thayalan

24.08.21 в 17:09


jgirl 34

24.08.21 в 05:49

A few of these I have started questioning on my own and for the past year or so I've been finding alot of people like u and ur teachings and going deeper, this video was amazing, it brought everything to the forefront... u have opened my mind up so much with this information, thank u


24.08.21 в 03:37

Ur just talking to people who have zero life experience. Start a vid off with a Terrence McKenna quote and I already know it's all bs. I dont have no friends so this collective shit is all bullshit. How about just life your life and not be this douch

Mauri Rodríguez - Music

23.08.21 в 22:57

Leo I love you but still I am hoping the part two of:
- Integrity
- Holons
- Holistic thinking

Ahwarah Marah Pinealah

23.08.21 в 20:07

The subject is quite interesting, but it would be very nice that y adapt a little humor with it... I almost get into a kind of depressiveness, listening, this seriousness, well it's obvious we created some whirld together, but I assume y want it to become lighter? Voice-recording practices would assist y to use yr voice. I put it on 0.75 speed and still feel the whole world iz about to.. go wayne steiger plse, he'll teach y some real tricks! we are actually soo powerfull. Shed the russian melancholi, eto ne daiot nam sto to garosevo... luce prigai i veselica kakda na ulica na pragulka!


23.08.21 в 02:53

I actually did Google the foot binding photos. Made me want those toe shoes. Also, brainwashed or no, I don't recommend mating with scorpions, but may not have come to that conclusion scientifically...


22.08.21 в 21:40



22.08.21 в 19:56

1:12:50, and of course the donations are shareholder money, and not from the pockets of the ones making the donations.


21.08.21 в 19:52

There are different opinions in history each side has a story to tell the problem is we think we have to pick a side... it’s holding us back!

BijuTeo beading

20.08.21 в 16:28

Whirewash history! Put some lipstick on that pig before present it to children

Avare Volf

20.08.21 в 15:23

American society is satan’s circus, Leo.
Do you know some of us are offspring (kids) without friends and some of us are beasts without enemies? So the beasts kill kids (celestially inclined individuals) through time only because the laws of our society protect them, though, in the absence of laws, kids kill beasts through space, with their bear hands more or less.
A lot of people don’t realize that to have no skills one need be in international business or foreign relations where the interests of competitors or foreign enemies are completely not in one’s own country’s best interest. It’s only patriotic at war.
Just little realizations about how fucked up everything is.
Have you thought about the concept of refuge? What about scapegoats?
Here, in Russia… I mean America, we make kids (again, celestially inclined individuals) into scapegoats (much like the devil) and only seek to devilify them more if they have refuge. Refuge being a house or some solid quarter from the circus.
The government is obviously working hard to Make America Great Again, but not in the Trumpian sense (perhaps, Trump might actually be a genius, shhh) but in the sense of the substrate’s existence.

CoolMan Caravan

20.08.21 в 00:31

Fox is literally the ONLY network on TV that even entertains conservative values, yet egg-head leo just can't help himself but to dog on them. He couldn't have named any of the other 5 major leftist news networks, because those ones align with HIS biases. You know, the ones he tells you not to have.

Leonardo Baldini

17.08.21 в 13:25

Other animal species live in their social matrix too (monkeys, whales,..). The social matrix is a thing that started way before Homo sapiens

Shadowsim Architect

17.08.21 в 11:46

This is how I feel everyday.

Shakil Warsalee

17.08.21 в 04:33

All true… but a bit too cynical

mondiad yellow

17.08.21 в 01:23

star seed awakes been following leo for a while now and he resonates to my core also being awake in my state of mind at the moment is to be shared but im yet learnign through leo eveytime!!

Denzel Dickenson

17.08.21 в 01:02

The letters and symbols we use for math and writing as well

Denzel Dickenson

17.08.21 в 00:51

Mass hysteria be real

Ismael Marksteiner

16.08.21 в 15:47

"The problem is that the specialists in the intellectual elite - in our age, mostly scientists - are people like you and me. They, too, need the validation of a group to develop and hold onto a worldview. No specialist can hold the whole jigsaw puzzle in his mind so they, too, lack the all-important overview. But instead of receiving collective validation from the outside, the validation and emerges organically and iteratively from within the group of specialists itself. This process is only partially guided by evidence, and largely by psychosocial dynamics, as Thomas Kuhn cogently showed. Each person plays the dual role of, on the one hand, contributing personal insights to the emerging consensus and, on the other hand, calibrating her own opinions based on the validation (or lack thereof) she gets from the emerging consensus. Once the system has evolved to a point where a strong consensus has emerged, and all serious dissenting views have been purged, most members of the intellectual elite begin to see it as their job to reinforce and promote this reigning consensus. Individuals who attempt to question the consensus at this stage become traitors primed for debunking, for their efforts, if successful, could deprive everyone of the collective validation they need to ground their intellectual and emotional lives. Nobody fancies falling back into the dark abyss of intellectual chaos and uncertainty that, according to our modern account of history, characterized the pre-Enlightenment years." -Bernado Kastrup on 'The role of the intellectual elite'

Norbert Pawlus

16.08.21 в 14:08

Thank you Leo for what you do. For me, your material is priceless.

Saint Remy

16.08.21 в 11:51

I've lived my entire life free from the social matrix. I've always questioned everything. I really couldn't imagine a more well compiled, articulate and intelligent delivery of such deep thoughts. Thank you for that ✌️


16.08.21 в 10:40

Scroll back upward


15.08.21 в 23:11

I love you Leo, thank you for your videos, they helped to keep me from getting too close to the edge

Ciprian Ghiţă

15.08.21 в 11:25

CNN is the propaganda machine, FOX presents the real thing that's happening now, you know this.

João Sustelo

14.08.21 в 22:30

Thank you very much for this video, I've been needing this for a long time! You addressed a lot of things that I have trouble trying to fully grasp and verbalize, but you did it in a simple and clarifying way. It's almost spooky how accurate this video is!

Antonio Stewart

14.08.21 в 20:10

Thanks for the reminder!!!!!!

Joelissa manCrye

13.08.21 в 15:24

When he said (hypothetically speaking) that he may like cnn? I kinda stopped listening right then and there…

Just Me Allen

13.08.21 в 01:03

I paused the video at 1:20 seconds with his Leo’s warning ⚠️
I decided to listen. Go ahead Leo; I am ready.


12.08.21 в 15:04

Once you take the red pill then what ? I've been looking in from the outside for so long. Now I'm just crazy angry and alone .

Johnny marts

12.08.21 в 13:58


Cheryl Rogers

12.08.21 в 12:15

I've been aware of most of this since childhood. You've given me some new tools today. I find satisfaction in being that selfish ugly wrench thrower❤️

Lana Fayzullina

11.08.21 в 18:29

Google as the biggest gatekeeper...that rings a bell as I am now conducting research on gatekeeping in transcultural context

Nicola Cappoli

10.08.21 в 19:52


spencer whitmire

10.08.21 в 15:39

This is makes want to go into the street and protest with this guy


10.08.21 в 14:45

All of this was so freaking obvious to me ever since I was a kid. I tried inserting myself into this matrix but I never could, pretending tires me out way too quickly.
The only thing Leo's videos helped me with is to fully accept it and be neutral about it rather that trying to "wake people up".

ashley c

10.08.21 в 11:12

2:30:30 the whole figuring out of what’s reality is - is to stop waiting for others to give you the answer.
If you have it then it prevents you from exploring the whole reality and then you’re stuck
Stop expecting easy answer follow some certain principals and INTUITION


10.08.21 в 03:25

Seems like the repetition of what we learned from school and our parents and they learn from school and their parents and so forth and so on, is the real generational curse. I usually trust my own instincts and an invoice. I really detest letting people implant thoughts in my mind. I also have always felt as if I don't belong on this planet and always look to the skies and say please come get me you let me off at the wrong stop!

Aaron Gunning

09.08.21 в 22:06

Great video as always Leo, thanks


09.08.21 в 20:29

Your mannerisms/expressions is looking more and more like Peter Ralston

Ascent Consulting

09.08.21 в 10:11

The mind is limited. When faced with human understanding. The heart is a better guide for these issues. No mortal is above the cosmic consciousness. We are all products of evolution. Without selfishness none of us would exist. Selfishness is an inherent quality in life. Survive and replicate. Even in our genetic code. The solar system will contribute without scientists studying it. And has mysteries inside and out that will never be solved. That is way beyond human intelligence. Now look for the truth. What does that even mean. There is no truth to begin with. There is no self. Dependent origination.

Saugat Mainali

09.08.21 в 02:03

Pablo K. Ramos

09.08.21 в 01:04

By the same token, why should I believe anything you say? You lost me when you came up with the most ridiculous definition and explanation of science. No Leo. Science is not hearsay. I don't have to go to the Hubble telescope in outer space as the only way to believe that the pictures taken are true.
And science is based on experimentation, measurement, repetition. It isn't true that scientists are afraid of expressing novel and counter ideas for the fear of being ostracized.

Vaccines work, by the way

You are just preparing fertile ground to seed conspiracy theories. And to think that I admired you...

So we shouldn't trust history. The French revolution didn't happen. Hell, I wasn't there.
World War II? Maybe, maybe not. Survivors that tell stories are...what's your word? Deluded.
Historians are just copying other historians. And afraid of losing their tenures. Universities, and all other places of higher learning are just for-profit conveyors of lies.
So what do you propose? Believe nothing, eat vegan, live in a cave and drink your own urine while in a lotto position?

Her Star

08.08.21 в 23:27

You have some good messages in there but its way too long and rambly. One day Leo you might understand reality.

frosty curiosity

08.08.21 в 22:20

I truly have felt this way for some time but most around dont


08.08.21 в 19:43

thank you ❤️

Ross Mate

08.08.21 в 14:09

When I went vegan n done all the research about it I realised I was lied to my whole life

Katrin Eskandary

08.08.21 в 14:07

Hey Leo thanks for yet another great video, but I have a comment. I totally get what you're trying to say and I don't mean to sound pedantic, but universities do actually doscourage using Wikipedia as a source. Anybody can contribute to Wikipedia and therefore it's not considered an "academically" sound source of knowledge. You might want to use a different example. Thanks!

Bronson Blood

08.08.21 в 12:21

Ok so I thought I was going to learn something here but I already thought this way. It's nice to hear someone else say it.

a person

08.08.21 в 09:56

a bush is really just a small tree #profound #treematrix


08.08.21 в 03:56

So where do we find Zion?

Karl-Otto Elch

08.08.21 в 02:45

How can I rip this and listen to it on my phone? All the converters fail to process 3 hours, heh. I would really like to take this on travels off the grid.


08.08.21 в 01:28

Epistemology is an afterthought it is for fools, study physics if you want to derive ture meaning...


08.08.21 в 01:27

This self constructed survival mechanism bitching about society which itself is a self constructed survival mechanism... Circular arguments and no sense...

Look into the philosophical accents of the 2nd law of thermodynamics also known as 'entropy' if you want to make sense of this world.


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