State Of Consciousness Is Everything

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A simple fundamental principle that explains all of reality and spirituality. Changing your state of consciousness will change your life.

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Warning: Spiritual work is inherently risky and dangerous if misapplied or misunderstood. teachings are not suitable for people with serious mental disorders such as: suicidal depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar, drug addiction, or other psychiatric or medical conditions. Leo's teachings assume you have a stable mind and life. If your mind is dysfunctional or ungrounded, these teachings may lead to a deterioration of your condition and even suicide if misapplied. Self-help and spirituality are not substitutes for professional treatment for such conditions. If spiritual work is causing your life to unravel in unhealthy ways, discontinue the work until your mind has stabilized and you are safe. teachings are very advanced and can easily be misunderstood and misapplied. Nothing Leo teaches ever promotes physical self-harm. Any time Leo talks about “facing one’s death” he is NOT talking about suicide or physically harming your body, but rather ego-death and spiritual awakening. Never confuse these two things.

Warning: Psychedelics are inherently risky and dangerous. Only use psychedelics if you are willing to take 100% responsibility for the consequences. Do not take psychedelics if you are too young, too immature, on mind-altering medication, or if you have a mental disorder. By listening to Leo you agree that is not responsible if you misuse psychedelics and injure yourself or others. If you decide to use psychedelics you must exercise extreme caution and carefully follow safety protocols. Leo’s use of psychedelics is always done with extreme caution and attention to safety. Treat psychedelics like a loaded gun. Never use psychedelics chronically. Never take psychedelics in high doses. Psychedelics will not effortlessly solve your deep psychological problems. The less grounded your mind is, the more selfish you are, the harsher psychedelics will be on you. Psychedelics can create deep existential crises. Do not take psychedelics unless you love the idea of deconstructing your mind and reality.

Anonymous SOUL

2 часа назад

Conversations With My Higherself
Ask Questions Think Deeper
We Are The

By_grace _through_faith

Вчера в 15:37



Вчера в 09:53

HEY LEO !! just wanna leave a comment and share with you all the great times i've learned from your videos ... im working on myself and found your youtube channel a while ago .... im really enjoying the ride along with you and your community on youtube


20.05.22 в 23:33

Physical reality is relative to you. Without you, there is no physical reality.
You are relative to physical reality. Without physical reality, there is no you.

All there can be is a you, and a physical reality. If one or the other disappears, which is always possible, you either become God or a close-to-nothing state of consciousness. And from them, since physical reality doesn't make sense anymore, you can access all of them (or close to all of them). When you come back to life, physical reality COULD HAVE CHANGED, because it's all relative to your state of consciousness (and all of its figments). Even if physical reality was eternal, you wouldn't be living on this Earth anymore because time is relative to your consciousness. If you aren't processing time anymore, and if there is no order in your thoughts, then they are all separate figments of consciousness and so you could become anything that could ever have existed or will ever exist in this physical universe. But the physical universe is imagined by universal consciousness, so ultimately it is always possible to transcend it and become anything you want (unless the universe put you in a state where your conscious figments can't fully control themselves, which is the most likely because if you look at all of consciousness the states where you stay the longest are those where you perceive the most things and where you think time passes the slowest).

Walk on Boulevard

20.05.22 в 21:51

Leo, you're one of the greatest men who ever lived. The world will not forget about you.

Kay Peck

20.05.22 в 21:41

What's crazy is that ultimate mind could never kill itself. It's infinite and all that exists. The concept is interesting to think about. Not that it matters.

Honestly when I first had my awakening I felt numb. It was death to everything we think we know. I was searching for it though, so I wanted to find the truth. Even now sometimes I don't even see a point in talking. Other times however, I am able to allow myself to play. I let myself forget on purpose. Then I wake up again.


20.05.22 в 04:20

Man is profound.


19.05.22 в 18:13

I agree :) haha

Daniel Schneider

19.05.22 в 17:04

Thanks for beeing so honest <3 & Thanks for acknowledging "our Part" too ;)

Brandon Thomas

19.05.22 в 15:24

Leo, you do an absolutely excellent job of guiding my consciousness into higher states. I hope you can continue for many years to help others do the same. I've had quite a few awakenings/realizations and I attribute them to your videos, not entirely but these videos are like one tool in my spiritual tool box. I think the more time you spend contemplating on this topic, even if you're not totally focused, it can raise your baseline. I too struggle to embody the awakenings I've had. But, my baseline state is noticeably higher than it was 5 years ago. Also, cross referencing what you say with other videos/research is fantastic advice. I seem to have a good grasp of the concepts based on many similarities and differences of teachers. Thank you!


19.05.22 в 09:44

Who am I to tell you how to make you videos. Not particularly in this one, but I find them increasingly becoming vage and wishy-washy. It requieres a lot of reading thought the lines. Maybe you can step back your "talking-to-the-internet-troll" a bit or label the distinct points you are making as such.

Daniel Schneider

19.05.22 в 05:49

You need to talk faster if the badnwidth is too low haha :D


19.05.22 в 04:45

A figment of consciousness is also a figment of consciousness.


18.05.22 в 23:33

BIBLE BELIEVERS LIVE BY THE SWORD. They say United States of America is a Christian nation, THAT IS A LIE. What kind of Christians go out and fight/live by the sword In the name of Jesus? This country is built off the lust of the flesh. The devil was the one that built it.

Bible believers do NOT want Jesus as king, they want kings that will live by the sword. When you vote for somebody that person represents you. You elected a king to rule over you. So when that king sends a bunch of missile's overseas and kills a bunch of people and other bible believers, who gave that king power to do so? The person that voted for him. You wanted him to do your own will after the flesh. You people wanted a king that would live by the sword. You will be held accountable for the murders you help created. You bible/thugs wanted safety and security fleshly devil.

Today all Bible believers do is destroy each other because of the lust of their flesh. They destroyed the world, they helped destroy people's souls, they helped send people into hell. They truly belong to the serpent seed.

Matthew 26:52

52 But Jesus said to him, “Put your sword in its place, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.

John 18:36

36 Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Jews; but now My kingdom is not from here.”

This country and the rest of the world is nothing more warmongers.

This 1st beast "Constantine" legalize Christianity. He did what satan did in the garden though subtlety. He brought Christianity down into the flesh (the wiles of the devil).

Jesus does not go into battle with swords. He told Peter, "Put up your sword, they that live by the sword must die by the sword."

They rejected God as their king

1 Samuel 8:5-7

5 They said to him, “You are old, and your sons do not follow your ways; now appoint a king to lead us, such as all the other nations have.”

6 But when they said, “Give us a king to lead us,” this displeased Samuel; so he prayed to the Lord. 7 And the Lord told him: “Listen to all that the people are saying to you; it is not you they have rejected, BUT THEY HAVE REJECTED ME AS THEIR KING.
This beast "Constantine" legalized Christianity. He did what Satan did in the garden through subtlety. He brought Christianity down into the flesh (the wiles of the devil). Jesus did not go into battle with swords. He told Peter, "Put up your sword, they that live by the sword must die by the sword."
"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."
When a well packaged web of lies has been sold gradually through time to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.
It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.
No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth.
This truth will free you to seek for the Living God in the Spirit and to truly KNOW GOD instead of just knowing ABOUT HIM.
The GOSPEL is NOT written with ink, nor on tablets of stone, but on our hearts by the Spirit of the Living God.
The gentiles who have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, then they are a law unto themselves.
Under the New Covenant we are to be led by the Holy Spirit, not the bible.
I was searching for truth when Jesus told me, "The bible is an idol" which completely changed my direction. After that I only sought for Him in the Spirit and He has taught me many things on life's journey.
The most important of which is that He died so we could be regenerated by the Holy Spirit into sons and daughters of God.
The gospel is simple, repent from living after the flesh, ask Jesus to fill you with the Holy Spirit and then be led and controlled by Him through the Spirit.
The bible is only history and has absolutely no authority from God to control us, the outward law was under the old covenant. Jesus died to redeem us from the curse of the written law because we were unable to keep it.
Have a great journey through life with the Living Christ guiding you.
When Jesus words are written down and Satan is using them, then the bible becomes the word of Satan.
Constantine (1st) beast compiled 50 bibles, legalized Christianity and set up the false prophet (pope).
King James (2nd) beast, born 6/1566, 6th of Scotland, authorized a bible in 1611 that now has 66 books to control people with, an image of God's word they make to speak (the bible says).
By having faith in the bible which has been made into an idol, they break the new covenant of having faith in the Living Christ through the Holy Spirit, who is the true word of God.
Ask Jesus -Yeshua for the Holy Spirit.
Link To Blog Site Book:
Youtube Channel:

Eivydas Jocas

18.05.22 в 23:25

He always says it takes few awakenings to understand. problem is I believe to get point most of the time lost count how many of them I learn ,understand,realize or practice it never seems to helps no matter how many stacks of chips I try stack every night cashing in next morning is a joke casino opens after 10pm and am to survive on a fiver in my pocket till then and backdoors I recall usually locked


18.05.22 в 18:46

the dreamer is everyone/everything in the dream


18.05.22 в 13:44

I don't think that there are different states of consciousness. I think there is only one unchanging awareness experiencing different states/forms of illusions

Keth Walls

18.05.22 в 10:24

Agree...lovely presantation as always.
Even when it seems 2 be there is no ,,consciousness " even that unconscious state is part of consciousness...being unconscious.
Without consciousness nothing is...literally...maybe its the pure foundation...called as the vast void or heart and even that is consciousness now...❤.Thx Love


18.05.22 в 02:39

Tbh I think I see more than Leo Gura. Please no hate love the man.

Reshaping Your Destiny

18.05.22 в 01:45

Summary of this video: Hitting a massive nail with an even more massive hammer on its head. Very well explained. Thanks!


18.05.22 в 00:05

It is what it Is

Виктория Vicky

17.05.22 в 21:38

Its marvelous how u come to the point when u deny yourself saying that u r just a figment of consciousness like in paradox


17.05.22 в 15:47

What about dementia what if someone suffers from it?

Petros Petridis

17.05.22 в 12:13

There is no state of consciousness if you are dead. There is no functional brain to perceive anything


17.05.22 в 02:45

I don't watch because you're some perfect authority. I watch because you make me consider a new way of thinking of my world when I have a very matter of fact, sensory sort of personality. Conscious exploration has its negatives, I guess, but it's also great fun. You start to let go of the shittier parts of life because you're God and what's better than that?? Even if your previous stuff wasn't 100% what you believe now, videos like the what is love series was really foundational to my early psychedelic experiences. We are all chimps here - no need to pretend like we know it all lol.

Fabio Velloso

17.05.22 в 01:28

“The All is mind. The Universe is Mental.” - the first hermetic principle.


17.05.22 в 01:08

On LSD I fully understood the interconnectedness of reality and how nothing exists outside of consciousness. I physically saw consciousness as this flowing blanket of time and space. It was beautiful but also terrifying. It felt as if I uncovered something that wasn’t suppose to be known. Almost as if I prematurely woke up from a dream. I thought I wouldn’t be able to live my life normally again. Thankfully I didn’t stay in that state for more than a couple days.

dd ddd

16.05.22 в 22:36

There is no spoon


16.05.22 в 22:05

Lovecraftian Intelligence


16.05.22 в 18:27

This is genius!

cyrus zargaani

16.05.22 в 15:58

Means I just imagine AND things turn out Alright ?


16.05.22 в 14:14

subjective and paradoxical personally i believe it to an extent. Dangerous thinking though can lead one down rabbit holes becomes too subjective egotistical to classify with confidence however the process behind it is real in our minds but ultimately based off of physics of the universe. understand what your trying to say but your saying it backwards i understand your explaining it well but its our minds and to truly explain it well you would have to explain it like that but that doesn't mean its consciousness first perhaps it is in the fabric of the universe but its paradoxical and subjective and we are still ultimately a product of the universe which perhaps is the ultimate sum of consciousness


16.05.22 в 13:13

Sometimes I’ll understand and experience something you say and get a jolt of fear. I notice that I begin to try rationalizing why it might be wrong immediately.


16.05.22 в 13:04

Leo the unraveler


16.05.22 в 12:48

Had to go get a snickers candy bar after watching this !

Jacob Coryell

16.05.22 в 11:27

This guy is very clearly a liar and cult leader

Lone Wolf

16.05.22 в 03:44

Leo, have you ever had lucid dreams?

Kristian Muus

16.05.22 в 02:49

Hi Leo. Will you in the future make a New and more extended version of your law of attraction episode? I think there is alot to be said with your new found level of concioness. Take care.

Mickaël Ménard

16.05.22 в 01:41

Young Monk:   “Do not try and bend the spoon—that’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth.”
Neo:   “What truth?”
Young Monk:   “There is no spoon.”
—The Matrix


16.05.22 в 00:48

I'm listening to Leo when I want to fall asleep... Not because he's boring me to sleep, but because I trust him to enlighten my subconscious while I sleep and not litter my mind with bullshit

Usama Zaheer

16.05.22 в 00:40

Hey Leo what do you think about Sound of Silence is it that consciousness you talking about?

lilibeth beltran

15.05.22 в 21:31

Imagine Leo you are new Tesla scientists of our generation but the materialist don’t want to admit it

Joseph Rubino

15.05.22 в 19:35

Im gonna backtrack a gong to this and go meditate.


15.05.22 в 18:33

I think trying to make a logical assertion on the grounds of "translogical" methods is a very easy way to delegitimize yourself, especially on so important of a topic as the explanation of literally everything ever. You assert that you are using "translogical" methods when this is not defined or explained in anyway (the dictionary description of translogic is not something you'd agree with I am sure); but throughout the video this is really expressed as you listing common things in the human experience and saying "that is a figment of consciousness", and then if this is questioned you just say that everything being true is just self-evident without explaining why because we're not intellectually capable of handling it at our current level (without explaining why this is the case; i.e. if we are all consciousness why do we not share intellectual capabilities). Also you act as if this is something radically different or new that you've developed when it's a very informal, vague, incoherent and fallacious adaptation of Bernado Kastrup's idea of Cosmopsychism. In Kastrup's paper he at least tries to address how the implication of such a form of idealism could logically function in attempting to tackle issues in the Hard Problem of Consciousness and trying to at least derive a criteria and system of comparison to infer how we might find this position to be objective. In your case, you essentially devolve into a 2 and a half hour display of a vacuous truth; stating you know everything consciousness just is and that anything that we might suggest would also be a figment of consciousness. Which is hilarious since this would mean that your assertion that consciousness is everything would be a figment of consciousness, as would the assertion that it is NOT a figment of consciousness, and so given that these two propositions are the same thing (consciousness) you would have to be forced say that it is true that everything is and is not consciousness (perhaps what you mean by "translogic" is that your essentially a trivialist? in which case with such a system we cannot infer anything at all or would not even be able to function). The most egregious thing about this video is just the constant attention to listing random things and just saying it's a figment of consciousness, why did you think we need at least an hour of you drilling that in? Is it filler because you know there is no means for you to explain the whys and hows a system like this could exist? Quantity over substance? Why if everything is the same do we have unique distinct experiences in it, and how do these things happen? Why is everything not just consciousness, a uniform "medium"? Why is the universe this way and not like materialists think of it, and why is it infinitely reducible? Some of these questions you do briefly mention (the materialism one I remember for sure) and basically just brush it off as "you're not intelligent enough just trust me bro"; that is embarrassing. Even the Buddha knew the limits of our mind in what we could know (In the form of the Unanswered Questions) and never claimed to know the origins of all reality, only as to how to engage in the cessation of suffering. With this you're essentially saying "hahaha I know this thing that explains everything that no one has ever heard of and I can't even explain it to you because you're not even intellectually capable of handling it!". Wow, how insightful, thank you for sharing that for 2 and a half hours. What you have here is an incoherent belief predicated on your experience of your perceptions, and a failed attempt at deriving the objective from empirical subjective experience. If you think that truth is to be found in the deepest irrational and insane states of being, when truth is predicated on rationality, than I think that speaks enough for itself.


15.05.22 в 12:41

If you don't realize it intellectually you will never know what it is...There is no taste of it or feeling or glimpse of it but only personal hard core experience. I recommend Neville Goddard (but there are many others before him) and his approach to test it and when you succeed you will know that you are dreaming from inside your dream and everything is a reflection of you, absolutely alone, divided as one.

K Michael Johnson

15.05.22 в 12:38

Imagine how good of a teacher Leo could be if he had one ounce of faith in his audience's ability to understand what he was trying to communicate.


15.05.22 в 10:16

This means that there is no difference between real and imaginary :)


15.05.22 в 09:55

Infinity is truly beautiful, I'm experiencing a life that has existed forever, nothing created Earth, it has always existed in this time-period.


15.05.22 в 09:17

I like calling it "levels of consciousness" and you can only embody levels that are a little higher than yours and not 100 levels higher :)

Nilou Kashfi

15.05.22 в 08:19

Thank you much for saying this Leo: for years I had no one to share my experience of beyond barrier of social reality, where I was desperate to find a point of reference like the radio, the outside, people. Nothing no thing would confirm my state of being since all came from me, I was the only source of knowing.The absence of other was a vast limitless fear, and the unknown to say the least.

Jevin Randhawa

15.05.22 в 06:00

If everything is a figment of consciousness, then what is consciousness ? Is it the life force?

Jevin Randhawa

15.05.22 в 06:00

If everything is a figment of consciousness, then what is consciousness ?

Edit: damn good episode

Shivangi Sharma

15.05.22 в 05:53

do you think concentration is opposite of meditation?

gabriel lopez

15.05.22 в 03:40

leo is literally the embodiment of a masterful teacher ❤️‍

Urano Steam

15.05.22 в 03:22

Excuse me but if i'm in a state of INFINITE consciousness, wouldn't i be able to see a cup of water which i already can see in a lower ordinary state of consciousness ? And isn't " Caring " a part of this consciousness, since it's everything ?


15.05.22 в 03:01

The funny thing about jumping out of an airplane, it didn't even hold a candle to my awakening experiences.

Billie Jean

15.05.22 в 02:49

It’s always nice when you show up in my algorithm ☺️. Thank you

Nikita Shutkov

15.05.22 в 01:09

I'd watch a talk with GPT-3 and Leo :D

Also, exploring the difference between the imagination and the consciousness would be interesting.

bum knuckle

15.05.22 в 00:52


Paul Barratt

14.05.22 в 23:32

The bit between wakefulness and sleep is my favourite state. Its the most trippy. I wish we could be in that state permenantly

Billy Blim

14.05.22 в 21:51

Hey Leo, I think Mark wants to debate you about this one on Snickers.
You should do it!!

David X

14.05.22 в 20:03

Me; what is consciousnesses??
Leo; The question it’s self is a figment of consciousness

Iva Road Dog Sitting

14.05.22 в 19:03

I feel like Leo Gura is a figment of my absorbing too many 420 gummies

Zaveer Amini

14.05.22 в 17:08

'Consciousness' is a concept by itself, and so is my statement...

icrshit lately

14.05.22 в 14:41

I love all of your material. No pun intended. LoL. After listening to enough teachings; they are all saying the same thing. All is internal and created by our perception. Thank you.
Here's a fun topic: AI mind vs the human mind. Will it be the end of humanity or the beginning of a new era?

Jason Braun

14.05.22 в 03:38

When you realize this you go into direct communication with yourself cuz u made everything rn all songs shows signs on road hence synchronization

Jason Braun

14.05.22 в 03:38

Thank you for this I try to explain this to people all the time

John B

14.05.22 в 03:04

CONSCIOUSNESS is just a 'Function', which involves 2 Components ! 1/. An Analytical process involving the brain, and 2/. "AWARENESS" which is NOT a human Component, which is Non-Dimensional, that in NO WAY represents , nor even remotely Looks anything like any species, including the human species !

Saugat Mainali

14.05.22 в 02:51

Gods Of War

14.05.22 в 01:08

Just like a wrestling move is one continues motion that has 1 unique purpose behind it is a figment. Alot of people are trying to break it down in to different parts, but that never worked for me as good as just watching the move and replicating it.

Frank Delahue

13.05.22 в 23:47

Leo, have you ever tried Datura Stramonium?

Frank Delahue

13.05.22 в 23:41

Leo, do you follow Santa Fe institute?

David Krolak

13.05.22 в 22:20

Is this what ICP meant when they wrote the song miracles?

Christopher Wray

13.05.22 в 21:17

Infinite Mind created the dream/illusion for humans intentionally. It is not some mistake/screwup of Infinite Mind that we as humans need to short circuit and escape via awakening. The illusion IS the be all end all, the most perfect, beautiful artistry of Infinite Mind.

Gor Khachatryan

13.05.22 в 19:22

Great video Leo, thanks

beverly Guilengui

13.05.22 в 18:57

Dont listen to him he is lier go there to know more

The Inner Seed

13.05.22 в 18:48

The linking point is yoga, at least this is what I am discovering for me. Hatha + raja + kriya

Quantum Clarity & Healing Hypnosis - Past lives

13.05.22 в 18:42

This was very special video, thank you!

Dr Seethe

13.05.22 в 15:29

Leo, you were one of the very first people I've followed in my journey and what people call 'awakening'. It has been 6 years since my 'start'. You give disclaimers that your audience may not understand what you are talking about, but I personally understand you very well. I resonate with you the most. Thank you for your work.

I'm curious to know of your opinion on Neville Goddard's teachings. I would like to know what aspects you agree/disagree with. Could this be something you can do a video or some kind of post on?


13.05.22 в 13:35

Profoundly projected explanation by the infinite consciousness that is all there is. Love ya bro!

Mike Jones

13.05.22 в 11:09

Excellent video!

mohamed ismail

13.05.22 в 11:06

there is that novel I have read before it explained in its final chapters that the whole world is just the dream of the creator.

jure zidan

13.05.22 в 10:05

And yes I mastered RCHelis, yes but in 20 jears of dedicated study and practice... you know from first videos what you were talking thanks again for wisdom. I dauted as a child always needet prof...

jure zidan

13.05.22 в 10:00

Leo...Thrue story again, material world colapse when you first see dragons tail ...then thruly thrue inligtment that moment first stirke obisliy it is all one . I still wonder if you can wisit me some day... that is my onyl wish after all ...

John B

13.05.22 в 06:57

CONSCIOUSNESS is a 'Function', which involves 2 Components ! 1/. An Analytical process involving the brain, and 2/. "AWARENESS" which is NOT a human Component, which is Non-Dimensional, that in NO WAY represents , nor even remotely Looks anything like any species, including the human species !


13.05.22 в 04:31

“You probably don’t understand what I’m talking about.”

Tom Sutherland

13.05.22 в 02:54

I love the new direction your channel is taking Leo

Billy Blim

13.05.22 в 02:32

Is that with Kit Kat too Leo?

ToTheTop Journey

13.05.22 в 02:13

I got 360 no scoped ✌️

Bradley Stone

13.05.22 в 01:46

Is it possible to raise your baseline while also working on the lower states, or basically developing the ability to flip your own switches without going insane?

Bradley Stone

13.05.22 в 01:33

I feel that the truths in this video are at odds with the truths from your videos about having to work hard for a long time to achieve feats or obtain things or mindsets.

Bradley Stone

13.05.22 в 01:28

That part about the universe being able to remember and forget parts of itself was neat

lilibeth beltran

12.05.22 в 22:08

Leo please we like to learn unexplainable awakening and no judging

All there is

12.05.22 в 22:06

thank you ❤️

Black US

12.05.22 в 21:59

Leo, i don't if this message will reach you, but in Spiritism, the most important thing is not your State of Consciousness, but rather your moral development (your inner core that decide how to act on all occasions and gets less self-centered as it evolves). By accessing higher state of consciousness you are peaking into higher states of existence, but your baseline moral decides your development and if you are going to still need to incarnate or not. We are all developing just by living and having many troubles in life, this planet was made to it, maybe we can only choose better actions to develop ourselves better, but higher state of consciousness is not essential (it will happen naturally), hapiness follows if you develop your moral.

Once you die and reach the 5th dimension (formless mental dimension, where your only form is a light and you have no body) you will live naturally in the bliss/awaken state. Hell, even at higher states of 4th dimension (astral, where usual spirits with bodies live) you feel much better than on earth naturally without doing anything at all, thinking faster, etc.

The connection of higher states exist, but only to remember us what we are aiming at, it's not for us to live in these states while on the dense material world of the 3rd dimension.

Remember to develop your morals.

The Journey Within

12.05.22 в 20:15

Hey man, been watching your content for years. I’m a huge fan, you changed my life. I recently started my channel and am trying to grow it obviously. Would love and appreciate the shout out, and if you’d at all be interested in the possibility of collabing please let me know. I’d love to do something like a podcast or interview on your perspective of life after awakening and what the path of fully embodying nonduality looks like. Keep doing what you’re doing

Nico Smat

12.05.22 в 20:15

This was amazing, thank you! This answered a lot of questions I've had for a long time and will really push my contemplations forward!


12.05.22 в 19:16

“Relative to the narrowness of their mind, what I am talking about is insanity.” -Leo Gura

Jean Pereira

12.05.22 в 18:35

Leo, does that mean before I was born there was no "physical world", no Mickey Mouse, no humans? And I am the first human to every experience this world?

Lorell Becker

12.05.22 в 18:03

Your mother is a figment of Consciousness


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