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Speaking English more like a native speaker requires you to learn multiple ways of describing the same thing. In this video I’ll show you how to improve your English speaking by using words other than “Mad” to describe how you feel. When we’re speaking English we often use idioms to help express ourselves. This lesson gives you lots of practice and will help you learn English speaking by watching native speakers use the words and phrases in a natural context. My entire channel is geared toward helping people speak English in a more smooth and confident way. I hope you enjoy this lesson on alternate ways to express that you’re “Mad”!

00:00 Introduction
00:53 Angry
01:23 Upset
01:43 Apoplectic
02:37 Thanks for all the supporters/Join the community
02:58 Lose their temper
03:24 Bent out of shape
04:10 Bite someone's head off
04:29 Blow
04:37 Blow a fuse
05:08 Blow a gasket
05:31 Blew his top off
05:46 Boiling
06:15 Makes my blood boil
06:31 Beside himself/herself
07:04 Cross
07:21 Displeased
07:39 Enraged
08:01 Outraged
08:21 Fit to be tied
08:40 Flying off the handle / Flipping your lid
09:06 Flew off the handle
09:11 Foaming
09:26 Fuming
09:45 Furious
09:52 Infuriating
10:01 Phrases with go
10:10 Go Ballistic
10:27 Go off the deep end
10:21 Go apeshit
11:05 Go off on someone
11:16 Go through the roof
11:25 Hit the roof
11:33 Hot under the collar
11:43 Incensed, irate, irked
12:18 livid
12:47 Lose it, lose your cool, lose your rag
13:30 On the warpath
13:47 I'm pissed / pisses me off
14:15 Seeing red
14:26 Seething
14:48 Sore
15:13 Up in arms

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Improve your American Accent / spoken English at Rachel's English with video-based lessons and exercises. Rachel uses real life English conversation as the basis for teaching how to speak English and how to sound American -- improve listening comprehension skills. Study English vocabulary and English phrases such as phrasal verbs, as well as common expressions in English. Learn American idioms and American slang.

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08.09.22 в 18:13

High level class.


05.09.22 в 19:41

Love u

Fgg Ggg

05.09.22 в 16:04

Thanks for your efforts , you are doing goodness well but you need enter to the islam till Allah accepts yours.


03.09.22 в 18:05

Wow ,Your dress is beautiful .

The Victory

03.09.22 в 05:46

You are a great teacher. thank you my teacher

Захар Микулич

02.09.22 в 18:35

Many thanks for the video - it's really informative!!!

Meu Deus é Fiel

02.09.22 в 12:00

But you just said 'mad' yourself.

Asuka Kim

01.09.22 в 04:58

Hey Rachel, kannst du eigentlich noch deutsch sprechen? :)

Come Concon

01.09.22 в 00:07

"Mad" in American English means "angry" whereas in British English means "Crazy" or "insane".

Ghanshyam Pawar

31.08.22 в 10:23

Hi, I liked this video learning new phrases and vocabulary words is vital some months ago you made this type of video while you were driving a car " don't say tired" same as this video I learned something new in this video thanks.


31.08.22 в 07:18

you're the most incredible teacher that I've ever had . I'm learning so much things , thank you so much


30.08.22 в 12:35

You are heaven sent Ms. Rachel!

JF Silva

29.08.22 в 21:35

My wish is to meet her personally. I LOVE HER

autonomous infantry

29.08.22 в 12:21

drive (someone) crazy
drive (someone) up the wall

Faisal Ali

29.08.22 в 10:58

Quran Surah 113 - Al Falaq (with English translation audio+text)https://youtu.be/GYN5_I-WfR0

Faisal Ali

29.08.22 в 10:58

Quran Surah 112 - Al Ikhlas (imam e kabah Mahir Al Muaiqly style)https://youtu.be/KNpC5KhvjMw

Mota mota

29.08.22 в 08:09

I just watch this channel to clear my accent from American influence after growing up watching so many American movies and shows that ruined my RP english

Huaqin Sun

28.08.22 в 17:19

I love learning English here. But my English level in basic, other people can’t understand what I talked with them,couldn’t speak properly long phrases, sometimes even don’t know speak correctly what I meant to. So looking online course, can you refer Some right course to me, if you have chance, thank you!

Shionie Gacutan

28.08.22 в 12:29

Thanks for the helpful information.


28.08.22 в 00:57

"seething" -_-


27.08.22 в 13:04

how can i improve my english speaking skill?

Galina Sokolova

27.08.22 в 06:04

Hello, you speak English better I like your English

Steven Alves

26.08.22 в 20:12

I've been speaking English my entire life, and I still learn from your videos. Thank you.

Bir tanem Aşkım

26.08.22 в 11:29

Please I need the plural and singular too for these and fruits and vegetables you know

revatua blues

25.08.22 в 17:33

hello Rachel, I am French and I believe you have studied French so je vais parler un peu français ici ( it is easier for me I have to tell..) j'apprends à mon fils l'anglais américain et pour ça j'achète des "américain curriculum" mais je vois que dans ces derniers, la lecture est enseignée avec le système des phonèmes, des longues et courtes voyelles et je ne comprends pas bien car il me semble que ça n'a pas vraiment de sens sachant que l'anglais ne s'écrie pas comme il se prononce.. pourquoi embêter les enfants avec l'apprentissage des voyelles courtes et longues alors que ces dernières ne sont longues ou courtes que si leur syllabe l'est aussi... what do you Think about that ?

Titus Dziri

25.08.22 в 17:02

thanks a lot Rachel ❤

Ronald Garrison

24.08.22 в 21:51

Have a wire-tailed calf. (Bart Simpson used the shortened, milder form.

Ronald Garrison

24.08.22 в 21:50

Go MENTAL. British, and best said like "men'al."

Ronald Garrison

24.08.22 в 21:49

"Go postal" was popular, but i think only very briefly, maybe early Nineties. It's actually not fair, and best given a rest.

Ronald Garrison

24.08.22 в 21:42

Can't fight the Seether,
I can't see her till i'm foaming at the mouth.
—Veruca Salt

There has to be a song for everything.

r j

24.08.22 в 18:58

That's an excellent C1 level lesson, maybe even C2. We need more like these for advanced students.

Raul Lopes

24.08.22 в 18:50



24.08.22 в 17:50

Native English speaker here (Texas)! I have no idea why, but all of your videos are still so interesting to watch lol. I guess you really just don't realize the intricacies of a language until they're pointed out as well as you do! Thanks!

Dennis English Journal

24.08.22 в 16:53

Thank you dear Rachel!

Maram Target

24.08.22 в 16:38

You're very special teacher.. your way of teaching is great

يحي سريلانكا سريلانكا

24.08.22 в 16:01

You are the best teacher in the world. I personally benefited a lot from you. Thank you very much from Sudan. Best regards

يحي سريلانكا سريلانكا

24.08.22 в 15:58

God protect you

Wolf Daddy

24.08.22 в 10:52

How to spell and pronounce the word , naive , this word has always confused me , maybe I'm just " naive "

Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

24.08.22 в 09:54

On the one hand there is a lot of information, but on the other hand there is too much information and examples. I will never remember it. I would like to remember the 5-7 most popular ones. Better I will use:mad, angry, sad, upset only.

Bishkek Kyrgyzstan

24.08.22 в 09:19

Thank you for the informative lesson.

Physics With Salenkano

24.08.22 в 06:19

I saw the lawyers defending O.J. Simpson in his famous legal trial; one of them got really UPSET.
Rachael you are very creative in your efforts to select some scenes from TV Shows. Thank you very much and may God bless you more.


24.08.22 в 06:00

I was hoping to hear a British accent on those

ronaldo ferreira Oliveira

24.08.22 в 01:52

Wow excelent content fantastic job teacher Rachel


24.08.22 в 00:53

Amazing tips. Thank you ma'am

Randy M.

24.08.22 в 00:35

A funny expression for extremely angry is "To have kittens" or "To give birth to kittens."

Emily Barker

24.08.22 в 00:15

I'm a well-educated native English speaker in the US and I've never heard apoplectic, lose your rag, or fit to be tied. I know with the language I'm learning it's hard to know with these types of lists which are actually used, so I just wanted to put that out there for all the English learners watching this.

Sergei Petrov

23.08.22 в 22:49

Hello, Rachel! Thank you so much for the lesson! Very interesting! BTW, I noticed that words can differ, but the people's emotions are so similar:)


23.08.22 в 22:40

One thing I say is, “I’m gonna freak out.” Which is essentially lose my temper. It can be used for pretty much any expression of emotion that might be considered over the top.

Jurandir marques dos reis

23.08.22 в 22:32

Muito bom, obrigado !

Julien Dal Col

23.08.22 в 20:14

Mad respect for that video!

Lena Brièlle Armstrong

23.08.22 в 19:47

I tried to get your Free guide to American English & it said: “Check your inbox”, but there was nothing there? I love your lessons

Patty Williams

23.08.22 в 19:27

These are going to be very helpful in my writing for describing and for conversation between characters. Many of these I don’t think to use and some I’m not familiar with so I’m looking forward to experimenting with in my stories. Thank you so much for sharing, Rachel! You are very cool.

Karri Birdsley

23.08.22 в 19:00

The wonderful thing is, my first and only language is English. I feel like this channel is the next level of English class. I wish all English teachers had your ability to transform difficult into interesting. THANK YOU.


23.08.22 в 18:21

I think you got the time stamp wrong in the description. Can you fix it? "Go apeshit" is at 10:51


23.08.22 в 18:17

Thank you for the great work, Rach.

Pitts Chapel Farm

23.08.22 в 17:45

BUT...I think you have mad skills as a teacher! What does that mean? English is hard.

Bir tanem Aşkım

23.08.22 в 17:13

Is that american english or britsh. Please I need american english for what you did in the video and those I mean if this is the right name that americans use?I'm a forign learner and need them with thier plural it's urgent :
Turnip. Chili. Lettuce. Fennel. Marrow. Artichoke. Fava bean. Green onion. Scallion. Lemongrass. Leek. Shallot. Daiken.
Ginger. Watercress/arugula wich one american and it's plural. Basil. Coriander. Cilantro. Dill. Lavander. Mint. Oregano. Rosemary. Sage. Tarragon. Thyme. Turmeric. Chard. Chives.
Tangerine/manderin (which one american). Kaki/persimmon (which one american). Quince. Princkly pear. Loquat. Durian. Dragon fruit. Cantaloupe. Honeydew melon. Tamarind. Marang. Kaffir lime. Gooseberry. Flat necterine. Jack fruit. Rumbutan. Kiwano. Pomelo. Mulberry. Mongasteen. Golden honeydew melon.
I found a lot of channel but indian. Can you give me a link of channel I can find these

Nascimento Nascimento

23.08.22 в 15:51

LIVID, INCENSED, ON THE WARPATH are only other ways to say the same thing and does not stop us to using the adjective MAD. No problem if you say THE PRESIDENT WAS MAD!


23.08.22 в 15:26

love you teacher ❤ thank you

An Ordinary Guy

23.08.22 в 15:14

How about " Flip out"?

Learn English Free

23.08.22 в 14:49

An excellent teacher for English learners!

Timur Grets

23.08.22 в 14:38

Great lesson, Rachel. You're the best!

Taher ELsayed

23.08.22 в 14:38

Best teacher Ever


23.08.22 в 14:26

When you realize you can't risk skipping Rachel's videos

Alex Yu

23.08.22 в 14:16

Hi Rachel Can you teach me how to pronounce row correctly? I find I can’t pronounce r sound and diphthong ow together correctly. When I use google translate app to test my pronunciation of row, it always show me wrong word. Thanks.

ravindra singh

23.08.22 в 13:55

Safal hona , break a leg, samjha , i see, koi baat nahi, no worries, rehne do , forget it, kesse hai aap , how have you been, kahan reha Gaye the , where have you been, samajhiye kesse aaye, kesse kesse sabdh jodh dete hai yaar


23.08.22 в 13:53

This one is very helpful! Rachel!
It becomes so easy and simple for me to understand the subtle differences in the meaning of a few expressions with your eye-catching expressions.
Love you, Rachel!

Peter Lam

23.08.22 в 13:48

Excellent lesson, excellent pronunciation! Thanks Rachel.

justwor ship05

23.08.22 в 13:45


23.08.22 в 13:37

Wonderful exemples.

Zeki Bilen

23.08.22 в 13:32

Thank you so much Rachel

Thomas Walker

23.08.22 в 13:17

It's a very smart lesson on the most elemental human emotion. You taught us to articulate the various degrees of this emotion in a very simple way. Great

kinana essmael

23.08.22 в 13:17

Not until forced to do so.....teacher, may you teach me how American people pronounce this sentence?

Bully Maguire

23.08.22 в 13:03

Please more vocabulary videos!

Ines José González Salina

23.08.22 в 13:00

Thanks.. I'm going to watch this video again and again in order to identify the expression when someone tell it in a conversation!!

chris capune

23.08.22 в 12:59

ثابت العراقي

23.08.22 в 12:55

How nice your lesson is, thank you so much

Apartman Mobl

23.08.22 в 12:36

Best teacher ever❤


23.08.22 в 12:35


Anonimayzer Liliya

23.08.22 в 12:32

Please, What is the different between
At hand
In hand
On hand
If you provide examples, I'll be more than happy

Filipe Silva

23.08.22 в 12:23

I love learning these expressions with your posts/videos Rachel. You give us tools to refine our English vocab. With all due respect, you are, by far, the best teacher on YouTube. I just wanna thank you for providing us this precious contents and explanations! Teaching is indeed your gift to the T!


23.08.22 в 12:22

What an amazing lesson! I would like to watch more vocabulary lessons like this one! This one was absolutely awesome!

Vitaliy Velichkin

23.08.22 в 12:18

❤Only for fans over 18 year⤵️ Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine empru.ONLINE Brünette und eine andere Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wennu ich 4 wählen würde

Ruttry Ryyfub

23.08.22 в 12:17

It's always a high honor to watch your video because there's always something to learn thank you so much. You're the best mostly in your way of teaching. Blessings ...

Learn English for Free تعلم الانجليزية مجانا

23.08.22 в 12:15

Oh, nice gown, Rachel!

Như Đạt Lê

23.08.22 в 12:14


sola si

23.08.22 в 12:12

You the best teacher in the world


23.08.22 в 12:10

You’re the Best Teacher, Thanks a lot My Love! Have a good day! LOVE YOU❤️

Billy is not ok

23.08.22 в 12:05

Thank you for this lesson, i´ts a pleasure to see you again.


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