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Food and energy prices are rising around the world meaning millions now face tough choices in their daily lives. Economists blame a combination of Covid, poor harvests and the war in Ukraine.

Now central banks are putting up interest rates to try to control the crisis.

Video chapters:
0:00 - Introduction
0:25 - Story
1:07 - Headline 1: The Guardian - Fight against inflation raises spectre of global inflation
2:33 – Headline 2: CITY A.M. - Inflation and recession concoction sends global markets into the mire
3:45 - Headline 3: The Indian Express - Partha Sen writes: The inflation tightrope
5:03 - Language summary

Key words and phrases
the spectre of (something)
the possibility of something bad happening

* The spectre of another pandemic is very worrying.
* The spectre of nuclear war is back.

into the mire
into a difficult situation

* The scandal dragged the minister into the mire
* The company was mired in controversy

situation in which a small mistake can have a dangerous result

* It’s a tightrope. If we get this wrong, the company will collapse.
* You have to walk a tightrope when you plan a wedding.

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Dr Syed Mohammad Fazlullah

07.09.22 в 18:21

Wonderful indeed. Thanks

Елена Сидько

08.08.22 в 11:02

‼️ Dear, “BBC learning English”. Please start using the truly right terms. You need to change one of the reasons for global prices rising. The prices are rising not because of the war in Ukraine, they are increasing due to russian❗️ invasion of Ukraine. When you are sayings “because of the war in Ukraine” a lot of people over the world start thinking that it’s our (Ukrainians) fault for their daily financial problems. But the root of the problem is russia❗️. They came to our homes and started to kill our civilians. Ukraine just trying to survive and protect its own! russia is a terrorist state! ‼️

Staci Gomes

29.07.22 в 22:09

Ca khúc thứ 3 của Đức Phúc lên sóng vào 20h tối nay - 3/12 trên Youtube FOREST STUDIO. Cả nhà cùng đón xem nhé ạ ❤️

Mohamed Hassanin

26.07.22 в 19:20

How you amazing in learning

Sierra M

26.07.22 в 14:21

Global economies is at great risk with the specter of another pandemic.
Electing corrupt officials will drag the country into the mire.

Monica Martin vazquez

22.07.22 в 14:34

Thanks for all. Why don't you put subtitels? are so useful.or transcript

Văn Anh

22.07.22 в 02:32

The government walk the tightrope when dealing with the spectre of recession which can drag the country into the mire


22.07.22 в 02:09

Can you please make this kind of video for gardening or farming ?
I wanto to learn english about that theme..
Thank you

Văn Anh

22.07.22 в 02:04

so great, I knew how to use these words after watching this video. Thanks so much


20.07.22 в 10:58

You are so miserable! Let's call a spade a spade. No one word about Russia! Russia invaded in Ukraine, killing citizens and destroying towns! But you are telling about war in Ukraine like it is a civil war. Shame on you!

Trần Quang Tuấn

19.07.22 в 23:12

Thank for your work, it help me a lot to cultivate my new vocabularies, there are even words that I can't translate into my mother tongue, very interesting!

Ji Ti

18.07.22 в 14:46

Amazing!!! Отличный выпуск!!! Я даже вас понимать начала

Jhinger Gurpreet Singh

17.07.22 в 15:22

I loved it ❤️❤️❤️

Tcg Menon

17.07.22 в 04:06

The reason for Inflation is due to war and sanctions. The smooth flow of essential items which are required for a common man to live has been affected due to war and sanctions. The people have forgotten European history and Russian winter. So far no country was able to defeat Russia in a War. Examples are Napoleon Bonaparte and Hitler. So this is a man-made problem. Kindly read Battle of Stalingrad & (Sixth Army surrounded portion).


15.07.22 в 12:53


Егор Наумович

13.07.22 в 21:23

nice video

Liên Nguyễn

12.07.22 в 07:49

thán for the lesson


12.07.22 в 02:09

Thanks for wonderful lessons

Heey Adam

11.07.22 в 05:28

Bà thật là sạch sẽ :)

Zulmot Ali

10.07.22 в 14:51

From Bangladesh. Thanks.

Anu Rao

08.07.22 в 18:50

Continous usage of non biodegradable plastics raises the spectre of global warming. If no immediate actions are taken this would take the next generation into the mire.

not available

08.07.22 в 17:15

The policymakers are in a tightrope thus they're trying to fight the spectre of global recession really hard throughout this situation whereas we all know there are so many countries dragged into the mire nowadays


07.07.22 в 17:59

it is ok just now. Tomorrow i will have forgotten all thesse words.


05.07.22 в 09:48


Mary Holland

04.07.22 в 22:02

ắc cười quá haha

Andrew Cooper

04.07.22 в 20:43

m thành công rồi chị ơi

Abdalla Suliman

04.07.22 в 16:40

Thanks for this amazing video

Alonsoek777 Diaz Rizo

04.07.22 в 03:04

i quá ta ơi

Raquel Perez

03.07.22 в 15:55

Aaron Oneal

03.07.22 в 15:54

The bbc needs to talk about Ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees

Roosevelt Green

03.07.22 в 14:47

Nể e tự lực cánh sinh tự tạo hết tất cả bàn đôi bàn tay và sự yêu thương của mọi người dành cho mình! Được mấy ai có sự lạc quan và chân thành cùng ý chí vươn lên như Lộc! Hãy tiếp tục cố gắng từng ngày nữa Lộc nha! Chúc Lộc tất cả nhé


02.07.22 в 16:28

The war in Ukraine has raised the worry about the spectre of the ww3 around the world.
Losing the lawsuit dragged his life into the mire
This business is a tightrobe, if it fails, we'll lose everything


02.07.22 в 09:44


dotar smith

02.07.22 в 05:32

Chúc cho Đức Thật nhiều sức khỏe.

Dementev Vitalij

01.07.22 в 15:40

Greetings dear organizators of this channel!
I should like to express my endless thanks to a certain extent since you have been doing something very beneficial ❤️

Here is the query!
Can we utilize those vocabulary in academic writing as well???
I would be deliriously happy if you let me know !


01.07.22 в 14:01

God will take care of his people especially in times of famine psalm 37

Alice Wilson

01.07.22 в 12:47

Frankly, I miss the old version a lot!


30.06.22 в 15:33

Hamza bin Al Hussein, the legitimate king of Jordan.

Learning History with lecturers of HNUE

30.06.22 в 12:17

Some politicians in VietNam is mired in right now

Wagnarok the soldier

29.06.22 в 01:42

Ok, so It seems to me that Jeffrey Epstein's widow is into the mire, isn't it?


28.06.22 в 12:31

It was brilliant made click the bell button on your page.

Gautam Halder rejon

28.06.22 в 08:41

This lesson really incredible

N. Anan

28.06.22 в 08:40

what a tightrope! if we disclose his misdeeds to the CEO, it'll drag all of us along with him into the mire. But if we don't, the spectre of him taking another attempt to frame us is haunting us all day and night.

Micmic Bungee

28.06.22 в 07:45

The inflation and recession will also affect the K-pop industry. The specter of another inflation is concerning the K-pop company. The bullying scandal of Kim Garam, the member of the K-pop group Lesserafim dragged the whole group into the mire. It's a tightrope. If the company handles this wrong, it will fail the group.

Kris chan

28.06.22 в 07:22

Leave my first comment here (in English),thanks for the lesson!

Madjid Rou

27.06.22 в 19:55

Spectre,into the mire,,,thightrope

жаным kz

27.06.22 в 13:19

Возможно скачать текст дикторов?

BBC Learning English

27.06.22 в 12:42

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Саша Чепиков

27.06.22 в 12:37

The central banks of the USA and the European Union dragged the world into the mire, when they printed money uncontrollably ( covid time). And now everybody can feel spectre of global recession. It's a tightrope.If Western countries continue to impose stupid sanctions, we will see incredible inflation.

Kirubaa.G Kirubaa.G

27.06.22 в 02:28


Thiago Rodrigues

27.06.22 в 02:20

Don't tell me this Neil and Beth

Rodney Trevor Cremer Bulawayo Vicfalls

26.06.22 в 14:07


Muthu Kiliyan

26.06.22 в 07:38

Thank you

Moses Timothy

25.06.22 в 20:03

Sandro Monteiro

25.06.22 в 18:42

The problem isn't the covid but the stupide lockdown. A lot doctor treat the covid. Regarding the war with Russia, just negociate the peacen


25.06.22 в 09:29

It's all planned. Nothing is random, it's all planned.
The WEF and the rest of the low life cult enslaving humanity in this fake reality want a new world order and everything you see is just all small stepping stones to them getting exactly what they planned all along.

The great reset where humanity will own nothing and be happy apparently.

And the MSM are nothing but low life puppets used to manipulate your perceptions so you believe the bs they tell you.

When you believe the lies you comply like a brainwashed sheep. Exactly what they want. A controlled' society.

Wake up people.


25.06.22 в 08:30


Phongs C.

25.06.22 в 02:53

Greetings from Thailand. I like your voices, Neil and Beth, clear and easy to listen to.

Nurul Infitah

25.06.22 в 00:42

Waw, there is a new video concept from BBC, amazing

Stalin Millar S

24.06.22 в 17:33

BBC, pls start a channel for The Archers series with subtitles. It'll be helpful. I'm a huge fan of Dan and Nile. Keep rocking

I Can Fly

24.06.22 в 15:18

Thank you very much


24.06.22 в 11:52

Dealing with Ukraine war has become tightrope for Europe as well as the world. A simple mistake can lead spectre of nuclear war that will drag humankind into the mire

jeffrey Yuan

24.06.22 в 10:06

this new vision is cool.I like it

Татьяна Органова

24.06.22 в 09:23


Prawasha singh

24.06.22 в 04:06

Thanks for wonderful lessons . Its great to learn new words lessons expression and add new words in my vocabulary neil beth., rob you people are doing spectacular job.. !

Rayhan Mahbub

24.06.22 в 03:22

thanks for sharing the core issues of human needs

Ahmed omar

24.06.22 в 03:14

World leaders have to metigate the spectre of global economic collapse by walking a tightrope. If not, the current situation will drag us into the mire evenly.

Wang Karry

24.06.22 в 01:41

how amazing you guys’ videos are! I really enjoy learning through visual information because it is more vivid

Cholchet English

23.06.22 в 23:41

Very good lesson to learn

Péricles da Costa Lima

23.06.22 в 22:08

Please, bring back the spelling of the words and expressions. It's really helpful for people who listen to the podcast version of the programme

Павел Доротов

23.06.22 в 19:43

Beth sexy!!!

marcelo silva

23.06.22 в 18:59

It has been always such a pleasure, to watch, learn, and apply new words, chunks of words, expressions, and so on to our teaching, and learning ongoing process. Thank you so much BBC LE, Rob, and Beth, you are brilliant guys!


23.06.22 в 16:23

These videos used to be so much better before the pandemic... The subject is still very interesting, but no more repition of the example sentences, no more real 'studio'... it's a pity.

Dipankar Bhaduri

23.06.22 в 16:10

There is a spectre of huge unemployment looming large in India. The high inflation rate coupled with the high unemployment rate has put the economy in a mire which means the policymakers need to walk a tight rope to put the economy on the track.

Bao Nguyen

23.06.22 в 15:10

Wow! I love seeing BBC presenters in the studio for the news review! Keep up the good work!

Aakaash Gupta

23.06.22 в 15:10


ana ana

23.06.22 в 15:09

The real economists blame the US money printing for the current inflation.


23.06.22 в 12:31

Despite the fluctuation in the economy, I’m so excited I’ve been earning $45,000 from my $10,000 investment everyday 10days.

Daria Curnin

23.06.22 в 12:14

The spectre of becoming unhappy will be high if you got married without love. Even though you got into the hospital, you are not in the mire. Planning to open your business can have some tightropes


23.06.22 в 11:04

British English is the best

Yryss Zhumakulov

23.06.22 в 09:53

Spending some time without fun moments the mire

nhat minh dao

23.06.22 в 08:20

Sorry, but "Swampy ground" or "Swanpy ground" for the definition of mire. I think "Swampy ground" but the subtitle is "Swanpy ground".

Catherine Xu

23.06.22 в 07:21

'The spectre of another pandemic', great choice of example, BBC learning English!

italo mazzonelli

23.06.22 в 07:03

thanks BBC

Md Alomgir Hussan

23.06.22 в 06:23

i'm astonished how relentlessly you guys are making content!


23.06.22 в 06:17

Love the big upgrade of the my all time favourite News Review from BBC Learning English. And I think it's great to be able to see how presenter pronounce words and sentences with this brand-new series
Great work BBC learning English, Neil and Beth. Ta :)

Md Arman Ali

23.06.22 в 06:04

We want more videos on news review. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Md Arman Ali

23.06.22 в 06:01

Lots of love to BBC Learning team from Bangladesh. I want more videos on phrases and idioms in English.❤❤❤

Nyi Aung

23.06.22 в 05:25

The spectre of civil war in myanmar.
Now many of Myanmar citizens are into the mire.
It's tightrope.We don't accept Authoritarian.

Lộc Nguyễn Đình

23.06.22 в 04:35

It's great to see everyone back to the BBC studio.

Benjamin Long

23.06.22 в 02:29

Where's miss Sam

Quang Phú Vlog

23.06.22 в 02:08

we're in dire economic situation in Vietnam

Belajar Bahasa

23.06.22 в 00:46

New format, prefer the old ones

razz b

22.06.22 в 22:55

Time to go to another news source!

tyty tuk

22.06.22 в 21:54

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Evgeny Pavlov

22.06.22 в 21:04

Nice format. Please do more. And maybe five or ten minutes longer.
Thank you.

Youstina Daoud

22.06.22 в 21:00

⛄ The politician tightrope was made him into the mire, the spectra of his situation was really bad. I think he can't sleep because of his difficult situation.

Shurug AL-bieshi

22.06.22 в 18:47

Wednesday 22 June year 2022

bektas edit

22.06.22 в 18:30

The new consept of News Review is better than old one. I liked this one :)

Mary miles

22.06.22 в 17:50

The idea was to start investing, but I still didn't show a snippet of index funds because of this recent the question is , at what point is it worth starting to invest and how do you know that the drop is coming to an end? Are they exactly these inflation readings..PS. Nice to watch these video,very clear and instructive..


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