Pakistan's climate catastrophe - BBC News Review

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Floods caused by record monsoon rains in Pakistan have killed over a thousand people and affected over 33 million others.

It’s thought the cost of dealing with the crisis will reach over 10 billion dollars. One of Pakistan’s regional governments has called the disaster a “climate change catastrophe”.

Key words and phrases

on steroids
a more extreme version

* This video game is like the old version on steroids.
* Smartphones are like mobile phones on steroids.

suddenly filled with water; have too much work to do

*The land became swamped after the storms.
*The students were swamped with work before their exams.

typical signs of something

* The crime had all the hallmarks of the mafia.
* Flooding is one of the hallmarks of climate change.
Do you want to improve your English?

0:00 - Introduction
0:21 - Story
1:12 - Headline 1: CNN: Pakistan floods caused by 'monsoon on steroids,' says UN chief in urgent appeal
3:30 - Headline 2: The Times of Israel: A third of Pakistan is underwater as tens of millions swamped by deadly floods
5:22 - Headline 3: The Economic Times: Explained: Why Pakistan's fatal flooding has hallmarks of warming
6:55 - Language summary

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Siddik Ahmad

09.09.22 в 08:48

I have no experience about BBC learning english....Its really effective way to learn English ang boost my skills overwhelmingly.

Thank you BBC

Raunak Raj

09.09.22 в 07:28

So as an example, Beth are you swamped at the moment? Lol.


08.09.22 в 15:21


Tahsin Abdullah

08.09.22 в 14:36

on. Steroid : extreme in nature

Grace -

08.09.22 в 07:52

May Allah protect Pakistan

Văn Anh

08.09.22 в 03:25

Thanks so much for useful videos , they help me to expand my knowledge

Cầu Hạnh Phúc

07.09.22 в 23:08

Tiếng Anh học giỏi sẽ cân thiết với mọi người. Mà chúng ta xem video này là coi như đã hiểu biết được phần nào rỗi.


07.09.22 в 13:24

Very useful feedback from BBC learning for IELTS speaking test

Slevin Kelevra

07.09.22 в 13:10

Wagging Success

07.09.22 в 07:36

Advanced Happy onam

shashwat rai

06.09.22 в 16:56

will they gonna donate the income earned from their channel from this video to humanitarian cause in pakistan flood affected areas?

Rose phan

06.09.22 в 12:40

Very easy to understand


06.09.22 в 05:12

Hii Nail, Nice to see you. Watching from Ethiopia.

The light of islam Abdullah al mahbub

06.09.22 в 03:03


Remote connection.

05.09.22 в 19:07

Recommended me this clip pls.ohala

protocooperation tistory

05.09.22 в 12:20

It is contradictory to discuss climate change in Britain, which caused most of the world's pollution during the Industrial Revolution.

Khanh Nguyen

05.09.22 в 10:19

Thank you very much for the “hallmark clip”

Out of Compliance

05.09.22 в 06:11

If climate change was actually happening then weather events would be weaker not stronger because the strength is the difference between hot and cold and cold areas should be heating more than hot. Therefore there would be less difference. But the facts are there is NO increase in number or strength of storms throughout the world.

Abdullah Hussain

05.09.22 в 04:35

Before mocking other countries condition you itself change your reality may pakistan learnt from this

Ali ***

04.09.22 в 13:23

Appreciate your great works guys!

Nazmul Hasan

04.09.22 в 08:07

It will be the best if you provide us with pdf not #BBC.


04.09.22 в 03:43


Theodor D.

04.09.22 в 03:09

BBC Learning English is my favourite application on steroids.
Students were swamped with homework before finishing summer holidays.
Stressful is one of the hallmarks of aging.

Thành Nguyễn Tiến

03.09.22 в 23:47

on steroids : my phone is on steroids. meaning extremely good
swamped = to be snowed under. Last week, I had finished my project, it was very busy. I was swamped
hallmarks = symbol, characteristic of something or someone. Saigon is a hallmarks of Vietnam

Zehri Imran

03.09.22 в 22:31

Your's report is wrong not thousand peoples this amount you show is very little you think 70 percent Pakistan in flood you imagine how many thousands and thousands people are die

Belal Hossain

03.09.22 в 17:15


Nitish kumar

03.09.22 в 16:54

Thanks for this type of useful and helpful videos,it helps the beginners to learn english very easlily.

A Aa

03.09.22 в 14:46

In Pakistan tjey speak urdu

Daffodils Inspire

03.09.22 в 10:37

Thank you BBC English

Silvia Shefa

03.09.22 в 10:12


03.09.22 в 04:05

I learned a lot

Sachin Gurjar

03.09.22 в 03:00

Krma is back


02.09.22 в 23:46

on steroids hallmark swamped

Dhammika Ranjana

02.09.22 в 23:01

many thanks for this kind of program...❤

Politics of Pakistan

02.09.22 в 18:54

Great work

kanwal Rajput

02.09.22 в 14:38

Thank you so much BBC Learning English.please receive a stand ovation from us .A lot of respect from Pakistan.Hats off to you guys ♥️

qazwsx Qaz

02.09.22 в 09:12


Tú Hoàng Thanh

02.09.22 в 05:21


Tú Hoàng Thanh

02.09.22 в 05:20

on steroids


02.09.22 в 05:07

. UK govt of Boris Johnson

Lana Kaniuka

02.09.22 в 03:59

And it’s just getting worse at speed than no one expected. How come humans don’t sense that it’s coming? Everywhere on planet as planet is on reboot mode already for sometime… don’t fight Forces of Divine it’s nothing going to happen!!! It’s like viruses in your computer would fight antivirus system… but you as human can save your self on individual bases!!


02.09.22 в 03:57

Ki re sahara rar malik khabor ki ahono khamota dehaitasoth
Kalo atiter sharastro montri sahara khaton tar polapan nai amon tai sonsi tar bai baisna na toi
Hey morar abinoy carse
Tare bhalti toi ai abosta hey awlailaitu dek ahon akto khos niya ki abosta morse
Ahon tor jodi soto polapan thahe basbe se ji thakle biya hoile alada hoile basbe se
Tor sob morbo ja ahon bhal giya kare coibi morar apekka car
Hoito lehar por ahon je lektasi toder moron kase jaiboga tora jarai nirjatone asili sob morbo
Sahar atith sob cocormo dehai a doniare
Soytader kase har manmo ken
Bastober kase har sob somoy mani jemon chainar aktar boye parinai amra ami cocolmonire a boy pai
Dharo rode bristite gele jor hoy ami har mani jor chalena
Amar sate cocolmoni a morbo chaile rosane a morbojoban ak bar khelmo dabi nai same na hale ahon marbo hoile joritu mp ministar ak khelay ses sob
Dharo sobai sobar kitab ababe sopoth care naw
Deho donia bastob biggan misiye paki goli feresta jibrail probor nirdese tader sate khelayse deho ano probo nize nirdesh ditase donia tomader ram rasol jiso bothda solaiman tader sate mise kheltase amake sahos ditase bozaitase ahon bastob biggan dehailam
Deho tara targete sot carbo tader posonder jaygate sob tAder issate
Sortu ami cocolmoni disi sodo ak hazar marmo tara manse amra posonda care marmo tarA dabi carse amader sob akso bow agotu caliza goli sate morte habe mansi sobai mormo
Khelay mane khelse probo amra made abinoye jithlam saya te amra probor bizoy hasi ahon donia biggan dharmer joy
Posonda amader jemon tomra donia bozba jodi poribarer bharo hoy marba noile polapan sar dile jamai bow comon marba
Ahon dharo masrafi tar bow chiting jate na hoy sotorco hazar kinto polok biggan joge niya bozaise tar bow prani sompoth montri tar bow sob bis amdanite anomoti dise
Bithdoth montri tar bow
Tv midia jore niantron carse ministar tar bow dactar goli jara sothtu jorito bathda carse jader sar maf saza na porikka care dekba chitingna cabiraz sob procar dactar bothdi jibi goli milao baso hazar abar chelez carbo agrim gosona dew pashazar tader sobar total sompothti theke ardek jara basbo tader name diba jeno khosi tara ja khosi tara carbe bai bon tara


02.09.22 в 03:41

Both i love you

Sumon Wazid

02.09.22 в 02:39

Thanks... Please share this kind of more Videos


02.09.22 в 01:08

Bbc sucks

Sharath Chandra

02.09.22 в 00:26

Great work and one small correction, if I may!
Pronunciation of Pakistan: the last four letters are pronounced as '..sthan' even though it is spelt '..stan'.
'Sthan' means place.
Pakistan, Hindustan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and similar others too are pronounced with '../sthan/'!

Ingvarr Nordwick

01.09.22 в 22:14

GOD Bless Pakistan


01.09.22 в 21:29

god hates humans, yet the fools praise him and they keep breeding more and more victims for his cruel little games. hilarious.

Lil Soda

01.09.22 в 19:38

The president of Ukraine, Russia and the US have no humanity when pushing 100 000 innocent young people from both side to death in war (of which some are due to propaganda to fight for the fatherland , the rest are due to coercion forced to the front)
In addition about 10 000 civilians died from boms and bullets. Let's stop the battle and divide the Donbas into 2 parts , the Russians in Donbas get a half ( because Ukraineans and Russians in Donbass like a couple who divorced and property division is land, house, , factory)

Πετρος Νικου

01.09.22 в 17:53

On steroids swamp hoodie hallmark

Jkol Hg

01.09.22 в 16:11

Pakistan should learn to keep good relations with neighbours expect aid
Abhi unka allah kahan hai jiske naam pe logon ka murder kiya jaata
Stop spreading terrorism in the name of god
Start being human first

azucena borrajo palma

01.09.22 в 16:04

Cheers for fantastic class and report!!!I am so grateful for these great teachers and all tools that channel offers!!! It helps so much to improve,my obsession!!! thanks a lot!!!

Maria Priimak

01.09.22 в 15:45

I have just realized that "swamped" is very similar to German "unter Wasser" and all thanks to you! Great episode:)


01.09.22 в 15:17



01.09.22 в 14:47

tnx.because of your channel I,m able to learn the complicated vocabulary of English

Đạt Nguyễn

01.09.22 в 14:19


Prashant Sharma

01.09.22 в 13:57

British-American Anglo regimes has caused genocide against Hindus for past 75 years since they created Pakistan in India

Prashant Sharma

01.09.22 в 13:57

British-American Anglo regimes are simply evil

Spider Net

01.09.22 в 13:56

Prashant Sharma

01.09.22 в 13:56

British regime is responsible for genocide of Hindus, creation of PAKISTAN and destruction of PAKISTAN, India and themselves..

Thiện Tạ

01.09.22 в 13:16

Châu chấu, những dòng sông nước chảy như máu, bệnh dịch, hạn han, lủ lụt, các điềm lạ, động đất.. là báo hiệu tận thế
Phản Kito là ĐGH
Sắp tận thế lúc 15 giờ qq

Tony Sherwood

01.09.22 в 11:47

Drugs are slavery - therefore you become dependent. Most comments are turning off?

Amira Khaled

01.09.22 в 11:03

Why can I understand 6 minute English better than BBC News Review although they both are for intermediate level??

Muhammad Kashif

01.09.22 в 10:57

Great, information and learning at the same time. Lot of love for BBC Learning English

Starry Starry Nite

01.09.22 в 10:54

Sorry to learn of Pakistan flooding.

Starry Starry Nite

01.09.22 в 10:53

Going to start using “to be snowed under”. So adorable.

Starry Starry Nite

01.09.22 в 10:52

Learning by context is powerful.

Mister Chlen

01.09.22 в 09:25

Marwan Mezo

01.09.22 в 08:25

where photo on video

MD Mahedi Hasan

01.09.22 в 07:41

Although there are a lot of famous newspaper, you guys are giving headline from an undistinguished israeli media.

David Craig

01.09.22 в 07:04

Total nonsense. The 1950 Pakistan's floods were much worse and killed more than 2,000 people

Nitin Jaiswal

01.09.22 в 06:47

Beth is beautiful


01.09.22 в 06:17

How can i find the playlist of this episode? Please help me

Shahul Hameed

01.09.22 в 05:56

Now, half of the country

Prabha Shirurkar

01.09.22 в 05:52

Very sad news ..Hindutva or sanatan dharma which is not started just 2-3 thousand years is dharm na sirf insanonse balki har innocent janwar ped or pure nature ko pyar or respect karna sikhata hai...Ye isko usko kafar kehke neecha dikhana nahi sikhata, ye kehta hai ki sabhi ishwar ke priya hai usane banaye hue hai aur ishwar sabse prem karta hai saman saman, bina bhedbhav ke. Bhagwan ye nahi dekhta ki kon kitne smart tarikese uski puja kar raha hai..wo bass bhav/ innocent prem dekhta hai,,murti puja to pehle har dharma me thi,,,ishwar ko har jagah dekhta the,,,,badme kuch log hoshiyar hokar naye tarike apnaye....kya purane sare log galat the.....ishwar khuda tarike nahi balki saccha nishpap prem dekhta hai...bhakti bas sachi honi chahiye,,..aur kehte hai ki sabse pehla insaan adam tha jab ki scientifically ye proved hai ki insanoki utpatti evolution bandaronse(monkeys)se hui hai..aur adam and eva bandar to nahi the,,,,,Ishwarne sabko banaya..banate waqt usane bhedbhav nahi kiya..sabko do hat do pair ankh diye sukh dudh man apman saman diya fir hum tum kon hote hai hoshiyar isko usko neecha dikhanewale...Geeta shlok says:_ 1)Yo mam pashyati muze har taraf har jagah har disha padartha me dekhta hai aur sabkuch muzme dekhta hai usase mai door nahi aur wo muzse door nahi....2)yaschapi sarva bhutanam bijam:- sare drishya aur adrishya vastuonka main sanatan bij/root hoon, mere siwa yaha koi bhi astitva me nahi ho sakta...aum aum aum..Sanatan dharma me sirf parampita ki upasana nahi to sath sath param maa/ prakriti/ srushti ki bhi upasana aur pooja hai..isiliye ise purna dharma kaha jata hai...Jagadamb Jagadamb..Jai mata di..Isiliye ye dharma kisiko neecha nahi dikhata. Hum to jesus ko bhi mante hai krishna ko bhi mante hai aur khuda ko bhi mante sab usike naam hai, wo har taraf hai, use kahibhi koi rok nahi ho sakti maujud hone me..usake liye koi bhi cheez duniyame dusari nahi ho sakti agar aisa hai to use or us cheez ko bananewala koi tisarahi hota...ishwarne sab kuch sare brahmand apane andarsehi prakat kiye hai banaye hai aur yahi uska vishwaroop hai aum aum. aur wo sirf naam ya smart tarika nahi dekhta pujaneka..sirf innocent saccha pyar bhakti dekhta hai jo usake prati hoti hai.. Wo bass pyar chahta hai.jaise koi baccha apane baap se karta hai maa se karta hai, pram shakti ko har taraf dekho air pujo...quki wo har taraf hai.lakho dishaonme lakho akaronme lakho jagahonme bas usi ko dekhna aur pujna hi uski sachi bhakti hai....Ram bhi wahi Krishna bhi wahi, khuda bhi wahi,, Jesus bhi wahi...ishwar khuda pyar mohabbat hai, darr nahi...Param pita param maa sukhi bhava sukhi hai unhe naman..Jai Bhavani Jay Shivaji.....aum aum om.-..,&.,-

Draken Kraken

01.09.22 в 03:33

Allah gave you water after a heatwave. Accept this blessing, ingrates.

Tai Pai

01.09.22 в 03:18

This video is great. I love it

Tourism ទេសចរណ៍

01.09.22 в 03:12

Excuse me Can you explain more about words?


01.09.22 в 02:41

Thank you very much.

Dee Dee

01.09.22 в 02:37

I love these videos and highly recommend to anyone who wants to expand their English vocabulary...

Kenneth Ng

01.09.22 в 01:44

I love watching your videos so much, BBC. So informative.

Fan VTuber

01.09.22 в 01:27

Your content is always great. Tks for these video!

Youstina Daoud

01.09.22 в 00:58

Mister Chlen

01.09.22 в 00:55

100% Will happen.
Population explosion will become the biggest challenge and problem of the world.

Marcos Gonçalves

31.08.22 в 23:54


don carmelo

31.08.22 в 23:28

Pray for our iron broher to stay away from the suffering of nature as soon as possible.

Rene Sotelo

31.08.22 в 22:56

In my opinion the eruption of the Tonga Volcano which was manly a moisture event has created a more than normal seasonal monsoon event. The southwestern part of the United States has also had extreme events. The 3rd biggest explosion ever recorded has to have an effect on weather. This being a moisture event as apposed to an ash event which in the past created years with no summer makes sense to me.

kanwal Rajput

31.08.22 в 20:38

Thanks for making news review on my country.its great session with exquisite vocabulary.

hugo jarry

31.08.22 в 20:31

Would it be possible to let the headline on screen during its explanation to allow a better understanding of it ?


31.08.22 в 20:16

Don't worry Pakistan people this disaster will be over soon. Just make sure each and every citizen must help each other. India also face many disaster but help from countries people end every tragedy.
Condolences from India

alexandr ivanov

31.08.22 в 19:30

Thank you


31.08.22 в 19:22

Thank you so much for your arise the voice

Awaz E Haq

31.08.22 в 19:10

Thank you

Moshiur Rahman Munna

31.08.22 в 18:41

I love Beth & I like Neil. My most favourites

Lizzy Praz

31.08.22 в 18:33

Beth is so charismatic, I really like the way she talks and does her job, I can feel her energy and enthusiasm, congratulations!

Nasreen Khan

31.08.22 в 18:28

It's not claimate change it's HAARP technology war against Pakistan,

Ume Farwah

31.08.22 в 18:20


31.08.22 в 18:12

Good job


31.08.22 в 18:12


31.08.22 в 17:46

….the Indus (one of the largest rivers on earth)…floods its’…erm….’FLOOD PLAIN’….who would’ve thought…


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