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English Addict with Mr Duncan

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LEARNING ENGLISH - How to express being in control. Having control or to be in a position of power. Join the LIVE Lesson and Chat. It's English Addict LIVE from England on Wednesday 7th September 2022. Hi everybody, this is Mr Duncan in England. You can now chat live and direct with other English addicts around the world. Join us live at 2pm UK time and enjoy the spontaneous English live chat. Unplanned and unscripted with Mr Duncan on YouTube.
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Oanh Phạm Thị Thúy

09.09.22 в 12:15

Make a special video about Elizabeth II!

Alessandra Defilo

09.09.22 в 04:14

hi mr Duncan, my condolences for your beloved Queen!

fernando baruc

09.09.22 в 02:00

RIP queen Elizabeth II

Mehtab Ahmed

09.09.22 в 01:52

Hello Sir.
Your videos help me a lot to teach online.

Cristina Jackson

08.09.22 в 14:56

Sorry Mister Duncan, I apologize for my absence but I do not feel well, high temperature and headache and cough. I'm afraid it's the virus but I still have to swab. I hope to see you soon!

Akram Qasem

08.09.22 в 06:56

You are in charge and the one who be calling the shots

maahir saeed

08.09.22 в 06:28


English Addict with Mr Duncan

07.09.22 в 17:23

TIME CODES >>> HI EVERYBODY - 3:39 SPECIAL GUEST - 32:00 'CONTROL' words - 42:19

Hector Riquelme

07.09.22 в 16:07

Thanks Mr Duncan for another great lesson! Great to see you on a Wendsday, Mr Steve! do it more often, please.

Tooba Tooba

07.09.22 в 14:05



English Addict with Mr Duncan

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English Addict with Mr Duncan

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English Addict with Mr Duncan

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English Addict with Mr Duncan

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