OUT in the OPEN - Learn English words for being outside and on show... in public

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English Addict with Mr Duncan

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Learn English words for being out on show. How do we express being in public? Follow Mr Duncan around the place where he lives as he explains what it means to be in public. Captions are available. (filmed in 4k resolution)

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dav ork

07.09.22 в 12:34

I admire you accent

Alessandra Defilo

07.09.22 в 03:18

hi mr Duncan, you will never disappoint me, this new video is great as usual!

izaz ali

07.09.22 в 02:16

Mr Duncan please can you share or send a mail please.

Hector Riquelme

07.09.22 в 01:43

Great lesson! Nice view!

J.C. Ramone

07.09.22 в 00:22

Excellent video. Thanks for sharing!

Bielorrusia subnoivrach

06.09.22 в 19:53

I am watching this lesson now... because I have been out in the open all day!!! Hahahahahah!! Yes!! It is true!! Very nice lesson, Misterduncan!! Thank you very much!!

Julia Shirokova

06.09.22 в 19:27

Mr.Duncan, you yourselve are an OUTstanding person and teacher!
Thank you for that topic and views of your pretty town. Very nice, as you say:)
Say hello to Mr.Steve

Vittoria Gho

06.09.22 в 17:20

Of course I’ve enjoyed your lesson and I hope to see you again soon ☺️

Beatriz Oviedo

06.09.22 в 17:13

Such a special lesson Mr DUNCAN

Ірина Власенко

06.09.22 в 14:40

Great lesson! Absolutly incredible! I love it

Luisa Cordón

06.09.22 в 14:35

Nice video. Thank you Mr.Duncan

fernando baruc

06.09.22 в 13:58

Guau Munch Wenlock is a small but gorgeus town , I hope to know it some day. Thx dude for this video!

Tooba Tooba

06.09.22 в 13:33


Palmyra Rameikiene

06.09.22 в 13:22

Mr Duncan you are very talented English teacher and perfect filmmaker too! I enjoyed all details that were showed!

Karim Benmalek

06.09.22 в 13:08

Nice to see you Mr Duncan

Sandra Gonzalez

06.09.22 в 11:48

Thank you Teacher I love your video in Much Wenlock it’s incredible


06.09.22 в 09:09

Are you sure that everybody wants to know what other people think of us? The answer could be tough and perhaps ignorance was the best option. Anyway, the video was amazing and the stage loves me.

Ka Lina Agriculture

06.09.22 в 08:51

Hi from Cambodia

Son min Woc

06.09.22 в 08:32

Hi Mr Duncan how are you today ? Sylvie from Houdain in France

Omer Hussein

06.09.22 в 08:10


Mohsen Kareem

06.09.22 в 08:10



06.09.22 в 08:08

You still seem young lol


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