New UK PM: Liz Truss - BBC News Review

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The story
Liz Truss has taken over from Boris Johnson after winning the ruling Conservative Party leadership election.
Johnson resigned after a series of scandals.
Prime Minister Truss will have to deal with urgent issues, such as the energy crisis.

Key words and phrases
takes over an official position
• Liz Truss has succeeded Boris Johnson as prime minister.
• Prince Charles will succeed the Queen when she dies.

got or won something
• She unexpectedly bagged the Oscar for best actress.
• He bagged the best seat in the room.

storm clouds gathering
a sign that something bad is going to happen
• Storm clouds are gathering as the economic crisis gets worse.
• A new strain of Covid means storm clouds are gathering this winter.

0:00 - Introduction
0:22 - Story
1:03 - Headline 1: The Washington Post: Liz Truss succeeds Boris Johnson as UK prime minister.
3:04 - Headline 2: France 24: New PM: How Johnson loyalist Liz Truss bagged the top job in British politics
5:02 - Headline 3: The Independent: Storm clouds already gathering over new PM Liz Truss after narrow win
6:29 - Language summary

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Md. Sohan

10.09.22 в 04:35

Would you please explain the word with real life use? Tom explained vocabulary in some episode with real life use.

Rabeul Alam

10.09.22 в 04:13

Love two of U, from Bangladesh,

Francisco José

09.09.22 в 20:09

Tank you for this is information

Fatih Kuzu

09.09.22 в 17:09

Since the Queen died, her son will succeed to the throne.

Анастасия С

09.09.22 в 11:56

yes, queen died..I can't believe and accept it

Francisco José

09.09.22 в 10:40

Let's go

Pritish Appadoo

09.09.22 в 04:41

Not sure there is much "Learning English" to be learnt from someone like Truss. However you've got to admit one thing about the Tories: they are excellent at using women in top positions to shield themselves from criticism.


09.09.22 в 04:18

very useful

Kirill K

09.09.22 в 02:41

nuclear psycho lady

Pedro Petrucci

09.09.22 в 01:09

I really like this couple. They get along

Lucky Dube in RC

08.09.22 в 21:07

from cunning to stupide , weldone UK

KT Loi

08.09.22 в 19:03

I just learnt the word "succeed" from here this morning, and now it comes true. It is absolutely heartbreaking.

Count Evreux

08.09.22 в 18:21

If your watching this in 2022 when the queen has died, I’m sorry for how you feel. I felt it too and the world pays great respect. The world will be scarred for the rest of our lives.She was our greatest queen and we all pay respect. Long live the king

Utpal Sarkar

08.09.22 в 18:02

New dog coming uk

I can't believe

08.09.22 в 16:20

Thanks for your sharing, you two did a really good job

Luda P

08.09.22 в 15:21

Rearranging the terms in the equation does not change the sum. I feel sorry for the UK.

Khan Khan

08.09.22 в 14:42

Very well , after 2 years i am watching again bbc learning English, it,s more interesting than before . Though you teach vocabulary but we learn beautiful british accent as well.

jie li

08.09.22 в 14:39

The world is fair! No one can escape death! Even the queen!

Victor A. Romero Ramirez

08.09.22 в 13:07

Thank you very much bbc. I have tried to watch all the videos. Are so useful to learn vocabury and beeing informed. Greetings from México City.

Edgar Manzano

08.09.22 в 12:56

Es Muy Sabia e Inteligente la Primera Ministra Liz Truss Mujer Ideal para llevar al Pueblo del Reino Unido ala Prosperidad y se ve que tiene mucho amor en su Corazón. Dios la Bendiga y la Cuide.

hsuanchuan shen

08.09.22 в 12:17

Like the new Style thanks Neil


08.09.22 в 11:47

It sounded so cute "Bye!" when Beth said at the end. Please don't hesitate to do it again.

khmer sports

08.09.22 в 11:05


Mohamed Raby

08.09.22 в 10:57

Beware of Indian origin candidates as Indian hindutva fascist are supposed to be enter your politics.

abc xyz

08.09.22 в 10:53

I've heard somebodies pronounce her name as True-ce
Is Trus(t) the more common pronounciation ?
Anyway, Congratulations to Our New Leader!

Yuliia Shetina

08.09.22 в 10:52

Hi) really interesting lessons and relevant

Razak Kalik

08.09.22 в 10:18

UK are royally screwed

ashraf harb

08.09.22 в 10:03

Thanks it was very useful words .

miss stingray

08.09.22 в 09:17

super helpful and fun to watch although serious subject


08.09.22 в 09:04

The news today... A dumb 3itch s going to run our country... what chance do we have... we are going down... !!

Tommaso Cantiani

08.09.22 в 09:01

So I can’t say “bag” in a work meeting for instance…

Syam Ch

08.09.22 в 08:26



08.09.22 в 07:37

what is this jackanory nonsense ? no wonder the kids are dumber & dumber year on year, just as the farmer instructed. tsk. Tell us all something useful, something about ‘the remembrancer’ or ‘the Pilgrims Society’.

Sergey _

08.09.22 в 07:17

Come on Liz ! Please reintroduce ethics and honour to the Conservative party, now that Boris has gone. And please don't fall at the first hurdle - energy price crisis. Wish you well x

Youstina Daoud

08.09.22 в 06:31

Youstina Daoud

08.09.22 в 06:31


08.09.22 в 06:31

Another failing PM already promising to hand over tax payers money to company’s who have raped profits and put nothing into infrastructure, pay, pension or future proofing!

Lucas Kun

08.09.22 в 05:30

Thanks for this videos


08.09.22 в 05:27

Both of you have to be the ministry of English.

Serdar ÖZ

08.09.22 в 05:19

So sad to see these kind of useless puppet politicians elected in this modern era. England was famous with its successful politicians at once.

Neia Bloomfield

08.09.22 в 04:53



08.09.22 в 04:50

Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about the new pm.

I'm desperately sorry, anyway, that it seems there is only a second Boris Johnson now...


08.09.22 в 04:44

Thank you but can you explain the whole sentences? It is easy to understand what storm clouds gathering means if you think a little, i can’t understand what “narrow win” means instead


08.09.22 в 04:29

To bag in Turkish means paketlemek.:)

Tran QN

08.09.22 в 03:40

4:50 I wonder why Beth said "Fair enough". What does it mean?

Muhamed Aziz

08.09.22 в 03:30

saiful hoque

08.09.22 в 03:09

Thanks BBC Learning English

Fateha Asif

08.09.22 в 03:04

Thanks bbc learning English

Mr Lama's Diary

08.09.22 в 02:47

Why LIZ TRUSS only Why not RISHI SUNAK for the UK'S PM being abled ECONOMIST COz he's Indian based on ORIGIN that's why,,?? It's perhaps the REALITY I think so. Isn't it,,,??

Samarjit Swarnakar

08.09.22 в 02:44

thank you guys. Really its helpful to learn vocabulary

Amal raj Raju

08.09.22 в 02:36

Happy onam madhamme

ismail v

08.09.22 в 02:14

Thank you so much for teaching us the most appreciated English in the world.

Nitin Jaiswal

08.09.22 в 01:40

I'm here only because of Beth. She's outstandingly beautiful ❤️

Camilla Fernandes

08.09.22 в 01:23

Tks a lot!

Grass Z

08.09.22 в 01:21

Is 18% lead a narrow win? The third news told it wrong.

git FOAD

08.09.22 в 01:17

"...& head north to Dover".

Karin Marciniak

07.09.22 в 23:35

It requires money to make money. This is the best secret I have ever discovered we don't make money, we EARN and MULTIPLY money

jie li

07.09.22 в 22:48

u all politics full shit! full lies! and im telling people truth! so u guys hiding me hiding truth huh?

Spat' Hochetsa

07.09.22 в 22:43

Arafat Husein

07.09.22 в 22:31

Trough sex bribe

Kevin Yeboua

07.09.22 в 21:47

Thank you guys... following you from

tabark wissam

07.09.22 в 21:29

great job

Mortada Al-Bazouni

07.09.22 в 20:59

my from lraq

Salsabil Sarsabil

07.09.22 в 20:55

Hmmm, are you Robert Redford?

Blnd Kurdish

07.09.22 в 19:58

BBC the best

Ali Veli

07.09.22 в 19:53


iman ahmadi

07.09.22 в 19:23



07.09.22 в 19:14

Storm clouds gathering

Daria Curnin

07.09.22 в 19:13

We all would love to bag a high paid job where storm clouds do not gather all the time)


07.09.22 в 19:04

Thanks for lessons! You are very helpful. Great job.

Eric Eric

07.09.22 в 18:17

thank you Neil as well as Beth

Mahbub Hasan

07.09.22 в 18:10

thanks bbc

Константин Арама

07.09.22 в 18:04

Thanks a lot. You are the best :)

Sagar Kalasar

07.09.22 в 17:53

Thanks for today's lesson...You guys are really helpful..

Πετρος Νικου

07.09.22 в 17:36

Bagged succeed storm clouds gathering

Sumon Wazid

07.09.22 в 17:32

thanks BBC for providing us productive topic

thiru jagan

07.09.22 в 17:16

websol pathi solouga

Asuman Fırat

07.09.22 в 17:04

You are very informative and funny. Thank you so much.

Sakharam Magar

07.09.22 в 16:57

Congratulations to Britain for choosing lady PM


07.09.22 в 16:53


Pedro Vigara

07.09.22 в 16:39

Poor UK, storm clouds are gathering and these are going to stay for long time.

elect eng

07.09.22 в 16:38

Nick looks different from Covid 19/ 2020 videos


07.09.22 в 16:33

Learning more than English here aren't we?

07.09.22 в 16:23

Greetings from

Huynh Nam Tu

07.09.22 в 16:21

BBC Learning English

07.09.22 в 16:15

Hey there. We hope you found that useful! To check out other episodes of News Review to help you learn English with the news, click this link:

Neo (Reloaded)

07.09.22 в 16:07

I learned the word "succeed" from "Live English Quiz - #63 Royalty" with Rob. The phrase from the quiz was: Queen Elizabeth II succeeded to the throne on 6 February 1952.
An idiom related to the verb "bag" is "in the bag."
I believe that an expression similar to "storm clouds gathering" is "perfect storm."

rema butik

07.09.22 в 16:02

She's not the pm she's leader of government forces.

Lkp Xml

07.09.22 в 16:01

Congratulations, LOOOL

Nikalina Vlasova

07.09.22 в 16:00


07.09.22 в 15:58

Librería Molloy

07.09.22 в 15:57

Thank you

cleofas pinto lima Lima

07.09.22 в 15:54

I am did let my like this channel ,thanks so much per on subtitles English, thanks so much, my old teachers

Zehra Musayeva

07.09.22 в 15:50

Thanks for the lesson


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