Long Covid: Three types identified - BBC News Review

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Long Covid. Millions of people around the world have reported symptoms of Covid-19 more than twelve weeks after getting the disease.

Now research by scientists in the UK has identified three different types of long Covid. Some people suffer brain fog and headaches; others have breathing problems; and a third group experience a range of symptoms.

Key words and phrases

unknown enemy
something that can harm you, but you don’t know how

* Online bullies are an unknown enemy. You don’t know how they’ll attack you.
* Climate change is an unknown enemy. Nobody knows exactly what’s going to happen.

goes up quickly

* Prices are rocketing. I can’t afford anything.
* Demand for fans has rocketed during the heatwave.

being sold
being persuaded about an idea that might not be right

* I’m being sold the idea I can learn a language in 3 months.
* He tried to sell me the idea the Moon landings were fake.

Video chapters:
0:00 - Introduction
0:21 - Story
1:25 - Headline 1: The Guardian: The Guardian view on long Covid: an unknown enemy
3:20 – Headline 2: ITV: Demand for Long Covid services rockets as thousands battle the condition
5:00 - Headline 3: The Conversation: Ivermectin, blood washing, ozone: how long COVID survivors are being sold the next round of miracle cures
6:53 - Language summary

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Sagar Kalasar

07.09.22 в 18:04

BBC is really helpful and the team also spread positive vibes during the video.


06.09.22 в 00:46

Just keep the social engineering going...


01.09.22 в 07:43

Alas, British scientists don't know how to cure long COVID.

God's mercy nano-medication should be the last-ditch treatment for long COVID.
Nano-medication is based on:

God created man out of an extract of clay from ground.

In other words, nanoparticles of nano-medication are so-called

Universal Ligand (Antibody)

All glory belongs to God !

Roya Hashimi

29.08.22 в 07:24

because of war between Russia and Ukraine the price of oil and flour have been rocketed .
it was the time that everyone was surrounded with unknown enemy.

Krutishka Zastalina

28.08.22 в 19:20


Kolibri812 S

28.08.22 в 08:04

Love you girls! You are amazing!!!

Omar Samy

27.08.22 в 13:50

I should be grateful to these pretty women

Πετρος Νικου

27.08.22 в 10:12

Teary eyed well up

Hawre Ali

27.08.22 в 06:46

Always best

David Individual

26.08.22 в 18:59

Long Covid. Lol!

Van Kiu

25.08.22 в 17:32

Thankyou so much

Hoai Anh Nguyen

25.08.22 в 09:57

Hi BBC!!! The news is very helpful to me. But I do want to suggest the hosts to have a clipboard for the hosts' paper scripts because it would look a bit nicer and neat. Love you!!!


25.08.22 в 05:20

you two are cute


25.08.22 в 05:18

So amazing

Thanh Thư

24.08.22 в 14:42

Thank you very much this is an useful video and it gives me some new words <3

Naw Sa Sa Maung

24.08.22 в 07:02

Just now conditions in Myanmar, Prices are rocketing,
We can't afford anything.
Feeling so sad and hate to Min Aung Hlaing.

Rock Star

23.08.22 в 21:36

Guys listen if you are in long covid and tried everything but nothing worked well then you can try fasting ,, 16h/22h for 12 days to 1 month and then slowly start doing push-up workouts when your energy start getting back ,,
these 2 things became game changer for me ,,,
and for the supplements take NAC, antihistamine h1 h2 , vitamin c ,d in heavy dose and multi vitamins


21.08.22 в 12:59

Sending deeply grateful thanks to BBCLE channel❤! Thank you so much for updating~ Always can get the newest vocabulary from here, love from HK~


21.08.22 в 01:25

Covid 19 or it's variants will never be fatal for any one and the patient never need to be hospitalized if the patient strictly follows a particular diet plan during the covid 19 infection, click over the budhha image and see the description box of the given video. It is my two decades experience of the hellish pain of pneumonia and inflammation . There are thousands of species of living things on earth, covid 19 is only fatal for humans, why? most of the animals never face inflammation severely like humans. why? Some patients have been facing long covid and some of them still didn't get rid of it completely. Why? A human body takes 15 days to get immunity against any virus but many covid patients didn't get immunity against it even after one and a half year later too. Why? The other thing, covid 19 is fatal only for 1 or less than one percent of the infected people, while 99 percent get survived with it and if the patients who are severely affected get ventilator and other facilities on time then the mortality rate would be less than that, so the main thing that has been killing the people it is not the virus directly, it is the severe inflammation. Who he survived this severe inflammation doesn't need to be afraid of any sort of covid 19 or it's variants. See the description box of the given video, it answers, all these questions..dear friends I was a very severe patient of pneumonia and inflammation and it's been three years and I won't face neither pneumonia nor inflammation now. but I follow my diet plan very very strictly..I want to ask the doctors, why don't I face pneumonia now, is the pneumonia virus no more exist in the atmosphere? If not then why? I tell you the reason because now my body doesn't act overwhelmingly on pneumonia virus thus if the patient's body doesn't act overwhelmingly on covid 19 virus he never faces inflammation overwhelmingly and he is safe.¢¢¥€[]] ¥¢¢©®™™~>><} {]] [€¥¢©®®

T.Ram2805 no

20.08.22 в 07:51

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billy chau

20.08.22 в 04:57

I love this! this is very useful! Thanks!!!

Błażej Szymczak

19.08.22 в 17:09

Covid is a religion. You have to believe. Logic fails


19.08.22 в 14:18

thanks for BBC teach me so much and I want to ask are your gas Twins?

Drake Carter

19.08.22 в 05:22

Brain fog, fatigue and shortness of breath. How debilitating...

Thomas R

19.08.22 в 02:37

3 kinds of long Covid AND 3 major vaccines? Coinkydink?


18.08.22 в 20:25

than you very much.

Anti Vaccine Pro immunity

18.08.22 в 16:33

Long covid...pmsl

Learning History with lecturers of HNUE

18.08.22 в 15:23

Look at the sence that Sian show three possible cures. I like it


18.08.22 в 13:58

Sian and Beth

Youstina Daoud

18.08.22 в 11:45

89 belena

18.08.22 в 08:56

They're so similar


18.08.22 в 07:11

3000ml xl essential cold air oil diffuser add 10 drops of oregano oil 100% daily close bedroom door so mist stays in room run everyday and night for 1 month you have to kill the bacteria thats in your blood and in your skin thats making you still sick and 1 coq10 400mg daily. i helped alot of people it works 100%.please share!!!

Vilma Scamargo

18.08.22 в 02:13

New vocabulary and clear explanation. Team BBC .thanks.


18.08.22 в 01:40

What's the most appropriate name for this: scamdemic, fraudemic, or plandemic?


18.08.22 в 01:26

Aren't you remembering ET movies or UFO movies? Wasn't a hero first have a hate action for the unknown? No. His first contact would be softness and communication, but recent events have only hated hate.

YJ Chu

18.08.22 в 01:21

Thanks for BBC learning team you all!

Janna Ledferd

18.08.22 в 00:22

Has anyone tried antibiotics followed by probiotics for gut health, which means a lot for the rest of the body?

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choice Manifests

17.08.22 в 21:22

Great concept for show but it's full of opinionated conspiracy theories

Robert Douglas

17.08.22 в 20:29

"Boosters are highly effective. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"

Najat Arabia

17.08.22 в 19:36

In my country prices are spiraling and skyrocketing.

Blnd Kurdish

17.08.22 в 19:29


Blnd Kurdish

17.08.22 в 19:29

Mahmoud Ragab

17.08.22 в 19:21

Very useful method of having such a kind of accent

svetlana sklyar

17.08.22 в 18:45


sanjiv chouhan

17.08.22 в 18:20

Both are sisters

Mr Pekka

17.08.22 в 18:10

Where's Neil??

name surname

17.08.22 в 17:59

Hello from Poland


17.08.22 в 17:42

ArtemiC Rescue is used for Covid Short, and ArtemiC Support is used for Covid Long. It can be ordered online on the shop and shipped worldwide.
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Galina Kalugina

17.08.22 в 16:54

It's very useful

Neo (Reloaded)

17.08.22 в 16:45

She tried to sell me the idea, but I didn't buy into it.

Neo (Reloaded)

17.08.22 в 16:40

Some collocations:
*Make an enemy. I made a few enemies there.
*Rocket to. Inflation rocketed to a 40 year high.
*sell someone on: The filmmakers sold me on the idea that my book would work on the screen.

italo mazzonelli

17.08.22 в 16:40

Thanks BBC

Pedro Vigara

17.08.22 в 16:31

In good time for your lesson, you're the nicest and funniest in the whole BBC

Tharindu Dilanka

17.08.22 в 16:13

Good concept. Thanks for BBC

Quyen Truong

17.08.22 в 16:12


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Nguyên Trung

17.08.22 в 16:05


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