Killer salt? BBC News Review

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Salt. It makes everything taste better. But it’s also killing people. New research has found that adding salt to meals can reduce your life by two years.

But the good news is that even a small reduction in salt can make a big difference to your health.

Video chapters:
0:00 - Introduction
0:21 - Story
1:01 - Headline 1: US News: Your Salt Shaker May Prove Deadly, Study Finds
2:53 – Headline 2: 9 News: Sprinkle of salt at table could knock two years off your life, study finds
4:32 - Headline 3: The Sun: TEATIME KILLER: Popular condiment increases your risk of dying young by 28%, scientists warn
5:54 - Language summary

Key words and phrases

likely to kill
* He was bitten by a deadly spider and taken to hospital.
* Covid is a deadly disease.

knock off
reduce in size
* Smoking knocks years off people’s lives.
* The shop knocked £10 off the price.

time in the afternoon or evening for a meal called ‘tea’
* Please be home by teatime!
* Would you like to come round for tea? I’ll cook something special.

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shaheqa ahmed

07.09.22 в 06:11

Books are treasure of knowledge respect it shouldn't through on floor and kickoff.

Myint Oo Oo Khin

05.09.22 в 14:10

Thanks a lot Neil and Beth. The video is dead interesting coming to realize teatime is not good. Thus I'm gonna knock my teatime off.

Roya Hashimi

05.09.22 в 04:33

The exam was deadly hard. They did not knock off the price of the cloth that I liked it more. THANK U BBC LRARNING ENGLISH

عبدالغفار نورالدائم

01.09.22 в 20:10

If you don't exercise that knock your age off by many years , and you prefer having salty meals that reduce your life because salt affect negatively on blood circulation . On the other hand , many studies show that coffee reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease so becareful to be home by teatime to have your tea and coffee and that sure will save you .

Hu Li

31.08.22 в 11:20


zin lin thant

21.08.22 в 07:45

What's the meaning of beth after death. "Deadly and beth"

مروة قبرصي

16.08.22 в 18:24

Lovely as usual

Khoi Nhat Bui

14.08.22 в 05:45

You have to be careful because there is a deadly spider snuck around in the teatime. If you get a bite, you will definitely knock years off.

Naira Avdalyan

10.08.22 в 10:50

Thanks was helpful

EZ Finvest

10.08.22 в 03:53

Why i can't access the quiz link hic :(((

Abdalziz Abdallah

08.08.22 в 04:11

Good job I really appreciate it

David Montoya

03.08.22 в 15:34

You are destroying people's lives!!!!!

Lord Tapo4ek

02.08.22 в 15:29

I KNOCKED this video OFF my favorite list because it is DEADLY difficult to watch during my TEATIME

kourouma abdoul kader

01.08.22 в 00:16

Wonderful. So proud of you.


31.07.22 в 12:53

porn knocks hours off people's time


31.07.22 в 09:49

Adding sprinkle of salt proves to be deadly.
According to a study, adding salt knocks two years off people’s life.
Would you like to have a tea with me?


31.07.22 в 00:38

That is very informative


30.07.22 в 09:06

Your lesson is deadly interesting and doesn't knock off my attention. Thanks for sharing vocab.

Ayda güneş

30.07.22 в 07:11

The British accent is the best and the accent of these presenters is so cool, İ never get tired of listening to them ,the subjects are dead interesting

Văn Anh

29.07.22 в 09:03

this video is dead interesting

Eddy Ochoa Pera

28.07.22 в 14:21

Sorry, but, when you use dead with an adjective, like dead easy , in this case, does dead become an adverb, doesn´t it?

Айлар Атаева

28.07.22 в 04:03

Amazing lesson. Than you a lot

phyo min swe

28.07.22 в 02:28

Hello BBC, have a nice day. Can I use these two words like that "Jone's performance was deadly worse last year, therefore the team leader knocked him off the team.
Could you please give me a feedback on my sentences.


26.07.22 в 15:27

So dead good this BBC's programme^^ You guys are all the best teachers for the one who wanna imporve English and train an authentic UK pronunciation. Love from HongKong~


26.07.22 в 03:25

It is deadly dull without watching you guys while having teatime knocking off my boredom

Abdul Wajed

25.07.22 в 19:38

She is so cute

Ahmed omar

24.07.22 в 01:53

I'm dead excited your episodes. Keep the good work.

SERG serg

23.07.22 в 18:11

BBC Learning English is a dead awsome way to remember new words and phrases. After a teatime i oftentimes recollect them. It can kick my dull steps off.

Umut öztürk

23.07.22 в 10:40

i love this program so much, please keep on doing that. I am addicted to watch your short videos.

World Interesting News

23.07.22 в 05:26

Very interesting lesson

Mr Rabbit

22.07.22 в 13:46

able to cause death

Tobias Arias Toya

22.07.22 в 04:10

Beautiful conversation, I would like it to be with me.
Traducir al español

Chukcha Aye

21.07.22 в 13:51

I think you will find it's the fried fish and chips that is doing more damage than the salt.

Chukcha Aye

21.07.22 в 13:50

Nope salt is integral and most people get headaches and get sick because they get depleted from salt. Like too much of anything it can be bad, 2-6 grams a day depending on what you have done and sweated etc can be fine.

มนัส เพลาขํา

21.07.22 в 02:47

Its great vocabularies if has not enough understand the meaning l should see in dictionary l also like this chenell becouse of l love
British accent is it clear to know by english or help to learn new ideas coming regularly great thank you to announcement .

Rafael Silva

20.07.22 в 15:47

Good job!

Anna Li

20.07.22 в 10:26

You two make a perfect pair, I will be happy studying from your videos every day!

Hafsa Omer

19.07.22 в 15:08

I asked the cashier to knock off the price but he refused.

Hafsa Omer

19.07.22 в 15:06

I saw a patient in a hospital, who has been bitten by a deadly snake.

Riya Tiwari

18.07.22 в 14:50

Everything has been cleared but not the last one that is 'Teatime'

André Ballon

18.07.22 в 13:15

fewer ingest of salt can cause problems too.

murzik 459

18.07.22 в 07:15

I've watched this series for some years and felt they in recent days are talking about easiter words and phrases than they had years ago

Thiago Rodrigues

17.07.22 в 14:41

You can be DEAD sure that I will keep on watching BBC news reviews to improve my English. Thank you!

Anh Lan

17.07.22 в 09:31

I do not know exactly why can't i access the quizlet website?
Please help me!

Cristina Olague

16.07.22 в 22:20

I will always like News Review,even this different format which is shorter in time.

Hayk Ayvazyan

16.07.22 в 18:41

thinks for the lesson.

Musab Ahmed

16.07.22 в 18:41

Thanks guys iam from Sudan

Hayk Ayvazyan

16.07.22 в 18:40

Really salt effect the heart ,..

Cinzia Prina

16.07.22 в 15:58

I have really enjoyed it, thank you so much!


16.07.22 в 10:50

I agree Reza.
Salt is good and it is necessary just in measure, especially in summer.
Thank for the very good video



16.07.22 в 09:47

1.Deadly -very or mortally
2.Knock off -reduce
A knockoff
3.teatime :evening or afternoon meals

Niti MicMic

16.07.22 в 05:29

Mong chị may ra thêm mấy bài về Tết nữa ạ殺殺殺

Md Shakil Khan

16.07.22 в 04:25

I follow BBC learning english not just learning Only but also gain informative knowledge like that...keep it up

Laura Gado

16.07.22 в 00:00

@BBC Learning English great lesson!

Panbobs Ghosty

15.07.22 в 20:50

Amazing lesson and great job!

Hashim Mohamud

15.07.22 в 20:05

Condusive lesson, I got more understanding the lesson really it's deadly interesting lesson.


15.07.22 в 18:43

Too much salt can lead to hypertension


15.07.22 в 17:30

subtitles error @ 4:19 knockoff or knock-off NOT a knock off/


15.07.22 в 17:25

Beardless Neil abusing books/ The world came to an end.

xD ;*

The English Academy

15.07.22 в 12:37


supun sandika

15.07.22 в 06:05

Dead good... thank you very much ❤️

calculating person

15.07.22 в 06:02

Cheers for all lovely lessons

For Youtube

15.07.22 в 02:37

This video was dead good!!


15.07.22 в 01:12

I have to knock off some salt in my meal and teatime. Thanks for your dead interesting and helpful video

Stefan Freitas

15.07.22 в 00:47

I started a diet two weeks ago and my Teatime is at night. I drink with four pieces of toast and margarine and now I discovered the pleasure of drink Tea. I usually drink Coffee but now, Tea is fine. Thanks BBC Learning English for this interesting and helpful video.

Hermione Granger

14.07.22 в 20:09

Thank you for useful informations)) You help me speak better

Vavilova Svetlana

14.07.22 в 19:34

Very good and necessary lesson!Something new for me to understand the language.Thanks

Hakima Boukahla

14.07.22 в 17:20

I deadly benefit from your videos, carry on❤️

Firas Hannoush

14.07.22 в 17:06

Adding salt to meals does not make any problems, this research is not correct or has not clear results.


14.07.22 в 16:20

Thanks BBC for your shares.
And I wanna say I love Beth and I hope to see her more!

FeMar's Kitchen ♡

14.07.22 в 14:21

Nott Supasit

14.07.22 в 13:40

Sharky Vibes

14.07.22 в 13:26

bro my mom got me to watch this and its so dead interesting that im dead addicted to this


14.07.22 в 13:24

Shut up. Like those couple of extra years will really be fun and exciting. By that point most people are wishing to die.

<-- exiting stage left to go enjoy some yummy french fries with salt and vinegar.

Base To Ace

14.07.22 в 12:21

I love this channel, I'm dead serious!

Romeu Braga

14.07.22 в 10:47

Very nice

huda hassan

14.07.22 в 10:13

thanks a lot, I really was need like these videos it just more than educational videos it is general culture.

Wang Karry

14.07.22 в 05:38

What a lively lesson!

lalita biswas

14.07.22 в 05:29

It's a dead interesting lesson. Thanks a lot.


14.07.22 в 05:24

bullsheet. complete bullsheet.

BBC is useless

Jean L

14.07.22 в 05:05

I like this new and short version.

Иван Иванов

14.07.22 в 03:52

I've liked this modern design, it''s very useful to have the new words and expressions in front of my eyes

Theng Ly

14.07.22 в 03:09

I deadly love your lesson. it is so useful and helpful. Everybody should watch this BBC channel.
Thanks for your lesson.

Anime Fan

14.07.22 в 02:52

Your videos cannot be deadly dull!!! I often watch them in my teatime in order not to knock off motivation for improving my English.

Pedro Petrucci

14.07.22 в 02:38

Does dinner means the same than supper?

Viviana Andrea Zuluaga Bolaños

14.07.22 в 01:14

You are the best

Jalal Yousef

13.07.22 в 23:23

I think this is more beautiful than 6 minutes English

Alhaitham Gamal

13.07.22 в 20:19

Thanks BBC, Neil & Beth but why do you knock off the series time to 6 minutes it was 11 minutes

Youstina Daoud

13.07.22 в 19:38

spongebob grumpy pants

13.07.22 в 17:55

More misinformation from the BBC, Salt is an essential mineral. Consume organic sea salt or himalayan salt. As long as you are eating all the other essential wholefoods and not eating processed, sugary, carbohydrate laden crap, research says you won't get ill and will live to a ripe old age. Do your research and don't watch the BBC. Go Alex Belfield.......................

English With Halim

13.07.22 в 17:45

Guys, guys! don't knock off the books like that.

Егор Наумович

13.07.22 в 17:34

good video

Tushar rahman

13.07.22 в 17:23

Your programme is deadly good enough to knock weakness off mine in teatime.. Plz anybody correct me if i was wrong?

Sueli Ishiyama

13.07.22 в 17:19

Well, I'd like to live more, so I should knock salt off my meals.


13.07.22 в 17:17

What a brilliant form to teach the meaning of "knock off". Thanks a bunch guys !

Pamela Green

13.07.22 в 17:03


Bekzod Urinov

13.07.22 в 17:00

I've seen you for the first time, Neil

italo mazzonelli

13.07.22 в 16:51

thanks BBC

Synergy Most Beautiful Places

13.07.22 в 16:45

I hope the invited person won't be offended if I tell him, "Come for tea tonight..." meaning literally a cup of tea with some cakes instead of a big evening meal...hehehe
Don't you think he will hate me after that?

Basim Alhasan

13.07.22 в 16:43

What about bloody as adverb. I imagine that similar to deadly. Is everybody agree with me?
Thank you BBC learning English. You are the best forever


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