Introducing 5-MeO-MALT - The Other God Molecule

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Introducing a new research chemical that's as powerful and as profound as 5-MeO-DMT that can be used for awakening and God-realization. For serious psychonauts only.

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Disclaimer: Some of the advice provided in these videos could be dangerous to your psychological or physical well-being if applied carelessly. By listening to & applying this advice you agree to take 100% responsibility for all consequences. You agree to waive any legal recourse against Actualized LLC, Leo Gura, and staff. This is not medical or psycho-therapeutic advice. Leo is not a licensed therapist.

Warning: Spiritual work is inherently risky and dangerous if misapplied or misunderstood. teachings are not suitable for people with serious mental disorders such as: suicidal depression, schizophrenia, psychosis, bipolar, drug addiction, or other psychiatric or medical conditions. Leo's teachings assume you have a stable mind and life. If your mind is dysfunctional or ungrounded, these teachings may lead to a deterioration of your condition and even suicide if misapplied. Self-help and spirituality are not substitutes for professional treatment for such conditions. If spiritual work is causing your life to unravel in unhealthy ways, discontinue the work until your mind has stabilized and you are safe. teachings are very advanced and can easily be misunderstood and misapplied. Nothing Leo teaches ever promotes physical self-harm. Any time Leo talks about “facing one’s death” he is NOT talking about suicide or physically harming your body, but rather ego-death and spiritual awakening. Never confuse these two things.

Warning: Psychedelics are inherently risky and dangerous. Only use psychedelics if you are willing to take 100% responsibility for the consequences. Do not take psychedelics if you are too young, too immature, on mind-altering medication, or if you have a mental disorder. By listening to Leo you agree that is not responsible if you misuse psychedelics and injure yourself or others. If you decide to use psychedelics you must exercise extreme caution and carefully follow safety protocols. Leo’s use of psychedelics is always done with extreme caution and attention to safety. Treat psychedelics like a loaded gun. Never use psychedelics chronically. Never take psychedelics in high doses. Psychedelics will not effortlessly solve your deep psychological problems. The less grounded your mind is, the more selfish you are, the harsher psychedelics will be on you. Psychedelics can create deep existential crises. Do not take psychedelics unless you love the idea of deconstructing your mind and reality.

Matthew Hicks

28.09.21 в 18:02

This is a cult.

Don't drink the flavor aid!

Tyler Ryals

28.09.21 в 03:52

This sounds like a spoiler for this whole "life" thing, if you ask me :p but I'm looking forward to seeing more information on this

Steven Reyes

28.09.21 в 03:43

I have experienced 5 meo twice. I can understand what you’re saying about MALT. Thank you for sharing.

Leonel David

28.09.21 в 00:36

beer dmt

Chris Gatewood

27.09.21 в 23:59

5meoDmt open eyes, smaller doses does this

Jonathan M

27.09.21 в 19:41

Is this the kid from the sixth sence?

Leigh Randle

27.09.21 в 10:48

Thanks Leo ❤

Magick & Spirituality

26.09.21 в 22:54

Hey Leo is 5-MEO-DALT similar to this?

Sire wali

26.09.21 в 10:07


Tom Sutherland

26.09.21 в 03:52

Leo why haven’t you developed supernatural healing powers yet?

Uivarosan Ciprian

26.09.21 в 00:13

@Leo, did you ever heard or discuss in your videos the ideea of Omega Point? Where finally the entire universe becomes fully self observed satisfying the condition of it's own existence and retro actively creating itself. Would be interested to hear you opinion on this. Thanks.

unenlightened man

25.09.21 в 23:14

The question is, why if we can imagine a perfect Paradise why can't God?

Ildiko Nemeth

25.09.21 в 22:40

Hey Leo, I just started a new job and I've asked my colleagues if their into spiritual growth etc. and nobody has a clue what I'm talking about but it feels really good having dropped all my previous biases...REALLY GOOD! Please don't roast me for asking, but am I on the right track? Thank you for these 9 beautiful months of teachings. I'm extremely grateful. Cheers for the years to come :)


25.09.21 в 19:56

it IS crazy that these substances exist


25.09.21 в 17:12

i took my own four psichologies and neither did not help me with difference from him. you are so magical dude and giving me so much advicement! thanks for it

Sean Johnson

25.09.21 в 13:55

this guy hahaha is a joke. definition of a sociopath, totally a cult


25.09.21 в 08:01

Don't lay down guidelines bro! It still sounds like you're suggesting bro. Lots of love Leo , don't want you getting in trouble man. Goddamn thugs will think you're cutting in on their take. You're a good one, don't fuck up.


25.09.21 в 07:58

I was taking acid when I was 10 years old , I'm way more actualized. Not fucking around, me and my friend saw the same hallucination simultaneously. One time the world turned into two hemispheres half the world was sunshine bird singing girls dancing that kind of thing the other half was dark.


25.09.21 в 06:22

And if I don't speak what I am/see to you Leo, not one will. Truth can't be excavated applauding society's star.

Girl Scout Cookies

25.09.21 в 06:17

I’m confused is 5-meO malt more intense than 5 meO DMT or are they same level but different trips?


25.09.21 в 05:59

See what I learned a long time ago in a galaxy far far away... is that each human metaphysical life path is absolutely subjective. Including the absolute subjective narrative of seeing magenta mist and the taste of pixie dust during a one-hour trip. A story like this doesn't support humanity. It supports the man on camera.


25.09.21 в 05:40

No, I'd class human deceit as "more dangerous" and "more influential" than any drug known to man. Drugs are an escape hatch. This drug on offer doesn't mean "to be enlightenment". ...Did I mention deceit/deception/deceptor as the killer hiding in plain sight? And I understand Leo that you did not advocate this drug by saying "to be enlightenment". But you don't have to say it. See. You're implying it. See the reason why most people on earth can't ask penetrating, crucial questions, is because they buy-into (believe) the storyteller. Understanding life is about understanding human implication and context. In this video (and all of your videos) I immediately understand your implication and context within what, why, and how you are saying it, Leo.


25.09.21 в 05:14

geeze... I used to use LSD back in the day for that task but of the 8hr trip only a few hours would be "useful" - an hour of that without the peaks and troughs of the LSD high (that I doubt I could handle anymore) would be so helpful...


25.09.21 в 05:02


Gat Killah

25.09.21 в 04:53

theres people and then people that have tripped the fuck out

Gat Killah

25.09.21 в 04:24

yo leo have you done nbome

Zeka Shoshki

25.09.21 в 00:24
Can anyone tell me if there is a video from Leo on his video chanel in which he mentions this man talking about the topic in the link above? Is this self diception?

Red Zebra

24.09.21 в 14:50

What does „plugging“ mean? Snorting? Asking for a friend

Julie Blythe

24.09.21 в 12:48

How do you get this? Where do you get it? I want to try psychedelics but don’t know where do go to get my hands on them.

Psychonaut Warrior

24.09.21 в 04:39

I’m curious to see how it goes Leo, I think being a psychedelic teacher could be very interesting.


24.09.21 в 01:32

hold up - has Leo ever told us why he is bald?


23.09.21 в 16:32

Thank you Leo for your work!

Raze Fan

23.09.21 в 16:23

Leo, what exactly is the point of awakening the world with psychedelic's? From what I understand, after the trip you go back to being exactly as you are except for some things you realized and take with you. But even you agree that it can cause problems from people going nuts or their ego misinterpreting it.

So how is that 'awakening' man kind? Compared to the meditative enlightenment way, which literally changes your 24/7 experience. Even if enlightenment is not 'full awakening', changing how people are completely seems to make much more sense as something that heals the world, vs very brief temporary trips where you go right back to your egoic self.

Sara M

23.09.21 в 16:19


Jarrell Freeman

23.09.21 в 15:25

Thanks again Leo for another insightful video, the realization of it all is truly amazing.. I've had many mind blowing and God realization trips, one time the vibration of love vibrated through me consumed everything around me it was truly amazing!!


23.09.21 в 13:24

To note is also that the body doesn't get used to psychedelics. Our bodies don't build tolerance. I am very sensitive with psychedelics, so I would never try something like this

Pooky Bear

23.09.21 в 12:36

I have been on too many trips over the past 3 years lsd & shrums only because i cant seem to find dmt anywhere (unless i make it) ….. my last few trips were overwhelming ….i barely get visuals! (It would bother me back than after hearing friends trip reports while everything stayed the same for me but my perspective didnt) The losing meaning of everything and relizing that nothing matters fucked me up for a whole month lol ima get back to tripping though and i hope i find some dmt!


23.09.21 в 11:41

Thank you Leo,.Your work will eventually wake up People from hypnosis.Keep going.

Chris Emerson

23.09.21 в 02:51

leo sounding more and more like a cop everyday


23.09.21 в 02:41

I get how you feel about psychedelics. In the handful of trips I've had I've come to understand karma ("talking" to a dying cockroach), Endless existence (utter ego death), Love (acceptance of all things and the nature of God), etc.

But I've been around numerous "normies", given them psychedelic experiences, but these insights don't seem to arise in them.

I feel psychedelics, like all other spiritual practices, can't force anyone to awaken who just isn't meant to

Braydon Lee

23.09.21 в 01:25

Hey Leo, for me growing up through my childhood I’ve always been a very curious child, and I think that is what help me I understand myself and to be on this spiritual journey. I am 20 years young now and in my teens I’ve experienced a lot of psychedelics, religion and other peoples world views. I think The reason I have put myself out there is to seek some sort of truth, and I’ve always struggled to find something that would click with me and understand, until I recently found spirituality witch makes a lot more sense with me and it just clicks. I’ve been thinking a lot about the material world around me, and somehow I’ve noticed a slight change in the way I see things, or remember them to be, like colours I would remember it as green then one moment later it will look like a different green like darker green, or even peoples faces will start to look like not faces aha, it’s a really hard thing for me to explain but I’m just unsure what it is. makes me feel like I’m going crazy, I was wondering if you have ever experienced anything similar or know anyone that has, thanks for all your videos btw, I really love the truth your trying to get people to understand:)

Giovanni Ghirardi

23.09.21 в 00:28

Hello leo! I know you are more interested in psychedlics but could you make a video where you explain the different meditative states that you have reached and if there is a specific practice to achieve these states? For example: How to reach concentration, non duality, cessation, bliss and so on?

Theresa Gagnon

22.09.21 в 23:43

My yoga

Dennis V

22.09.21 в 23:15

Btw why did u have 666 on your wall in your live god realisation video u did years ago, a lil annoying and off putting. Many people wondered about that yet u never adressed it. To petty for you to bother with or?

jason lattrulo

22.09.21 в 21:20

The path is the same for nobody. Each destiny is for the individual to themselves realize

jason lattrulo

22.09.21 в 21:17

While psychedelics are a wonderful way to pierce the veil and have wonderful experiences and can over time with work be integrated into the the psyche. I have found it more beneficial to decalcification of the pineal gland with a few methods. As well as daily Sun gazing and electrical body grounding(while sleeping also) and a clean diet. And I was fortunate to recieve shaktipat . Now with proper fasting I experience these same States often naturally after years of hard effort. The more I go along this path although I enjoy knowledge I don't believe any discourse is required to experience the ultimate reality. If one is ready. The SELF will pull the rest of your I inward into the heart and the rest is as you know is at least for me impossible to convey. (If you can pull your tongue up into your nasal pharnx you will taste the honey)

Oskar Hass

22.09.21 в 17:53

thank you. let this impact happen.


22.09.21 в 17:50

Stop taking drugs and say you are enlighten

Ramon Herber

22.09.21 в 13:07

Thanks for the straight talk. I appreciate it.
I am at the point of using meditation and psychedelics together through my own experience, but I also figured that I had a less than 10% chance of success regardless. Far less than 1% realistically because my commitment is less than every moment. It's rare that I get surprised by something new, and I appreciate it.

22.09.21 в 12:40

I find boofing the psychedelics much more effective. So glad to hear I’m not alone on that, it’s great.

Samuel Gomes

22.09.21 в 12:33

Hey Leo I’ve been looking for a video of yours but can’t seem to find it
In there you teach how to produce a sensation/energy on the chest which surges from thinking about someone/something we love,

James Moore

22.09.21 в 09:32

But Leo, there is no such thing as "God realisation" as everything IS God already! Is there anything that isn't? Even perceived ignorance is God. We are all experiencing God at all times. God expressed and manifested in Infinitely different forms. If God desired itself to be in a non dual form then we (God) would not be in this current from, this current state of consciousness that we (God) are in. All is perfection regardless of what conscious state we are in. I have experienced a number of times "God consciousness" through psychedelics (DMT) and through integration have come to this realisation. There is no awaking, we (God) is already exactly as it seeks to be which is perfection. So no, no responsibility, no seeking, what is IS, and what will be WILL be.

The Seeker

22.09.21 в 07:21

Man you are crazy, some people might say you and your followers are "cult like".

Tyler The Presence

22.09.21 в 07:01

U Da best Leo


22.09.21 в 06:40

Leo could do a Video about his LSD trips..I also want to know, how he react to thc XD

John Gallagher

22.09.21 в 03:15

Er uh ... ive never wanted to be that enlightened to plug anything ever again since the great Twinkie mishap of 1997.

CARPENTE / Kenny Carpenter

22.09.21 в 02:49

Why do I get a classic Real Social Dynamics vibe off of you? I know RSD helped change me, years back. I also agree that psychedelics are the fast-track portal over things like meditation. Thanks.


22.09.21 в 00:59

People devided on this one like if leo is moses and those who embrace psychedelic are with leo "moses" and the ones leaning on the classic route the ones left behind.
But the spiritual path on both side is to embrace all. So for the meditation guy to is to in union and full acceptance with his fellow in this path to take psychedelic and vice versa.
What leo saying is that if you are on the classic path and you listening to me. My words pointing to what can't see. and it start again why i don't see it And we points fingers...
But again regardless it's all about union and the flavors of its parts.

Gabriel Tiago

21.09.21 в 23:32

Leo turning into another bullshitting animal selling another substance out of reach of normies.

Wish Leo would write a book so he would ramble less.

I liked Leo's older videos better. He communicated his ideas to a broader audience. Now it's videos just for people who practice Latin for fun.

Actualized clips is not the same has older Leo.

Time to give up on this content and, pick up the next Leo sugested book, with the sounds of humanity screaming in agony and pain on TV.

Guilito Torres

21.09.21 в 23:31

I hope he gets over 10M subscribers. He has such a positive aura and vibe. We need more people like this. Much love from Puerto Rico!


21.09.21 в 22:58

But Leo! I've finished the video and I've noticed the word solipsism mentioned quite a few times. From what I can tell watching your videos, it sounds like psychedelics will just induce solipsism. I did a google search on solipsism and it mentions it's one of the first stages of schizophrenia/psychosis. You're saying in the video that everything we do in life, on self-help I guess, is a waste of time, unless we go straight to the psychedelics. But the psychedelics only force you into the solipsism state. Of course a drug that is going to induce such a state will make one believe that it is the ultimate/god-state because that is what those drugs were designed to do. You might even think that you yourself, being the only one that exists, had made manifest someone else to build these tools. Isn't that what a solipsist would do?

Why would someone want to railroad everyone else into the same path by doing these drugs? Wouldn't that go against solipsism? Of course when you have a drug tell you that it's all solipsism, in its own way, you're going to believe it. And you won't be able to undo the problems caused by a frozen, unchanging point of view because you can't see it as a problem, you see it as the solution. Despite the fact that I'm seeing links regarding solipsism as a mental health problem.

Let's say you had a group of 10 people and you all joined in a podcast discussion. You all took the psyches 100s of times and you all have had a dozen times with 'MALT. Now you're in a room with a podcast broadcasting. What the fuck would you guys even talk about?

Or how about a city full of such people? What would anybody do? Nobody would want to do anything except go back to the drugs and tell everybody else that they're gods. I don't think a whole city or nation high on psychedelics would change civilization at all. Just think about that. Some teenage Johnny Do-Gooder out there that has never had a job and nearly out of school. He gets into these tools, becomes a solipsist, and now he doesn't feel a need to ever work again, even though he never had the experience. His job could now be that he has to get everyone else involved in using these drugs because nothing else would be important. And that's all anyone will talk or think a mushroom invasion of the mind because what's more important? Obviously to the tool user, nothing else is! And what if psychedelic people start feeding their kids these tools in order for them to 'reach enlightenment before adulthood'? Do you think the President is going to pin a medal on them for doing that?

At the end of the day, somebody still has to pick up the trash, farm the food, make sure the lights stay on, the criminals put in jail, clean the toilets, get the homeless off the street, and if you don't have elections, the person in charge (or the one in charge after he dies), will inevitably turn into a dictator.

I know you've said dozens of times that we can't convince you to change direction and I'm not trying to do that. But this idea of it changing civilization is not going to work. Civilizations have already come and gone on psychedelics via the shaman. It probably works for small tribes but on a massive scale, all you get are a bunch of drugged out junkies mis-using them the same way as people like to buy and use guns to kill people when they get angry. And people that go crazy on them will have family and friends who will see what happened to those that tried and they're not going to embrace the drugs. Imagine how many family and friends get pissed off for every permanent psychosis that is made manifest in one of them. It's like being they were shot in the head by a bullet, maybe?

So what does that leave to talk about in future videos? Just talking about the 'greatness' of the psychedelices, perhaps trying more extreme psyches or research chemicals as they arise, or potentially budding mental problems made manifest?

Frankly Leo, I just don't see where there is much direction in what videos you can make on this topic or its side topics that would warrant much interest. Someone taking the drugs doesn't need to hear it, and everyone else either doesn't have access or know much about it or maybe doesn't want to do it. I hope you'll find some other things to talk about or maybe take a few years off the drugs and let your mind process the experiences for awhile. To me personally, solipsism does not sound exciting and your look and demeanor on film doesn't look like it's making you very happy. Sorry if this was too long, but I've been thinking about the video all day and wanted to make a few statements and points that might be useful.

Gideon Waxfarb

21.09.21 в 21:16

I'm all for psychedelic use in this work and would love to try them myself. But in regard to actually obtaining them, for the benefit of those of us who don't 'know a guy who knows a guy', maybe you'll point us in the direction of some good retreat sites on your blog?
I've personally asked around, and the strongest substance I have access to in the area I live is weed.

MorningStar BF

21.09.21 в 20:09

Someone told me. Only humans have soul. Animals don't have soul. They don't have after life. Can u explain please

Pablo Castellon Arevalo

21.09.21 в 19:45

Your thumbnails are pieces of art. Please share who is the master from whom we can learn. Thank you for the high-quality content.

Eric Maina

21.09.21 в 18:52

Hi Leo, I’d love to hear and learn more about the brain detox protocol you have been doing.


21.09.21 в 18:08

As to the second part of this video.... I was stopped in my tracks. I've literally felt like that for years. Mainstream spiritual teachers have value but are extremely difficult to understand. I have intuitively known that psychedelics have been completely misunderstood. They are not for recreational use!!! They are for God realization. It's not a mistake I found Leo. I'm absolutely blown away by his teachings.

Louise Garner

21.09.21 в 17:39

Aurum Nostrum Non Est Aurum Vulgi: Our gold is not common gold.

God of Lovers

21.09.21 в 16:45

I've seen this for sale for a while but didn't see anything on it. Thank you.

Reverse Fulfillment

21.09.21 в 16:12

This should be available at your local gas station, next to the Mickey's. "Stick this plug up yer butt and see God." That's the poster in the gas station.


21.09.21 в 16:05

I've believed psychedelics were the way to go for serious work for a while and Im sure you did too. Excited to go on this journey with you

Aaron Swindell

21.09.21 в 15:51

Is there a link on how to extract?

Stane Malovrh

21.09.21 в 15:13

I can guess why he does not say where he gets it. I would just like to know is there any safe online store. That will not scam you or give something fake. I don't want to get it from some back ally dealer. Thank you if anyone can share where he or she already got it and it was the real stuff that Leo talks here.

king Louis XIII

21.09.21 в 13:59

Leo theres something I'm good at that I stopped doing but I feel like when I'm old I will always wonder "what if I'd have stuck with good could I have gotten" I feel obliged to go back to it. My question is could you direct me to a relevant video of yours that gives advice on this because I wanna be sure my decision is for the right reasons. Thanks


21.09.21 в 12:31

Who the hell can do this stuff? The only people that I can think that could do it are people that are unemployed, still in school, or rich people. I figure most of those cheering the drugs on don't actually have a job. You can't hold a day job while then taking a week or two of vacation to go tripping balls. You'll lose that job and a way to pay the bills. Very few people are going to be able to balance tripping balls with their typical work-life balance. It's impossible.


21.09.21 в 11:02

I totally agree. You can explain it forever and you get in return is accusation, disagreement and redicule


21.09.21 в 10:44

Film a video while on psyxhedelic


21.09.21 в 09:35

buuttt leo....u r gatekeeping spirituality again... a common bingle spiritual masters have made in the past , much much before you discovered or rather re memberd 'God'..... don't make the same mistake others before u have already made ..everybody is right where there are ... regardless of substances... if u can't realize the beauty of life without using some powered piss then u have missed the point ...but it's fine u will get there... spiritual gatekeeping ...

Chris Power

21.09.21 в 09:30

Absolutely love you watching your videos.Do you have any plans to come to the UK to do some talks etc?Would love meet you’ve cemented my belief in GOD!!

Marjan Sheikh Sharbafan

21.09.21 в 09:13

Leo, Thanks for your discovery! Dhyanalinga in India would give the same experience as 5meo-dmt. (Eg. God realisation, I AM, RAM, Single pointed awareness,etc ...). Probably people who have not tried psychedelic before are not sensitive enough to energy centres either!

Open Hearts United

21.09.21 в 08:23

This man is truly a pioneer, and his public presence is having deep, profound impact on individuals. Considering the butterfly effect, it is interesting to ponder how much these videos are affecting the trajectory of history. I look forward to seeing where this journey unfolds in the coming years and decades.

Shawn Blondin

21.09.21 в 07:30

Thanks Leo, respect.


21.09.21 в 07:22

Why god. What does that to do with god?

Matthew Johnson

21.09.21 в 06:13

Just took 10 grams of shrooms . Happiest I've ever been . Probably the best psycadelic underneath 5 meo dmt which I haven't done so I don't know. Lol

dean krob

21.09.21 в 04:42

Any time I want god realization I just go on a ten mile run! Its not quite as simple as plugging but it is definitely easier on my conscience....


21.09.21 в 03:14

Comparing deep meditation to the experience of taking a psychedelic, is like comparing the experience of peacefully sitting down in the library reading books about survival to the experience of being thrown in the middle of the wilderness, in an unforgiving environment with nothing but a pocket knife.

There's just NO comparison and this repetitive insistence in new-age/spiritual circles that there IS a comparison, is something that I've always found both laughable and frustrating.


21.09.21 в 02:12

LOL... Leo puts out more drugs on youtube. Nice one man

Linda S. Coady

21.09.21 в 02:10

Thank you for everything you share with us Leo.


21.09.21 в 01:10

I'm glad your mom named you Leo it's super easy and impossible to forget

Imagine being named some Russian name
And you are originally Russian!

N. Sankar-Peralta

20.09.21 в 23:37

Leo what do you do to prep yourself before each psychedelic use/ experience. Do you fast before? Do you prepare the space or do any rituals or meditations or have someone watch over you while you go under? What exactly do you do to prepare for the experience? What do you do right afterwards too?

prnce VIAL

20.09.21 в 21:06

Guys isn’t achieving enlightenment without drugs or psychedelics the way to go? I mean can you even declare yourself as enlightened if you can only do it with psychedelics or drugs? And aren’t you back at your regular state after the trip is over? Let me know your thoughts and opinions pls.

_ Dynamix

20.09.21 в 20:55

Hey Leo and community. I have a question: Is there a video on Leos daily practices or routines? Not that I want to copy paste it but I am pretty curious about it and couldnt find a video about this.

Timea Sarina

20.09.21 в 19:41

Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this! I am going with you and really looking forward to have my own experience!


20.09.21 в 19:07

But why should we care about awakening mankind when everything is perfect either way and on top of that it's all imaginary and insignificant from an absolute prospective ?


20.09.21 в 18:49

Game changer in Spirituality - Leo ..... I have a lot of work that I need to do beofre trying 5meo. Exploring mushroom or LSD is my thing ..... And one day I ll do Ayahuasca and 5 meo .... But I am glad the work u are doing.


20.09.21 в 17:45

Just dont go overboard with the drugs please

WhytLight 4U

20.09.21 в 16:12

Q. . . . tell us "what is non-duality". . . . and how does it work/feel?


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