How To Get Laid - Part 2 - Outer Game Techniques

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The outer game and techniques you must learn to get success with attracting women. Full breakdown of how game works.

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11.03.22 в 00:27

Awesome series video. Why always get her number and don't give your number?


09.03.22 в 03:20

I did a few approaches, not uncommon girls like to talk about politics... Lol

G.S .N

05.03.22 в 22:47

Thank you leo

Rudrajit Dey

26.02.22 в 20:07

bookmark: 1:11:25

New Life

24.02.22 в 08:55

Love the thumbnail


22.02.22 в 21:06

i mean, talking with a guy or a gal and make him or her your best freind. I feel Leo kind of cover that in his spiral dynamic seires. xD Just repeat those slogans like incantations depending on what stage of development he is in. and voila u got yourself a new best friend :D

Lucas Lima Marques

21.02.22 в 00:05


Aviral Shrivastava

14.02.22 в 15:53


Sabin Lupu

10.02.22 в 07:52

Now serious. Its so true that most of us, men, we think and act logical, true to the core and all that, but all this stuff that you're talking about, make everything like so exhausting. You talk about like things are more complicated than simplified.


03.02.22 в 19:58

Thanks a lot!


01.02.22 в 14:19

This guy is talking so much bullshit to sell his books. Gaslighting naive and desperate men about why they are not attractive so he can sell more his self development books. Cut the bullshit. Watch this video and this channel if you want to know some real reasons about why you can’t get laid. This YouTube Channel have evidence to prove their point contrary to Leo’s bullshit.


25.01.22 в 17:55

Leo is giving a lot of wrong informations here.
More than 4 hours of talk on several videos to don’t say the truth about attraction ... He shares a lot of informations without evidence. In the video is even denying the scientific studies but he can’t provide any evidence himself...

He neglects the importance of look ( height , face and ethnicity ) in attracting women ...

Statistics prove that being short make men struggle a lot and that taller men are the most chosen by women. You can actually see this in real life everyday you don’t even need statistics especially in western countries.

He doesn’t mean that short men can’t get laid of course. But they will get laid less and it’s proven by numbers.

Leo mentions that look is not an important factor but it’s not true.

He literally said « IT´S ACTUALLY GREAT NEWS FOR YOU MEN BECAUSE ITS A LOT EASIER to develop leadership qualities and CONFIDENCE, ASSERTIVENESS AND STRENGTH than it is to change your PHYSICAL APPEARANCE !

This is the opposite actually. Look is the first factor and the behavior comes after especially nowadays. Most of the men don’t like to feel powerless and prefer to say to themselves that money and leadership is the most important factor to attract women. Because if men accept that can’t change they can’t change theirs look to attract a woman they may feel powerless...

By the way some women do pick up and he said that women don’t do that ...

Herman Leão

25.01.22 в 13:23

blah blah blah, that's is the "teacher", "tweaker" does for NO ONE....COME ON MAN!!!! ENOUGH THIS BLAH BLAH DREAM...

Sa Ro

25.01.22 в 04:48

every time he laughs I laugh too


17.01.22 в 23:57

1:40:15 Face Expression says: „How the f did I came to talk about Trump“

Yordy Rivera

17.01.22 в 01:11

40:10 here is my opener noticed you as i was walking by, i want to introduce myself for a second?

Yordy Rivera

17.01.22 в 00:23

did anybody take down any notes down like in the last video or no?

Philipp personalityassistant

15.01.22 в 15:55

Warsaw, wroclaw, krakow in Poland are great. Moved from switzerlsnd to Poland due of the quality of girls


15.01.22 в 10:33


Olivier Rouiller

11.01.22 в 16:51

That's my these: All that game is pointing to is no game. For example: Game is about gaining real self esteem, once you have real self esteem you remove game. In other words, clear up the emotional shit, integrate your shadows, reconnect to your instincts and you will learn all the calibration, you never need to hear any technique or game advice ever again. Thechniques become implicit, the way women are implicit. Implicit is the true nature once you are connected with yourself, rationalisation and making things explicit, including game, is distorted energy in the head because of trauma and disconnection to emotional and instinctual self. Men are not more rational. Rational men are just been more traumatised than the other one, and their science and carrer is a trauma symtom. Men are deeply traumatised in their instincts, more than women. Because men in their insincts are perceived as a threat. Fear of rejection is a symptom of trauma too, do the game but also do the therapy and don't waste your time.


09.01.22 в 15:51

The fact that leo gives this content to us for free where others would build a library of content behind a paywall based on this says something about the extreme value of leo's paid content

Darío Mancilla

09.01.22 в 05:22


Jack Gately

07.01.22 в 19:46

I feel like if I had this information and college was back in person, it would be way easier to you know what.


02.01.22 в 15:07

I wish there were timestamps

Lester Retsel

01.01.22 в 22:09

"Don't try to prove yourself a man by exploiting the powers of seduction. Women are not fooled by that sort of strength and charm. Women, even when they are subjugated mentally, are always masters of the situation. A woman may be enslaved, sexually, yet dominate the man" Henry Miller.

Marko Zorec

31.12.21 в 14:12

“Spiritually awakened” person here is telling me to be genuine. And after 15 minutes, he say "...I'll play it up a little bit." So in short, manipulating a little bit just to get a woman for ONS. Spiritually awakeness?

Capital A

31.12.21 в 03:03

Me and my bro make the joke it doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you get the results and no one is hurt in the process.

Ethan 8

30.12.21 в 20:53

Isn't just confidence the bottom line for being good with girls?

Emmanuel Adeyemi

30.12.21 в 20:14

The Glory Hole opener is


27.12.21 в 21:23

I try to talk to girls but I have autism and struggle to talk to strangers

Tsunami! :o

26.12.21 в 18:53

25:38 Yeah, I'm not serious because I have circumstances that prevent me from moving to a whole different place. Listen to yourself!

In part 1 of your series, you said that we must make men better because of the consequences of having a massive chunk of the population bitter and displeased with their lives. The solution I am hearing here is beyond reasonable. Not everyone has the money and some have reasons not to move. It is not even applicable on a large scale!

Also, you never address the end game. With our current marriage laws, how do you not get fucked over 20 years down the line? Leave the USA for a more reasonable place? lol

The rat race may be fun, but the game seems rigged from the start. No one, not even the richest, most social and beautiful man, has a decent chance at winning. Russian roulette seems to have better odds for more reward! You can have sex, but you'll never get children out of it because of contraception. You can try to get a woman pregnant, but you'll get fucked over by the system as soon as she gets bored of you. I am not here to jump into loops and "game my wife" until I fucking die. I have aspirations and dreams, problems to solve and machines to build!

But I won't build any of it, I won't give anything back to society if I get punished for spending my life improving the lives of others. This is nonsense. But I'll become a fuckboy like you. I'll be part of the nonsense... but unlike you I won't lie. I'll wish for everyone to suffer as much as possible, I will wish for all of it to burn down and crumble to pieces, without hope of building it back up. Fuck you, fuck this system.

Scott Hay

26.12.21 в 13:27

What a dork. This guy is ridiculous.

john adams

25.12.21 в 15:55

hi LEO thanks for creating these useful contest i have got just one question and the question is i am actually an emotional masochist and i dont know how to control it i like to be dominated and humiliated by women and i can't stop one of the reason i think is because i don't know what the is wrong with me i have tried several years and i have failed and i am so tired i hope you can create a video about BDSM and masochism since this is a new hot topic around the world and i would be glad to hear your opinion on this , peace

Paul Braunstein

25.12.21 в 10:08



21.12.21 в 14:36

I really love your videos and advice but i don't think it's necessary to move to a big city if big cities are not for you. That in and of itself would be inauthentic.
In my case i have an own house, my own business and 2 things I'm highly passionate about in the area that I'm living in (although it's quite a small area i live in)
Why would i want to trade that?
I can still be serious about something but choose that other things might be more worthwile.
Still i really need to improve my game even with lesser options of volume.


21.12.21 в 11:41

I know Leo slayyss poon

Cjgoku Homes

19.12.21 в 18:47

every 15 min of this video is taking 45 mins to watch as I'm also taking notes but I believe I will watch this whole video bcoz of the thumbnail.


19.12.21 в 00:14

Hey this is Leo, do you know me

A. Altamimi

18.12.21 в 22:03

37:10 Amazing

Fernanda Gaiotto Machado

16.12.21 в 01:05

By experience, if you have the intent to search and the luck to find a girl attractive enough, the game will play by itself. Just focus on your first class self image and your high vibe. In my point of view, the problem is in step 0. Thank you for the content, Leo.


12.12.21 в 17:55

I love his videos, title say no bullshit and then he talking bullshit about 3 hours.

Iva Road Dog Sitting

12.12.21 в 12:10

I agree with you, women place high value on verbal skills. Because communication is a social talent, and the woman wants a man who is popular socially. Is it possible, that rappers are charming ladies with their superior verbal skills? It certainly isn't because they treat women better

Reshaping Your Destiny

12.12.21 в 03:56

"If women didn't play games, guys wouldn't need to learn game". That hits the nail on its head! Very well said!

Benjamin Rodriguez

11.12.21 в 21:21

bro that "You like to smoke that weed dont you" vibe is fuckin hilarious XD


11.12.21 в 03:15

^ Unless her friend(s) want to join..

Gloria Fallon

08.12.21 в 19:25

Your dance story made me smile.

Cjgoku Homes

07.12.21 в 19:09

So the chances of me getting laid is looking impossible.

big pp

07.12.21 в 10:08

Man you've changed

Avare Volf

06.12.21 в 08:15

Some taboo acts make one feel important to the empire and others make one feel important to civilization but one is only as important as one actually is to either
I suppose when I chastised you for your radical open-mindedness I was wrong. Acts like rape, murder, and whatever else you said DO have to be accepted. However, there are many other taboo acts that have their places as well… umm… nah’ima’stay, Leo

Cjgoku Homes

05.12.21 в 19:23

i'm still not going to do a approach. Its so scary.

Cjgoku Homes

03.12.21 в 18:37

leo should change his name to LEO GURU from Leo Gura.

Frederic FreddyFreddo

02.12.21 в 19:54

Great video


02.12.21 в 11:03

If you poke me in the belly I’m likely to poke you in the eye ball

Enrique Suberza

01.12.21 в 23:32

Omicron's ruining my plans :(

Pettersony Strawman

01.12.21 в 19:40

Me: You look like you smoke weed.
Her: Yeah, I do. How could you tell.
Me: Don't smoke weed. Weed is temporary.
Her: laughs nervously
Me: The God Emperor of men is eternal!
Her: starts running away
Me: shouting after her Die for the emperor or die trying!


30.11.21 в 01:02

Lmao I feel like I'm on the spectrum, I don't value and care for sex as much as other people and society. I'm afraid my relationships won't work because I'm not very sexual.

Saugat Mainali

29.11.21 в 05:23

rambo raven

28.11.21 в 23:55


Luiz Braga Cândido

28.11.21 в 23:14

Pratique esses aspecto dando ênfase nos seguintes aspectos
.Aborde sem desculpas para si mesmo
.senso de humor
.Mostre suas emoções
.consciencia corporal
.assosiação livre
.tom de voz grave firme, com pausa e claro
.enquadramento de rostos
.escalaçaõ fisica
.observações em vez de perguntas
.iniciar abordagem com observações
.Mover ela alguns metros pelo local
.Converse com os amigos dela


28.11.21 в 22:08


The Magicman

28.11.21 в 15:02

self depricating humor is actually a bad thing.. unless its clear that she knows its not true. in my opinion.

Anurag Agarwal

28.11.21 в 02:23

Leo this episode reminds me of Bollywood MOVIE DIRECTOR...



Ricky Vasquez

27.11.21 в 23:49

Leo thank you for all the free content you put out. You're changing lives. You're a legend.

b hansell

26.11.21 в 06:49

"If she says no but she's smiling she likes it but doesn't want to appear slutty" * Not True !! * Some girls smile to be polite. Please listen to her words. Always double check

Petra Cold mountain

26.11.21 в 03:51

Thank you , Master Gura.


26.11.21 в 01:32

Please can you make a video about bringing all religion together and reunite and fully inform about real God. Something deep for other people to awaken or at least knowing about truth. Thank you


25.11.21 в 16:18

This was eye-opening and likely made me way kinder. And thank you for discouraging drinking.

Dominic Animo

25.11.21 в 05:39

Extremely high quality stuff

Jamie L Williams

25.11.21 в 05:22

What would dating Leo be like? What's your take? Reply to this post and let us all know, ladies. We'd love to hear what you have to say.

Andreas Matzinger

24.11.21 в 23:36

The only important question is:
Was she a ladyboi afterall?

Artem S

24.11.21 в 13:50

Classic RSD stuff

lSD SickBoi

24.11.21 в 11:31

Thank you Leo ...

Antor Hoque

24.11.21 в 04:55

When you started talking about the physical touch i got scared because even if you tap on her shoulder she might call the cops on you


23.11.21 в 20:23

When you went into the dog story I expected it to take a really dark twist like Julien Blanc's lmao

Dor Cohen

23.11.21 в 17:43

Interesting, to touch a girl and if she does not want, she will move and refuse. Saying things that are not exactly the truth, All this fuss, sounds so unhealthy. God is love, and I'm not sure love behaves like that. But I still love you, thank you.

Juo Studios

23.11.21 в 17:00

i have the impression that girls are just object to move around :D

Andreas Matzinger

23.11.21 в 10:22

What is he recommending at 1:34:00 ?
I can't understand it, please somebody help

Seth Butler

22.11.21 в 22:34

Leo goes red pill

King- Nick

22.11.21 в 21:16

San Francisco is a good place

Ali Husham

22.11.21 в 19:38

You can get lied by joining to hippies

Ali Husham

22.11.21 в 19:38

You can get laied by joining to hippies

Lemar Fouriesos

22.11.21 в 11:11

Hi Leo, you often talked about the Life Purpose Course. Usually I would be very sceptical to pay money online for a Video-Course. But after watching hundreds of your videos, I am now very convinced, that it will be helpful. I will eventually purchase it as a New Years Resolution for 2022. Thank you for all the free content so far.

Kunal Tiwari

22.11.21 в 09:00

I beg you to release your next lecture series on career and how to become rich bcoz that is also one of our fundamental needs

Kunal Tiwari

22.11.21 в 08:59

Going on a path of sprituality is almost impossible unless one has satisfied his basic needs. Sex is one of them and I'm truely grateful for your efforts. I'm now 25 and still virgin bcoz of low self-esteem,self doubt etc. That's why I have been frequently failing to go on the path of sprituality

Jon Emilio

22.11.21 в 05:22

Thanks for admitting where, you feel, you messed up recently pulling a girl. You don’t know how reassuring it is to hear that some one, such as yourself, still can make mistakes. I appreciate your humbleness, honesty, and willing to share.

Aaron Leo

21.11.21 в 22:39

Very good video :) But about approach anxiety: Busting through it infield is important but at home everybody can practice letting go the fear and base wantings of security, control, approval, oneness and seperation. I know, you know the sedona method and it is also amazingly good for getting laid and even more connecting on a deep level


21.11.21 в 20:37

Hey Thanks Leo this means allot

Remleh The Great

21.11.21 в 18:06

Why has nobody ever seen a really ugly guy chatting up and entertaining a group of beautiful girls?

A: Because ugly guys have a bias against it working and doesn’t even try.

B: Because it doesn’t work that way.


21.11.21 в 12:38

It's called the bellybutton talk, when someone talk to you and point the bellybutton towards you it means they are engaged with you. If a girl doesn't look towards you when she is talking to you and don't point her bellybutton at you, you need to keep building trust. This is used in sales. Sale people know that when someone point their bellybutton at them there's more possibility to make a sell.


21.11.21 в 09:56

Around the 1:55 mark.. if you're in the process of seducing her, she expects you to finish it! If she wants to stop you, she will. If you don't press it when you feel like she wants you, then you don't deserve it, you're a beta wimp. Not always, but with enough experience, you'll realize when she expects you to close the deal. She'll stop you if you're wrong.. but even that can be a playful tease. Seduction & making out is a playful dance & once you start "getting it", you'll know how it's going without thinking about it. This is such good information, for both sides, good stuff! ;)


21.11.21 в 07:21

I noticed one contradiction. She wants the guy to be masculine. But the guy has to drop his logical state of mind to be more like her.

Carrie The Hay Goddess

21.11.21 в 07:13

Truly , talking to women is like working a hostage negotiation. The tactics are similar . You be yourself in the context of you need to figure out how to make that easy to communicate quickly. Women assess very quickly and unfortunately ruthlessly. Observant men usually do very well figuring out their game with women. I look at what we are told as little girls all our lives. I feel bad woman want (masculine) men but women also want control… if men can balance that they are more likely to be successful. Then women want some of that control decided for them after trust is established . I see this a lot. The high density women will be where they work. Hospitals , schools , government, retail , etc these jobs are majority women and they will live local to those facilities they are employed.

Free Buckets

21.11.21 в 03:32

I love to learn about this stuff thanks


21.11.21 в 03:31

Do a video on how to get out of your parent’s house (how to become independent)


21.11.21 в 02:37

I have to say Leo did a great job of bringing all this info together for us


20.11.21 в 19:29

Any advice for a guy who is attractive but very shy and unexperienced? I have their attention, they show me that they like me, but nothing happens. We just talk and talk, and after a while they go away. It appears that looks don't mean a sh*t. not for me.

Kartazon Dream

20.11.21 в 18:26

So Leo, how many perfect holes do you need in your life?
Or... are you still looking for just one, the most ideal one? (in the fantasy world that you yourself created)
You cannot sit on two chairs.
You know what I mean.


20.11.21 в 13:53

Interesting. Everything's about being myself, which has apparently gone nowhere. BUT, there is a way to conversationalists... is my T low?
Eh, I appreciate you helping others, and maybe I am trying rarity that i havediffuculty.its not wit,but it is, it just being genuinely understanding. no one can get anyone. yet, it's just basic social interaction. There is a lot of time to understand this. anyone who doesn't see the working behin seens? people who don't do it

holy shit, good. provide the steps.bitdamb, dude.k
maybe my pussyssyisdead
but i live in Seattle, and I do my own thing.

Kalla mig T G

20.11.21 в 10:21

Do you think you could do some pickup irl and post it on your second channel? I would appreciate that

Rog Solaris

20.11.21 в 10:04

I remember a date with someone half my age a few years ago, we went to one bar for a beer to chat and get comfortable, then we went to a more crowded lounge type place. We got a drink at the bar, then I took her hand and led her through the crowd to our little spot. She fucking LOVED that. You take them by the hand and lead them. Women love that shit. Screwed her brains out. (Not that night)


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