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Heatwaves are pushing temperatures to their highest levels ever recorded. It’s reached over 40 degrees in parts of Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. Wildfires have been burning out of control.

Experts say heatwaves like this have become more frequent because of climate change caused by humans.

Video chapters:
0:00 - Introduction
0:21 - Story
1:06 - Headline 1: Earth Observatory, NASA: Heatwaves and Fires Scorch Europe, Africa, and Asia
3:03 – Headline 2: Standard: Hottest UK day ever predicted as London bakes in heatwave
4:46 - Headline 3: The Financial Times: ‘Climate change shoved in our face’ — Europe wrestles with heatwave and forest fires
6:17 - Language summary

Key words and phrases

damage with heat

• The heatwave scorched the grass.
• I scorched my shirt with an iron.

heats to an uncomfortable level

• Train passengers baked in the heat.
• It’s baking outside. Stay in the shade.

struggles with a difficult situation

• We are wrestling with climate change.
• He wrestled with his decision to quit university.

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Gayathri Sri Kumari

08.09.22 в 00:43

Superb... Nice and clear lesson.Thank you ❤

Laura From Myanmar

30.08.22 в 13:21

Hello, can someone explains to me why they use "Train passengers baked in the heat" instead of " got baked in the heat" at 4:42?


23.08.22 в 21:52



19.08.22 в 20:46

Finally, a cold wave will take place tomorrow in North Africa after wrestling with strong heat waves for couples of days

Rotva HTP

17.08.22 в 23:09

Thank you BBC team

Ci Dir

16.08.22 в 23:07

Thanks. I always learn something new from you.

leodan condori

16.08.22 в 12:54

I am an evolucionist. I am not worried. The evolution has created this marvelous earth. So the evolution will solve this tiny problem.

New Dimension

14.08.22 в 12:26

Absolutely amazing lesson.
I would like to request you to make many more videos like this one.

Na telefon

11.08.22 в 08:44

how hot is hot in the uk?


06.08.22 в 19:49

It’s baking here in Iraq. The highest temperature has just been recorded in Iraq this year


05.08.22 в 03:15

Vocabulaires are .
Scorch - damage with heat
Scorching - very hot ground
Bakes/ Roasting - hot weather.
Boiling - very hot.
Wrestle - struggle with difficult situations

Igor Eva

02.08.22 в 03:06

It's also baking in our place.

Егор Наумович

30.07.22 в 10:27

nice lesson, thanks guys


27.07.22 в 21:17

No heatwaves in Scotland!

Max Bilyk

27.07.22 в 20:29

i don’t “wrestle” with my english, because english isn’t difficult problem to solve

Mark O'Brien

27.07.22 в 17:38

BBC nonsense ..

Ann Magarity

27.07.22 в 14:46

Stay tuned to the latest news. Thanks to you giving us the news.

Anglosaxon Mike

27.07.22 в 10:06

It could be a very cold Winter. The apparent turmoil in weather patterns is producing some heat spikes, but larger parts of the planet are experiencing exceptionally cold weather. This is not reported by the media.

This happens as a planet cools. The current warming phase stopped some years ago. This is widely know by the scientific community. It's hard to not notice such things when sattellites are recording tempertaures all over the planet.

The North Pole is experiencing it's coldest Summer on record.

Amazingly, the BBC are not reporting this fact.


27.07.22 в 07:57

what is her name?

Camoka Devorso

27.07.22 в 02:54

(1.35)what a quick talk for god's sake

Anglosaxon Mike

26.07.22 в 19:19

Every day it seems there a headlines and rumors talking about global warming. One newspaper will claim its hype, that the mainstream media is misreading scientific data and then using that information to mislead the public. On the same day, an internet media outlet will claim that there is new scientific “proof” that global warming is on the rise and the planet is doomed. The very next day there is a terrible cold front bringing record cold temperatures and people everywhere ask each other, “Global what?”
Almost everything you have heard from the mainstream media about global warming, greenhouse gases, and carbon dioxide , has been misleading at best and plainly false at its worst.
Al Gores and all his cronies have been shouting for years that the earth is heating up to the point of destruction when, in truth, those greenhouse gases are actually causing the earth to cool down.
In a report made public in the Principia Scientific International (PSI) NASA tracked infrared emissions from the earth’s upper atmosphere during and after the solar storm that happened March 8-10th. They discovered that most of the energy released from the sun during this storm was reflected back into space, NOT dumped into earth’s atmosphere.

Oulac Yousan

26.07.22 в 11:30

The heatwaves have reached an all-time high here in my country,

Jay Clarke

26.07.22 в 10:01

Hi BBC learning English. I'm currently in class with my 15 year old Spanish student here in Spain but am having difficulty finding your quizzes on your website. I'm specifically looking for the quiz on heatwaves?

Abdurahmon Kozimjonov

26.07.22 в 07:31

I guess Sian didn't really sleep well
She keeps closing her eyes


26.07.22 в 04:51

Boil ,bake,roast yes
Frying ,grilling not


26.07.22 в 02:52

Bake baking roasting

Roman L.N.

25.07.22 в 15:18

Great lesson,thx BBC LE!

J َ

25.07.22 в 12:28

it's 44°C currently, and is ok to go outside in such numbers otherwise you will live at home. life is the same, beautiful.

Prince Tripathi

25.07.22 в 06:32

I'm really sick of seeing British people talking about the weather.


24.07.22 в 18:03

why the example use bakes,not baked?thanks a lot


24.07.22 в 17:28

It's the time of year and than night comes and it cools down get over it

Dung Thùy

24.07.22 в 13:45

The lesson is so useful and i learn a lot from video. Thank you so much to make meaningful video ❤️


24.07.22 в 12:03

Climate change is a serious problem. We must wrestle with it and save the Earth

Gaina Function

24.07.22 в 10:07

heatwave is caused by the 1% eating to much caviar, they spend all day farting and need to be culled


24.07.22 в 08:39

Thank u guys so much useful ❤️❤️

Mai Kiều

24.07.22 в 04:29

I'm wrestling with Ielts :))
Today, it's absolutely boiling/ roasting


23.07.22 в 17:26

A high temperature causes hallucinations

Hashim Mohamud

23.07.22 в 10:36

The World is got too much heat ever recorded due to climate change

Prawasha singh

23.07.22 в 04:45

amazing lesson bbc thanks for that !

Cuc Huynh

23.07.22 в 02:24

Love this episode!

stas kvitka

22.07.22 в 17:35

.... ...... .... .....

Mr Rabbit

22.07.22 в 13:36


Andy Butler

22.07.22 в 12:12

Heatwaves in summer shock!! Brainwashing propaganda... every single thing you are saying is a lie. Ministry of disinformation. Nazis

Tony Smith

22.07.22 в 11:42

This is just a warm up! Next month real heatwaves are coming....magnetic reversal continues

Tony Smith

22.07.22 в 11:41

A magnetic reversal is global....

nerd 999

22.07.22 в 11:03

wow there too many syms for cooking meat.

World Interesting News

22.07.22 в 09:29

Very interesting English program

Πετρος Νικου

22.07.22 в 09:17

Wrestle scorch heatwave bake roast

Youstina Daoud

22.07.22 в 07:33

Tobias Arias Toya

22.07.22 в 04:01

I loved that conversation, very interesting for me

Иван Иванов

22.07.22 в 03:54

Design is wonderful, but you should change the melody, please, change it for previous one)


22.07.22 в 02:34

The bakers are baking in a baking day
no one noticed the scorchers would come
that made them wrestle with a day
thanks a lot guys Kudos to you!

badminton chang

22.07.22 в 01:39

Biden has cancer.
Biden had cancer.
question: Biden has/had cancer or not?

ans: nobody cares.

badminton chang

22.07.22 в 01:35

learning Chinese immediately.
English is useless in the further.


22.07.22 в 00:43

Excellent teachers, excellent lesson

Joycimara Jesus

21.07.22 в 23:42

Thank you for the altruism of teaching so many cool subjects!

Роман Р

21.07.22 в 22:35

The problems with climate is done not by usual people but by "elite" those who are owners and leaders of the companies and countries of the world. Also special climate weapon is used.

Maria Elena Quarroz

21.07.22 в 22:00

As always UK and UE put wrong title Over world???? I'm living in SudAmerica and I consider myself part of world Here we have 5o Its frizzing Hottes days are only where its summer

Michael J Sullivan

21.07.22 в 20:46

Liars, nothing but fearmongering to keep the people in fear. If global warming is such a threat, why have temps gone down in the last decade? Why, when i go on holiday every year, do i see massive oceanfront properties under construction everywhere, as well as here in Europe? Why are the banks funding these if we are all about to be flooded by melting ice caps?

you people (the BBC propaganda warehouse operatives responsible for this crap) are pure evil


21.07.22 в 20:06

You are always trying to describe some important issues like environmental or social. I like your approach. And also I appreciate your choice.


21.07.22 в 20:04

Thank you so much for the interesting video. These words are very awesome and useful.


21.07.22 в 19:42

Bake is not joke in here

Mirghani Hamza

21.07.22 в 19:05

- No wrestling with bbc learning english :)
- its absolutely a roasting day, difficult to go outside.


21.07.22 в 17:57

Cooper Pselovich

21.07.22 в 17:10

Thank you


21.07.22 в 15:56

Middle East it’s just hot like that forever

Xiomi Redmi

21.07.22 в 15:11

Liked, thank you.


21.07.22 в 14:07

Your videos are best for me to practice listening English because you speak slowly and clearly! Thank you!

Himalayan Tiger

21.07.22 в 13:47

Wow .....Sian you look beautiful.

Md Amir

21.07.22 в 13:38

Thanks BBC News Review to publish a amazing program .I am so much fan this program.It has been heating in our country(Bangladesh) for last three days.We have been wrestling with heatwave since 17th July 2020.but we hope that it is gone very soon .Inshallah.

Anime Fan

21.07.22 в 12:55

I'm wrestling with my laziness for IELTS =))

Anime Fan

21.07.22 в 12:54

Recently, many heavy storms hit Vietnam so, to me, today is not really baking in my area.

its me

21.07.22 в 12:23

Earth backing peoples

Moses Timothy

21.07.22 в 11:29

poran sah

21.07.22 в 11:28

thanks for this lessons

Baglan God

21.07.22 в 10:40

Hi Neil, Why are you wearing long-sleeved t-shirt in the scorching heat?


21.07.22 в 10:27

It’s cracking the flags every day!


21.07.22 в 10:25

I live in Taipei city, and I can’t stand the sticky heat!

Baktilek Beishenaliev

21.07.22 в 10:21

I love BBC

Nguyễn Thị Bảo Trân

21.07.22 в 09:44

Heatwaves across the world
Heatwaves caused record temperature around the world.
This is News review from BBC learning English.
I’m Neil, and I’m Sian.
And you can learn lots of vocabulary about this story in the programme.
You can. And remember, subscribe to our channel, like this video and try the quiz on our website.
Now, today’s story.
Heatwaves are pushing temperatures to their highest levels ever recorded.
It has reached over 40 degrees in parts of Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.
Wildfires have been burning out of control.
Experts say heatwaves like this have become more frequent because of climate change caused by human.
Sian, you’ve been looking at the headlines.
What’s the vocabulary?
We have “scorch”, “bakes”, and “wrestles”.
This is News review from BBC learning English.
Let’s have a look at our first headline.
This one is from Earth Observatory from NASA.
Heatwaves and Fires Scorch Europe, Africa and Asia.
So. Let’s start with that word “heatwaves” which is everywhere, and it’s just means ‘a period of time where the temperature is much higher than usual’.
But from the headline, the word we’re looking at is ‘Scorch’, and it’s connected to heat, isn’t it? And we’ve got a lot of words a bout heat in English.
Yes, we do. And ‘Scorch’ is one of them.
It means ‘to heat something to a level, which damages it’.
So, for example, Neil, have you ever walked on a pavement in bare feet on the hot day?
Yeah, it’s horrible, isn’t it? It can scorch the bottom of your feet. And that word ‘Scorch” – we can use which the word ‘marks’. Now, for example, if you’re ironing a shirt, you want to make your shirt nice and flat. If you leave the iron on the shirt for too long, it can leave scorch marks. It does. I have done this before, and ‘scorch’ in this headline means ‘the heat from the Sun actually, literally damages the grounds, so it scorched the ground.

Dmitriy Feldman

21.07.22 в 08:22

It was hot like this in Việt Nam a few years ago in the North and Central part of our country. But the weather in VN has changed a lots, warning people about the climate change has a big influence to our country but people still littering, using motorbikes and don't using buses....Disappointed to be honest :( Hope the heatwave will end soon in europe!

he steven

21.07.22 в 08:21

It is amazing to see you first. I have listened to lots of programmers on BBC 6 minutes. I am in NZ, here is winter. today, it has been raining all day and it is a little cold. I do not like hot. I prefer a little cold.

Sanjeevi Rao

21.07.22 в 07:08

It is really a cool lesson.

Gus Haslam

21.07.22 в 06:38

Sorry? Bbc learning English??

Rungsak Thongmuk

21.07.22 в 06:28

It's raining on and off in Bangkok.

regan dunn

21.07.22 в 06:14

Glad you called it heat wave but the green deal folk think its new and the oceans ate going to rise but they are not really green they billionaire those people have a carbon footprint bigger than anyobe

san park

21.07.22 в 05:18

Thank you for teaching me

Женик Пунько

21.07.22 в 04:48

Very nice

A/fitah Abdullahi

21.07.22 в 04:46

Thank you so good guys ,
You always ready to laern English and learn words of their meaning,
I so happy to every vidoes your aplaod.


21.07.22 в 04:33

Thanks boss

Barbara Nolte

21.07.22 в 04:13

Man lernt sehr gut, bei eurer Sendung. Vielen Dank. Dennoch tun mir die Angestellten leid. Man merkt Ihnen an, wie schwer es Ihnen fällt, zu pro formen. Ich finde es schrecklich, dass Firmen immer noch diese Hierarchien anwenden und es notwendig finden, hochgebildeten Angestellten, Vorschriften zu machen. Man muss sich heutzutage regelrecht prostituieren um seinen Job zu behalten. Es ist demütigend, entwürdigend, abscheulich. Man muss selbstständig sein, um ein gutes friedvolles Leben führen zu können.

Happy clips

21.07.22 в 04:02



21.07.22 в 03:55

I love this program by heart. Congratulations to give us an opportunity to learn English with easy way.


21.07.22 в 03:30

Neil and Sian

I say shotgun, you say wedding [TFM]

21.07.22 в 02:49

This happens in the USA all the time!

Md Shakil Khan

21.07.22 в 02:34

love this channel ❤️

rhona nilo

21.07.22 в 02:32

Oratio Imperata

Most Gracious and Most Merciful God,
Creator, Source and Giver of all things,
Most powerful in heaven and on earth,
We give You honor and glory.

We thank You
For our home – the earth;
For our light – the sun, moon and stars;
For our solace – our family and friends, our community, our neighbors.

United as Your children, we come to You, pleading,
Shower us with rain, provide us with water that we need.
Father, Your children are begging to survive,
Hear us, we desire to live.

Prolonged drought is depriving us of the fruits of our toil;
Low water supply means hunger and thirst for most of us;
El Niño continues to threaten our relationship with one another.
O Lord, this is a very hostile phenomenon that we beg for You to end.

At this time of looming catastrophe, dear Lord, dwell in our hearts.
Teach us to be more generous; bring out the best in us;
Turn our eyes and ears toward the needs of others, especially the poor.
Move us to share more, care more, serve more and love more.

Holy God, You sanctify this earth to be our sacred abode.
Grant us courage to take in hand the sufferings of the environment;
Grant us might to save and protect the beauty of nature.
Grant us wisdom to restore whatever we have destroyed.

O Loving God, behold on us, Your beloved children
Feel us, feel for us;
Let heaven cry and its tears be our blessed rain.
Have mercy on us Lord, have mercy.

We beg you,
Most Gracious and Merciful God,
Please, let it rain.


Motivation Words Channel

21.07.22 в 01:08

Nice bro and sisters

Ji Ti

21.07.22 в 01:03

Thank so much! It is very interesting

Cuong Nguyen

21.07.22 в 00:55

thank you so much, i love you two. I wonder Bake and scorch are the same meaning in this situation, right ? thanks all


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