Everyone Acts From Good Intentions

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The radical moral principle that all human beings act from good intentions. This simple paradigm shift will change how to understand life and society.

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Sean Im

27.09.21 в 18:59

Thank you so much leo

Buntu Ngcebetsha

26.09.21 в 10:53

Thank you for the work you do, you have no idea how much you are changing people's lives out there.....

Algirdas Liutkevičius

24.09.21 в 18:58

Leo, I underestimated your level of consciousness by hundred times. Thank you for your latest videos. It’s eyes opening. Namaste.

Hans Dampf

24.09.21 в 09:06

Nice Leo. This is one of your most insightful episodes. Thank you!

Zac Robinson

23.09.21 в 20:15

I would propose this. This thinking is all centered on one absolute truth. Treat others how you would like to be treated, and the world is Ying and yang. After all, God created the devil knowing what the devil would become. The other and self is the famous Ying and yang dichotomy.

Igor Ribeiro

23.09.21 в 02:07

I disagree when Leo says a person always acts with good intentions. At least in my case, sometimes I did things knowing it was bad, but made anyway for my pleasure or personal interest. When I was younger I did things to show off, lied, cheated knowing that wasn't the right thing to do. How this can be good intention? In this case others could judge me as being evil and I thought the same. The motivation was to benefit myself knowing I would hurt someone. It was against my personal values but I did it anyways and felt bad after. How can evil be a matter of point of view in this case? And I don't think I am the first neither the last person to do something bad knowing it was bad. Unless I missed something, i don't agree with the main idea of the video

Onoufrios Tsamoglou

22.09.21 в 07:25

Human beings .. their actions outweight the actions of the whole... the true disturbance ...

andrew may

19.09.21 в 22:16

This guy's open mindedness is simply amazing.

Dan M

11.09.21 в 23:21

"A spiritual masochist"

Jo O

11.09.21 в 06:48

This is obvious. )

Shelby A

09.09.21 в 03:43

Good insight and perspective as its good to refresh however it seems his prideful ego has taken over in the sense that his political views or certain personal lifestyle choices seems to be the only true way to live and the rest are just "ignorant" in his view. I'm not political at all but anyone who teaches to come from a place of love and understanding of others and then calls those people "sheep, racists, ignorant" in side remarks with judgment is hypocritical, perhaps? Or did he have good intentions while belittling others different from him to get his point across

Mohammed Rowdi

08.09.21 в 21:28

when you see through red colored filters, color blue disappears from existence for you :|

Mohammed Rowdi

08.09.21 в 20:37

hey Leo, great video, I suggest you try changing the background of the video.. In the curt video the aesthetic change made the video much more pleasant than it would have been if you were in this background, not saying it doesn't look good (I'm neutral to it tbh)...

Ismael Marksteiner

08.09.21 в 19:30

"But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked."
~ Luke 6:35

Ismael Marksteiner

08.09.21 в 16:30

"The truth is itself and will not be dictated by anyone. In the presence of that inner no. (I can't absolutely know that it's true) I came to see that the world is always as it should be, whether I opposed it or not. And I came to embrace reality with all my heart. I love the world, without any conditions." --Bryon Katie

Keith Hunt

08.09.21 в 15:33

If nothing is wrong with the world, why do anything? Why engage in any political activism?


06.09.21 в 23:17

The devil does not act from good intentions


06.09.21 в 18:17

Less aware characters may see this as just a good teaching. But me being a level 10 godhead I know it’s better than that. It’s great

Alexius Scott

06.09.21 в 00:36

They have never met a black person? Me either!!

Alexius Scott

06.09.21 в 00:08

I love it here!! I been here for about 3 years

romel andoy

05.09.21 в 23:51

It's the main reason why evil doesn't exist at all.


05.09.21 в 22:00

You who's reading this can't you realize that there are 4.5 billion girlfriends in the world? You're walking besides them and you're saying nothing! No, you don't even have 4.5 billion girlfriends... you have an infinite number of girlfriends! Stop identifying yourself to your current "single" situation, it's the exact thing that prevents you from taking the INSANELY simple steps necessary to get one or even many girlfriends!

Same thing for the other gender.

And everyone's money is yours, stop complaining that you're poor! Money doesn't even exist bro, it's just numbers. And numbers are nothing, numbers are everything. Stop complaining!!!

Robert Derbyshire

05.09.21 в 19:45

Because evil is a man-made concept. Evil dosen't exist, except in the heart of man.

Robert Derbyshire

05.09.21 в 19:04

God is all perspectives in one.

Karen Grace

04.09.21 в 13:51

...Leo, do you have a video on “self caused” suffering?

Ginger Cat

04.09.21 в 12:46

What if we call the bad intentions a complete lack of awareness? Is it evil to call a spade a spade?


03.09.21 в 14:26

I totally agree.

Eryk 1557

03.09.21 в 14:10

18:20 is he just talking to himself? Or Who?

Jack Cummings

03.09.21 в 11:40

I have agreed with you on many things, but not this. Not all people do things with good intention in the background of their doing. The reason is this - When people do things that only benefit themselves..and don't do it because they have a good intention that can benefit others, can't be called good intention. MSM hosts push racism, division etc. There are no good intentions behind that. Division..To seperate things into parts..Black, white, Muslim, Cristian, Jew etc. There are no good intentions behind the separation of people. People, individuals, make the decision to do that. Where are the good intentions ?

Ismir Eghal

03.09.21 в 07:42

1:06:06 glad even Leo stumbles upon that word. I never get it right


01.09.21 в 20:42

Leo, are you on a psychedelic shooting this? Your mimics is different.


01.09.21 в 14:48

Thank you

Latesha Renee

01.09.21 в 01:31

You're getting more and more handsome with age

Liam O’Leary

31.08.21 в 22:23

Everyone with relatively good sense and a relatively honest personality should know this,
Even though I have a very low self esteem and self image, I still keep on living the illusion that my intentions are better than most people so everything is ok, until I become mindful and then I understand it’s the same for everyone, everyone thinks that, but it won’t be long until I start living that illusion again

Donald Yanson

31.08.21 в 18:42

Yes everyone has the best of intentions but it has been said good intentions pave the way to hell yes you have to believe there is a Satan in order to believe someone is possessed by Satan Good and Evil our Concepts created in the mind it's just the nature of the Beast the strong survive and the weak perish man is the most intelligent of all the Beast but is still just a beast in the eyes of God your only obligation is to self preservation selfishness greed self-loving self-serving narcissism sympathy empathy for others comes from the conscious realization that all living things suffer from the same set of conditions yes I do understand what you're getting at for someone to just blindly cold-bloodedly chop another person's head off doesn't necessarily make another person evil they weren't necessarily born that way but throughout their life they were psychologically conditioned to be that way a small percentage of people are psychopaths due to some genetic biological defect of the Mind while the majority of psychopathology is due to epigenetic factors Jesus said that the greatest act of love compassion is to lay down one's life to save another so it comes down to the question which Master will you serve the greater good or the greater evil to be more specific not that it matters but coal is burned to boil water to create Steam to turn the turbine to create electromagnetic energy oil or grease are used to lubricate the moving parts


31.08.21 в 03:42

Two we questions: How are pedophiles acting from good intentions? How do you define the word "evil"--?

Nicolaas Burgers

31.08.21 в 00:52

Could you perhaps define absolute (i.e. not relative) good intentions as being that which, based on current technology/knowledge, produces the most sustainable happiness/absence of suffering across sentient life on earth?


29.08.21 в 21:21

Heck, I've had mostly the same opinion for sm times... Finally this come out.
It's all abt your point of view and your level of knowledge indeed (bc we cannot wait our whole lives to gather all the informations to make the perfect decision or opinion. So our level of knowledge at the point we needed to take some decisions is indeed an important parameter to be taken into consideration).
I really agree with the fact that ppl twist their perception to justify their actions. I might not say "good" bc some ... let's say enough self aware ppl know they are doing "bad" but are still doing it and have the will to do it bc they find a justification.
There's the morally "good" and the intellectually "good" for me (and the intellectual one is the ... kinda strategical one).
There might be ppl who really shift their conception of what is morally "good" or "bad" but I still think there are ppl who know they are morally doing "bad" but do it bc they find a justification that tells them they are intellectually doing "good".
For example, someone who's poor might not have enough money to buy some bio products or local products to help supporting those causes. If the poor children had an education, they know it's morally "bad" but intellectually "good" bc they just can't afford it. The ethical and practical pov aren't to be confused in the same word of "good" for me.
In some extreme cases I believe too that it's possible that someone who's doing "bad" from society's pov shift it's mindset into thinking it's morally doing "good".
But in the end yeah, it's a matter of perspective. Really interesting, thanks for the video.

Wanted to ask also if you'd be interested into making a video abt Yin Yang and how to interact with the world to make it a better place (in particular how to interact in small circles, like with the ppl that are in your circles) when you know we might inherently have a "dark" side ?


29.08.21 в 20:44

In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

Farrukh Fuzailov

29.08.21 в 12:21

Die, die, die in this love.
If you die in this love your soul will be renewed.

Die, die, don't fear the death of that which is known.
If you die to the temporal you will become timeless.

Die, die, cut off those chains that hold you prisoner to the world of attachment.

Die, die, die to the deathless and you will be eternal.

Die, die, come out of this cloud.
When you leave the cloud,
you will be the effulgent moon.

Die, die, die to the din and noise of mundane concerns.
In the silence of love you will find the spark of life.
- Rumi

Forouzan D

29.08.21 в 01:55

Hi Leo, I am in state of grieve and so are so many people specially due to Covid, would you make a video about death and losing loved ones?

Zayn Umar

28.08.21 в 19:55

Bro. Reality is too much for me . I don't even know how I'm going to get to your age. I'm 22

Tobias Dont matter

28.08.21 в 17:45

“Good” is relative. I think the proper query should be as to whether one acts from a ‘selfless’ or ‘selfish’ intention. A ‘service to others’ or ‘service to self’ intention. Neither is good or bad, both are equally valid AND necessary for the existence of the other. This is the understanding from the Law of One.


28.08.21 в 17:13

Hello Leo, how do you define the words good and bad?

jerzy kunowski

27.08.21 в 18:21

Way to hell is paved with good

Yazan Sy

27.08.21 в 11:08

I have a suggestion for you Leo I think it’s going to give your channel a new flavor and there it is :
I think you have become so deep with your content and this is amazing and we love it , but I think you’ve shared lots of them and have given us a nice big picture which we need years to work through and most people won’t because we aren’t developed to your degree yet , and because we have lots of problems holding us back we need to overcome first to be able to go deeper and more advanced.
So I suggest that you start doing series or multiple parts videos about psychological topics which you’ll choose from those which we need to deal with, and approach one of them each time ( for instance : how to become authentic? How to overcome trauma ? How to do inner child or shadow work ? etc....) and you’ll cover all of it with ultimate understanding and solutions and practical steps to handle it so we really can move forward with self actualization after we’ve finished this problem forever with this ultimate series help so to speak , so then we’ll not have an excuse for not moving forward because of them anymore.
And then you’ll take another big topic which hold many of us back and you’ll cover it to the deepest level and then take another one and so on and so forth.
I know you’ve already covered lots of different topics from this kind but they aren’t wholistic enough and they’re not organized .
And I know you love spiritual and deep topics so you can keep sharing them once in a while .
This will be a shift in my opinion in your content which will helps more people ( maybe it’s hard to you now to speak about less deeper topics but it’s going to make us follow up with you more ) .
Thank you for everything you do .


27.08.21 в 06:58

Thank you dear Leo. Very helpful episode.

Michael Briseño

27.08.21 в 04:05

A great comic book villain is written in a way that puts you in their shoes so well that you can't ever hate them for what they do.

Md Minhajuddin Khan

27.08.21 в 03:46

Leo, how can I differentiate between my egoic mind and my Being in day to day life. It seems the mind is very powerful in deceiving me to believe that it's me. I can realize it later but not on the spot. How to improve it.

AscentionOne Michael

27.08.21 в 03:27

if you are an empath you can feel the difference between good and bad intentions, within yourself and within others. Different vibrations. This guy has never met a narcissist.


27.08.21 в 01:23

A moment of Truth imbued with love


26.08.21 в 22:05

I understand how this explains terrorists, political parties, corporations, etc... But how does this explain men who pay to torture and murder children for their enjoyment? Or serial killers? I would like to get an understanding of these acts.

Harry Bonfield

26.08.21 в 21:02

Leo, would you do an episode regarding climate change from a holistic, Meta, spiritual non duel perspective right down to the individual.


26.08.21 в 19:42

this saved my life you can get rly confused by all that is happening these days its all about understanding and forgiving everyboddy is little sefish..


26.08.21 в 19:07

It is actually mind blowing that you say this my favorite quote is
Thx leo...

Die Milominaten

26.08.21 в 17:41

The dog has the best intentions when he bites you.


26.08.21 в 15:53

I love you guys )

Denis Lewandowski

26.08.21 в 15:51

Как всегда, интересно и познавательно. Наводит на размышления и осознание истины. Благодарю!

Shimul mendes

26.08.21 в 13:45

1:29:30 His face at that moment when he talks about infinite love..

The Dark Pill

26.08.21 в 13:19

Leo is my favorite enlightened teacher who has a pronounced left-wing cultural bias. Softens up my right wing bias wonderfully.

Tapashya Rasaily

26.08.21 в 11:34

I kinda got a crush on Leo lately

Tammy Biddle

26.08.21 в 10:55

Great video!

Jimi Maljojoki

26.08.21 в 10:26

Your work made my materialistic world view melt away a year ago and my minds interpretation of that caused the worst suffering of my life.

Therefore, could you try to show more empathy towards the listener somehow because I got the sense back then that you took the suffering in the awakening process for granted and it made me feel like im the only one suffering.

But anyway, You are amazing, thank you for your work!

ana salgado

26.08.21 в 09:39

Georgina Ceri

26.08.21 в 07:58

I visit the channel only to check whether Leo is still alive. But I wonder who will let us know if he's dead from drugs.

Red Hat

26.08.21 в 06:43

Hi Leo!!
I recently watched one of your videos from the actualized clip channel.. Then something came to my mind about some of the statements you are making.
I was wondering if you ever had a chance to look at the big 5 psychological model.
Based on what I see through some of the arguments you were making in those short clips, You seem giving advice from some one high in openness and agreeableness (especially compassion) and you kind of don’t get too along with people who do not share those personality traits. For instance, people who are high in conscientiousness are self reliant, cause they are more inclined toward industriousness and orderliness which made most of them naturally lacking of agreeableness by default. That’s also why they feel no guilt about competing and thriving in hierarchy of dominance. From our angle we see them as selfish, but from theirs, they see that as a sort of dutifulness ( they feel disgusted for not taking responsibility). I have nothing against what you are calling for, cause I share those two personality traits too. But my point is that not everybody seems to share those traits. Like when you say that most of the money made in this world is been stolen from people who had the courage to step into the uncharted zone and forge a new path like innovating a field or a business. The thing is that not everybody is gifted with a such high level of openness (these types of people are extremely rare). It’s not that most people are cowards.. it’s more that they don’t share those predisposed genetical traits (there is a famous video of Jordan Peterson describing highly creative people on YouTube).
I see you also recommending people to stop hanging with their fellow humans and investing their time in contemplation and meditation. Again, these types of people are low in extroversion and yes I am one of those too.
My point is not that I don’t believe in those things, since I have been doing that for over a decade now.. but my point is that I also understand that not everybody share that kind of mindset. It is very hard for an extrovert person to embrace a life style of a loner.
Sorry if I am coming off little offensive here, but I felt I had to share this with you. I have worked with people low in openness and high in conscientiousness.. I didn’t get along with them cause they are kind of boring, but because I am aware of the big 5 model.. I can see their points. They aren’t bad.. they are just completely different human beings.

Eric Smith

26.08.21 в 03:38

You think you know what people think lol
You believe your own hype .
Go drink that kool-aid clown

Eric Smith

26.08.21 в 03:38

Quit with the giving the elites and gov a pass.
They're ruined our life.
They're a pain in our asses
What you need them ? You a welfare boi....

Saugat Mainali

26.08.21 в 03:23

Carbon Based Productions

26.08.21 в 00:56

I consider myself a very open minded person but I'll admit in the beginning of the video I was getting angry because I never heard you say the word "I" or "We" when referring to selfishness. You only used the word "You". But the fact that this triggered me is the exact opposite of open-mindedness and compassion. I know it's just your style of teaching. However I would like to hear more about your life story and hear you talk about yourself more to better understand how you've become who you are. Anyway by the end of the video you had me crying with gratitude and joy and compassion for all beings. Thankyou buddy.

Cody Libkuman

25.08.21 в 23:22

Life is like a game


25.08.21 в 22:32

Wow. Im speechless, this will change my life forever. Thank you.


25.08.21 в 21:30

Igor Yakhnitskyy

25.08.21 в 20:42

Leo, how amazingly beautiful Human You are!!!


25.08.21 в 19:00

What more is the love that Leo talks about is than the good feeling it's usually referred to? Is it sort of lika a complete acceptance of the world, sort of like if you have connect to the world with love you embrace it and accept it fully and therefore experience the world in its most real sense (?)

Eric Smith

25.08.21 в 18:47

He loves giving the elites lol the befit of the doubt .
Dude you wish. They're going down.
You'll see.

Gil Monteverde

25.08.21 в 18:36

Great video Leo!!

Owen Muleke

25.08.21 в 17:53

Hey Leo, Am from Namibia, Africa. Your content has helped me and my friends so much, I must say the level of consciousness I have now has been a blessing. My friends and family are inspired by the gradual change I have been making, thank you Leo. I look forward to meeting you in the future, you are on my vision board.

Rosilda Lima

25.08.21 в 17:41

This would be amazing if an American person could understand, but they don't even know where Canada is.


25.08.21 в 16:22

“Baby, do you understand me now
Sometimes I feel a little mad
Well, don't you know that no-one alive
Can always be an angel
When things go wrong I seem to be bad
I'm just a soul who's intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood”

-Nina Simone

Bridget Healey

25.08.21 в 12:16

Thank you I needed this. Your teachings have changed my perceptions of reality and awakened me to the truth of being

Dev Guy

25.08.21 в 09:57

you're trapped in this bullshit of duality and non-duality, you miss the boat on this one, everyone acts out of selfishness, they don't care about good or bad intentions. i've don't think know what i was doing or going to do was bad, and it would hurt someone else, i've done some really dumb shit in my life and time to time i look back and think what an asshole i was. never at the time did i do those things or my ego mind was confused i was acting out of good intention. man you got to stop taking drugs, it's really messed you up bad. i got into 5 min of this video and i was like this guy just doesn't get it, hasn't changed.

Dennis Reiss

25.08.21 в 05:18

30:50 @actualizedclips


25.08.21 в 04:09

Let there be no difference made among you between any one thing & any other thing; for thereby there cometh hurt.

chris larry

25.08.21 в 03:41

Although, I do understand what you are saying...and even agree....you have to also realize that even understanding, itself, is limited to each person's own perspective.

The way I would rationalize and understand why someone would kill another human being is not going to be the same way that another human tries to rationalize and understand in their perspective.

Even showing us these videos is still only showing us your perspective of understanding.


25.08.21 в 03:00

I think if everyone's everything then how could we point fingers


25.08.21 в 03:00

Thanks for sharing ✨


25.08.21 в 02:54

Good thought


25.08.21 в 02:53

That's why we need free speech laws held in the highest regard. Good intentions will eventually oppress you.

Sam Homer

25.08.21 в 01:51

I’m sure I’ve come to this conclusion before, but it is good to be reminded it is easy to slip back in to thinking people are being deliberately evil.
I also wonder if there is a “for the greater good spectra” somewhere, are you happy being the only “good” person or do you insist on everyone else going along with you? Perhaps subparallel to selfishness?
If someone that is content with being the only “good” person may cause some damage, someone that insists on everyone following their self-righteous cause, well that can cause a whole other level of potential chaos.

Denette Marie Covarrubias

25.08.21 в 01:50

People think I'm crazy for saying this. I've known this for a long time but no one can explain it like you !!

Billie Jean

25.08.21 в 01:37

Thank you

Jennifer Arestia

25.08.21 в 01:25


Demarcus Harrison

25.08.21 в 00:36



25.08.21 в 00:36

“No man chooses evil because he thinks it is evil; he simply mistakes it for happiness, for the good he seeks” - Mary Shelley. One of my favourite quotes, completely changed my life and how I view other people and their actions. Blew open my capacity to Love. Looking forward to the ep x

Anthony I

24.08.21 в 23:10

What he's missing is there's a plethora of people that are conditioned from birth to consider someone elses world before their own (think narcissistic families/slave states etc). Alot of opressors in these conditions have admitted to themselves theyre not good/dont want to be good and even act sometimes with the intention of no benefit to either side- i.e. for the sake of it- despite any rationalisations. He greatly
underestimates people with this vid imo

Anthony I

24.08.21 в 23:04

Although i can see where hes coming from, he greatly underestimates people

Banana Sean

24.08.21 в 21:58

This was a bitter pill to swallow for me. I have been harboring so much hatred for elites. I still need time to reflect on what was said but I feel a sense of relief. Thank you.


24.08.21 в 21:47

I agree. This popped up in my head a few years ago, and it's true. Maybe there are a few exceptions with some mentally ill people that they know they're doing something evil but they do it because they like it.

D Johns

24.08.21 в 21:32

Straight up, some of us are evil. And we’re happy about it.



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