Djokovic vs Australia: Novak to stay - BBC News Review

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Novak Djokovic has won an appeal against the cancellation of his visa and can now stay in Australia and play in the Australian tennis open.

Djokovic’s visa had been cancelled, but he believed he had permission to enter the country because he had recovered from the Covid last month and was therefore exempt from vaccination rules. The Australian government have said they could still cancel the visa.

Rob and Roy discuss this news story and teach you some related vocabulary so you can talk about it too.

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Video chapters:
0:00​​​​​​​​​​ - Introduction
0:36 - Story
2:04 - Headline 1: Novak Djokovic released from immigration detention after Australian court quashes visa cancellation
4:38 - Headline 2: Novak Djokovic handed reprieve as he is allowed to leave detention facility
7:32 - Headline 3: Novak Djokovic wins case against Australia over cancelled visa, clearing path for him to play in Melbourne
9:46 - Language summary

rejects something officially

* If the judge quashes his sentence, Mike will be allowed to leave prison after three years.
* The protest against the government was quashed by police.

handed (a) reprieve
given cancellation of a punishment

* After new evidence was revealed, she was handed a reprieve and allowed to leave house arrest.
* The company was handed a reprieve from bankruptcy after a new investor came in.

clearing (a/the) path
allowing something to happen or proceed

* After years of being banned, the politician was told she could stand for election again, clearing the path for her to become president.
* The shareholders cleared the path for a takeover after accepting the businessman’s offer.

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Youstina Daoud

04.06.22 в 18:17

David Geertz

18.01.22 в 12:36

I don't see wat the problem is!! We are gunna deport another idiot

Đức Bình Nguyễn

18.01.22 в 09:45

This is outstanding

Julia Berezhnyak

18.01.22 в 04:36

Thanks a lot guys !

Bruno lima

17.01.22 в 23:57

Hi, guys...You are the best channel to improve English...And I think that Djoko is not correct. From Brazil!!!

Mirbek Japarkulow

17.01.22 в 19:44

Thanks to your courses my english is improving quite a wishes

Mirko N.

17.01.22 в 12:45

No place for healthy person in sick Society!!!

Дејан Бранковић

16.01.22 в 20:02

Novak Djokovic is the champion. Freedom for all the people of the world.


16.01.22 в 16:01

Old news. He was deported yesterday. Hooray!!!


15.01.22 в 17:18


Julijana Karadzic

14.01.22 в 21:26

Novak Đoković 1

Cash Back

14.01.22 в 19:44

Judges Anthony Kelly and Nikola Pilic are proof that people should not be divided by nationality! Novak complied with all the requirements and they allowed him to get out of the country,just to humiliate him.Nadal had Covid-19 and less than two weeks later was allowed without quarantine to enter Australia and play tennis. That is a breaking rules and regulations,but everyone ignored it! So Tomic and Nadal can play? The rules don't apply to them? Tomic admitted that he played tennis, even though he tested positive for Covid-19. Nadal was supposed to be in quarantine for 14 days, and he was only 11. IS THAT OKAY???!! Novak had Covid-19 and as such has natural antibodies, he has also been tested several times and has always been negative! Nick Kyrgios has been vaccinated several times and is in quarantine and respects the rules. Vaccines do not protect 100% and even vaccinated people can also transmit and receive Covid-19. Not everyone is treated the same and not everyone has the same rights!

Melik Gibsson

14.01.22 в 14:25

now this is war Humans vs. Australia' mutants

Barbara McMahon

14.01.22 в 12:41

Useful as always! Thanks guys


14.01.22 в 11:53

I have a special joke for the English student. Listen about this - Mister Djokovic is challenging the Hawke-eye decision. Is very funny because I don't say Hawk-eye like the technology used in tennis to see if ball is out. Instead I say Hawke - like the minister in Australia Alex Hawke. I make jokes like that all the times.


14.01.22 в 10:39

Australia is not independent, it is just the property of 4 psychopathic American Nazi billionaires who want to rule the world. Australia has become a NAZI country, it would have done well to completely refuse to play in a shit country. You cannot promote a country that does not respect human rights. The law is shit law, the law of a Nazi country is shit and you must NOT respect it, you must put in jail the politicians of a Nazi country who have built concentration camps for the NOT slaves of power, and you must spit in the face of journalists and the media who propaganda for a Nazi country!


14.01.22 в 10:26



14.01.22 в 09:00

When sport becomes dependent on politics, what happened to Novak Djokovic happened. I call it fascism. From a spoltre that is not vaccinated but negative and healthy there is no danger, but from vaccinated ones that are still positive there is a danger.

LM Sochi

13.01.22 в 23:42



13.01.22 в 21:23

Novak Djokovic: 1. He gave 1,000,000 euros to Italian hospitals for C19 2. He gave 1,000,000 euros to Serbian hospitals for C19 3. He gave money to Spain for C19 4. He donated money to Australia to fight forest fires 5. He donated funds to programs for poor children Melbourne City Mission 6. Bought a CT scanner for Belgrade's Dragisa Misovic Hospital 7. Rented a private plane to transport a girl with a rare disease to the United States for treatment 8 Gave $ 1,000,000 Australian Open for juniors 9. Gains $ 500,000 for the fight against floods in Serbia Ten. He donated 110,000 euros to fight floods in Bosnia and Croatia 11. He raised $ 1,500,000 for flood-damaged kindergartens 12. He donated millions of euros to educate thirteen-year-old poor children. He paid for the winter training of 15 Serbian tennis players 14. He offered Lorenzo Musetti a ride on his private court so as not to miss Wimbledon or the school test 15. He fights for the interests of players throughout the establishment 16. He is a role model for his healthy lifestyle and diet 17. He is a role model. by his character and mental endurance 18. He is a role model by his diligent work and self-discipline 19. He plays every tournament against opponents and the audience Twenty. He dominated the field against both Nadal and Federer, playing his entire career in the Nadal and Federer eras. 21. He did not allow himself to be intimidated and became a hero in the resistance movement against small bullies.

Daniela 5

13.01.22 в 17:37

Novak is the world hero. The best player ever. He stands for people's freedom. Djokovic has guts to say what everyone thinks but no guts to say in public.

Sam Carpenter

13.01.22 в 17:01

Djokovic wins for freeeedom!!!!!

Sam Carpenter

13.01.22 в 14:46

He’s a legend! Time for the sheep to wake up to this tyranny. People mad cos Djokovic got the balls to stand up to it while yalll bent over

Maria Fleming

13.01.22 в 13:47

Australia could have the antidote for these disease as they in the past have saved people from snake bites and jellyfish paralysis serbian experience for pharmacy and antidote is a no no and australia i think it did put forward and beaten to the trials of antidote any solutions and trials as they have saved people

Scepko Miroslav

13.01.22 в 13:46

Novakcination djoko is making vaccinated tennis players looking foolish l just tell as it is without beating around the bush


13.01.22 в 08:18

Ne želim da pišem na engleskom iz razloga što sam srpkinja čije
mišljenje nikoga neće interesovati. Sve što se dešava našem Noletu je sramno. Što bi neki Novak iz neke tamo divljacke Srbije bio najbolji igrač sveta. Pritom većina ne zna ni gde se ta Srbija nalazi. Mržnjom , ne znanjem i neinformisanoscu pokazujete nemoć i pribegavanju raznim lošim postupcima. Još uvek u Srbiji postoji LJUBAV i Vera (oprosti im boze) pa smo ubeđeni da će Novak biti u istoriji zapamćen kao najbolji svih vremena i oni koji su se svesrdno borili da ga onemoguće u tome

Zakaria Omer

13.01.22 в 07:56

Thank so much

Alfonso LC

13.01.22 в 02:18

Pinocho YoCovid

Fabián Ibañez

12.01.22 в 19:50

Anyone who is against the freedom of the people is a fascist, my congratulations to Djokovic and q all fascists shit.

Sueli Ishiyama

12.01.22 в 17:53

Thanks Roy and Rob for sharing new vocabulary. By the way the three words are new for me.


12.01.22 в 17:46

The funniest thing is that Australia is looking what he has done after positive Covid test. Well Serbia is not a part of Australia, the state has it's own laws and constitution, so if he went in casino or on a big meal,on an event or stayed in bed is a matter of Serbia laws. For AUS matters only that he was positive on 16.12.2022 what he was doing after is a matter of Spain and Serbia laws.

Athanasios Souliotis

12.01.22 в 17:03

We love you Novak Djokovic!You are the best!

Vadin Brykalov

12.01.22 в 15:37

Thanks for the great lesson. BBC News Review and 6 minutes English help me lot.

Quynhtrang Trang

12.01.22 в 14:21

this video hlep my learn english

Shiro Saki

12.01.22 в 14:10

I love this! It is a great channel for me to learn English! May I ask what does “take (sth) for granted” means? I’m struggling with that phrase a lot.

Tuguldur Namjildorj

12.01.22 в 13:47

In most countries the protest are quashed by the police .
Many people was handed a reprieve in history
I like to clear a path in front of the house ,and also clearing a path for someone to succeed


12.01.22 в 12:09

We love you Novak

Πετρος Νικου

12.01.22 в 11:30

Clearing path quashes handed reprieve
Flavorsome Downcast pinnate Parcel role jack of all trades brooch velvet squeeze

Jovan Dimitrijevic

12.01.22 в 10:58

Fucking of Djokovic is a pure political act. The Australian Prime Minister is trying to get a few political points in the "Djokovic case" before the elections. Interestingly, they looked through Nadal's fingers. Black James "Jesse" Owens, a famous American athlete, was the star of the 1936 Berlin Olympics. He won four medals. Hitler was not thrilled with his triumph. The story of Djokovic is the story of Hitler even after Hitler. Shameful, but so typical of a virtuous, new, world. "The law is the same for everyone." The law has never been the same for everyone and will not be. Djokovic did everything "according to the law". I wonder what few ask, how long it was "legal" to ban Russian tennis player Datalia Vihyanceva from entering Australia, even though she was vaccinated, but, poor thing, by Sputnik, which Australians do not recognize. To be vaccinated today means to be vaccinated with a "phaser".


12.01.22 в 10:03



12.01.22 в 06:28

I love this combination


12.01.22 в 05:38

Novax Joker


12.01.22 в 03:54

Great job. Thankyou very much. Greetings from Guerrero, Mexico.

Serge Pajcin

12.01.22 в 01:51

judge is honest autralian goverment crooked

Nym Tuber

12.01.22 в 01:11


Ping Xu

12.01.22 в 00:30

I don't know why Rob was looking down when Roy is talking. It doesn't seem polite.

Mary de Perú

11.01.22 в 23:14

I don't agree with this tennis player, I can respect his decision, but he must respect the right and laws of that government as well.


11.01.22 в 22:33

Good to know I don't need vaccination I had covid so I can go anywhere to ,marvelous news wonderfull

Vremenni Akk

11.01.22 в 22:08

Djokovic the best... fighting the darkness... ihsv

Goran Vasilic

11.01.22 в 21:43


Miky p

11.01.22 в 21:42

Nadal was Covid positive on December 20. He entered Australia on
December 31. Was that by your rules? How come no one is asking that? Are
we all stupid?


11.01.22 в 21:36

The BBC BS propaganda machine

Jim Winter

11.01.22 в 21:18

and stuff Australia

José Ángel Olvera

11.01.22 в 20:55

It's so practice and useful language and the comprehension is clear for me beacuse I hear very well the content of the vocabulary, thanks for diary videos without You don't understand very well my actual level in my school!

iagusi 25

11.01.22 в 20:49

Thank you for perfect explenation. English language is not a piece of cake to me yet, but meta trust in BBC learning English team voices is turbo helpful. It's a pleasant to hear your tempo, intonation and rythm.
You are important every day.
Perfection can letting style free.

Thuy Tham

11.01.22 в 20:37

Very interesting, I learn some new vocabularies.

Thiago Rodrigues

11.01.22 в 20:36

Hello team!
I enjoyed the expression TO HAND A REPRIEVE. I've already bumped into it sometimes but today I was able to review it.
"Here in my city, it's been raining since december the 31st . Rain hasn't given reprieve"
Is it right?

Thank you!


11.01.22 в 20:21

Djokovic is being hunted for refusing to take the vaccine

Jasmina jasna

11.01.22 в 20:15

Slobodno mama ne treba

Jasmina jasna

11.01.22 в 20:15

Zadrzite ga tamo

Ярослав Грицунь

11.01.22 в 20:02

3:57 dear Rob and Roy, what a dictatorial attitude towards people you actually have! What democratic government would quash a protest? You let us in on your real thoughts... And they are not what one could expect...

Alex Liu

11.01.22 в 19:43

This good way to learn English thanks you guys

Gabis Gabis

11.01.22 в 19:38

Power to the Unvaxinated

Namnet Efternamnet

11.01.22 в 19:31

Banana Republic of Australia!

Slovenski Medved Vesti

11.01.22 в 19:24

Издували сте га кенгури и друга багро.

Warriors Champions

11.01.22 в 19:21

Let Djokovic play & compete in the AO Grand Slam. He is a tennis player, not a zombie..;)

De Lany

11.01.22 в 19:14

Guter Mann

The Skyrim Inquisitor

11.01.22 в 19:04

What a genius idea for a program. It's an interesting way to learn new words and catch up on news. I wish my idjits would launch something of a similar concept

True Aussie Ray

11.01.22 в 19:02

With a name like no-vax what did we really expect

Anna Susanti

11.01.22 в 18:54

They seem so proud of the fact that 90% of the Australians are fully vaccinated. Well, if H---i>tl/er was in charge, 100% of the population would be fully vaccinated. 90% is pretty close to 100%, just saying.................

Roddy Creswell

11.01.22 в 18:50

Novak is my favorite tennis player, stay strong in the face of tyranny my brother.


11.01.22 в 18:18

Now I think Novak is bad boy because of link you put. Why you do that???? He has such a beautiful movements and you remind us of that bad one.


11.01.22 в 18:14


Alan Richards

11.01.22 в 18:12

So Novax to stay it's good yas.Vee enjoy dis good learn da Inglish

John V

11.01.22 в 17:47

Novakcine No Djokovic

Vuslat Oztopcu

11.01.22 в 17:26

An awesome lesson! Thank you so much. You have a wonderful way of teaching vocabulary. I enjoyed watching your video very much. I'll watch it several times so that the vocabulary sticks in my mind.

진남 안

11.01.22 в 16:51

This is an INTERNATIONAL event - Aus thinks all should suffer as their own ppl do. Gotta respect multiple ideas. COVID is a temporary thing and China should be responsible for everything that the world is experiencing right now

Jaak Savat

11.01.22 в 16:47

If he lied and did breach isolation, travel bans just before he came to Australia, then he still can be deported.


11.01.22 в 16:46

Nadal stated that he would not like to see Novak Djokovic at the Australia Open, why?

Agni Aretaki

11.01.22 в 16:34

Bravo to the judge!!! Congrats!!!

Johnny Lobo

11.01.22 в 16:29

Here in Bolívia, the government started requesting to everyone the covid-19 vaccination certificate since last January 1 but later quashed it until next January 26 due to the mass of protest in the country. Great vocabulary words for today' lesson. Many thanks from Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Pedro Petrucci

11.01.22 в 16:23

Roy is always smiling. He’s a nice mate.


11.01.22 в 16:20

Great lesson,as always

Masood Ahmed

11.01.22 в 16:17

I have understood this well

Masood Ahmed

11.01.22 в 16:17


Sherzodjon Yunusov

11.01.22 в 16:00

Hello from Uzb

Juraev Sherali

11.01.22 в 15:55

Novac Djokovic - the GOAT

moath lababneh

11.01.22 в 15:52

Thank you for. My name is Moath frol Jordan, I hope learn English

Silvi Chaplin

11.01.22 в 15:49

I quash to watch this chanel

Silvi Chaplin

11.01.22 в 15:48

Australia, another place avoid .to good AND decent people u both r puppet too

Jett Lincrend

11.01.22 в 15:46

Thank you so much. I really appreciated your work.


11.01.22 в 15:46

From Baku great love

Silvi Chaplin

11.01.22 в 15:46

Djocovik Is my héroe he showed isnt a NWO puppet


11.01.22 в 15:45



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