Boris Johnson survives no-confidence vote: BBC News Review

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Britain's prime minister Boris Johnson has survived a no-confidence vote by his own MPs (Members of Parliament).

Neil and Sian look at the vocabulary used in the headlines about this story.

Key words and phrases

the scandal around Covid lockdown parties in the British government
- Partygate threatens to end Johnson’s political career.

dead man walking
describes a person whose current situation is going to end
- After ten defeats in a row, the football manager was a dead man walking.

draw a line under
stop talking about something and move on
- The company wanted to draw a line under the financial scandal and move on.

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Ji Ti

18.07.22 в 15:06

Dead man walking - я так понимаю, политический труп

seif Alnasr

14.07.22 в 22:37

Neil and Sian,You are the best presenters that I have ever seen. You both make my day. I can't live without Six minute English and News Review literally. I can't imagine spending my day without listening to Neil, Rob, Sam, Gorgina or Sian. Thanks for your overwhelming efforts.

Phillip Schmitt

04.07.22 в 14:23

Cảm ơn c ạ,hqua vừa nhận được thông báo là tập luôn bayh e đã đánh được r ạ,cảm ơn c nhiềuuuu❤️❤️

Mahmoud Abd Ellatif

03.07.22 в 23:31

Awesome .....

FHS24 Nursing

03.07.22 в 19:48

Thanks great ideas

Ferid Hesenli

03.07.22 в 15:03

Thank you for vocabulary.... it is amazing... to learn words ♥️

Abdülkadir Çakıl

26.06.22 в 19:27

Oh you are pretty sweet :)

Stefano Migli

25.06.22 в 09:50

Glad to see the ever fascinating Sian, quintessential of british beauty

Татьяна Органова

24.06.22 в 09:23


Abdelmajid majid

21.06.22 в 11:36

Boris jonhson looks lire à portée.

Kim Sejeong

20.06.22 в 18:23

I am really fall in love this news reviews


19.06.22 в 16:04

It’s a helpful channel

Yoga Kundalini

19.06.22 в 05:09

На ведущей украинская вышиванка?

Abitey Fretay

17.06.22 в 17:22

Dead man walking

Angelocheck Light

17.06.22 в 08:36

You're IN your studio. At last! But Boris IS and always WAS in his office. Even under covid restrictions he had a party there on the occasion of his birthday. It was really like DEAD MAN WALKING along the office corridors


17.06.22 в 01:52

Thank you Geniusss

Reza Eliasy

16.06.22 в 19:23

Love from Iran

Youstina Daoud

16.06.22 в 19:22


15.06.22 в 21:30

Boris Johnson is a great man and politician

John Moyes

15.06.22 в 11:22

It was much better when there were two example contexts for each piece of vocabulary. One for each is far too limiting.

young liu

15.06.22 в 08:55

I think in Chinese dead man walking means 穷途末路。

Thiago Rodrigues

14.06.22 в 21:30

New idiom: draw a line under

By the way, I thought we would draw a line under the pandemic soon, but now, here in my city - Belo Horizonte (brazil) - we're being forced to wear masks again due to the surge in case numbers


14.06.22 в 18:37

finally your back


14.06.22 в 17:36

Boris Johnson never contanue to be dead walker, he can decribe new scenario himself.


14.06.22 в 16:42

Wow! What a great channel I have encountered! Thank you so much for your work, and please keep it up. I hope for more videos like this in the future.


14.06.22 в 10:16

Boris Johnson, trap your opponents,put them into prison.Make UK great again .


14.06.22 в 10:15

Boris Johnson, crush your opponents,crush them!


14.06.22 в 10:14

I felt that Boris Johnson has no power at all,unlike Chinese president. It's difficult to imagine a supervised prime minister by police.


14.06.22 в 10:12

Boris Johnson should change the political system and take the position as an emperor, put his opponents into prison.I recommend Boris Johnson could learn from China.

E's stories

14.06.22 в 08:02

Hi BBC learning English Team, glad to see you guys returning to the BBC studio. It is happy to see you make some changes to the programm. The time length of explanation of each word became short, not sure whether or not it is a good change. Personally, I would prefer the way you explained before, you will tell us the clarification, when and how to use the words or phrases and their alternatives.

Ambar Mondal

13.06.22 в 13:38

I see you've changed how you present the headlines. I liked the new one, but I preferred the actual snapshots of the webpage.
Great to see you back at the studio again. Cheers!

Rafaela Dell’Antonio

13.06.22 в 11:54

I loved watching you guys in the studio. this new format is very good. but I prefer longer videos, with more dialogue and informality.

Kim Aabidi

13.06.22 в 08:59

10000000 like and thanks

Pixi Zero

13.06.22 в 07:31

What a mess the UK is in. Never mind the no confidenace in parliment, most of the UK voting public have zero confidence in The conservative party. Its like watching the Muppet Show when you see this lot on TV: Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, Nadhim Zahawi, Sajid Javid, Grant Shapps, Dominque Raab, Nadine Dorries, Priti Patel, Liz Truss, Ben wallace.
And they are still taking over £1.5million from Russian doners such as Lubov Chernukhi and Alexander Temerko since the ukraine war began, so where are the sanctions when it comes to donating money to the dirty conservtive party --

James Michael Keane

13.06.22 в 04:43

Perhaps if Boris stopped being a follower and or stooge to the US, and a leader to the people here in the UK. Praise and Prosperity with plenty outside of the EU would follow. There is nothing worse than a leader who is led up the garden path, and this garden is full of weeds that strangle the flowers of growth and prosperity of the good trying to survive from day to day. Are not these actions repeating themselves once again? Learn from the 1st Roman empire. Come-on Boris be a leader, and love ALL your neighbour's..


13.06.22 в 02:42

Wow! New Teaching style. However I do prefer the old one regard to the way explain vocabulary and longer time.

Julius BacFer

12.06.22 в 21:50

Thanks for your video. Greetings ⚽️

Margaret Taylor

12.06.22 в 15:38

the one fun

Πετρος Νικου

12.06.22 в 09:06

Scheme replica hefty partygate dead man walking


11.06.22 в 18:04

Good night

11.06.22 в 16:29

I like this new style...!


11.06.22 в 13:29

I am happy to see you in studio.Thank for your returning!

Ammar Al Rufaye

10.06.22 в 21:31

Nice and I'm happy to watch this episode.. thanks

Eliane Cristina Susin

10.06.22 в 13:11

Loved it!!

Maxim Popov

10.06.22 в 10:55

Boris is the healer

Maxim Popov

10.06.22 в 10:54

Boris Rocks ❤️

Нонна Зима

10.06.22 в 10:47

Я вчера вспоминала о Дэцле. Он считал себя если не звездой, то восходящей звездой, а кроме меня никто о нём не вспоминает.

A.S.R David

10.06.22 в 09:54

Amazing BBC ❤

Megan P

09.06.22 в 20:40

I really like this new style!

Duy Hưng

09.06.22 в 15:10

Wow. I am a big fan of BBC learning English and so happy when seeing the new version of BBC news review in the beautiful studio. Congrats.


09.06.22 в 13:35

Nice! New settings, new music, new captions…wonderful! I can’t wait to watch your next show


09.06.22 в 12:15

Amazing new format guys!

rameshwar agase

09.06.22 в 11:34

I really liked the old way but everything good must be come to end.
Did I make a mistake, didn't I?

Luka Doncic77

09.06.22 в 11:14

I can't quite get used to new way of this program

Amani Abdel Rahman

09.06.22 в 10:58


Silver Raven

09.06.22 в 10:40

the new format looks absolutely nice.

James wood

09.06.22 в 10:08



09.06.22 в 09:49

this is my program at school

Alice Wilson

09.06.22 в 08:35

Plz bring subtitles back

Marco Aurelio A.

09.06.22 в 08:12

This new format is more appealing but less informative.

BBC Learning English

09.06.22 в 08:12

Test your knowledge of today's vocabulary in our quick quiz here:


09.06.22 в 07:39

A habitual LIAR is not a fit person to manage anyone let alone our country.


09.06.22 в 06:38

There are staff shortages everywhere, employees going on strike, companies not being run very well & non compliance with our new woke society. This includes govt.
There are no such problems within the bbc, perhaps they should be the role model for the whole country & set the standards, for personal dept. boardrooms.


09.06.22 в 06:35

congratss you comeback the studio

Dawin Long

09.06.22 в 05:54

jie li

09.06.22 в 04:46

where is America captain where is super man where is bat man save the world save your life? oh in the movie? but your life it's not movie! your life in real shit world!

Павел Доротов

09.06.22 в 04:44

welcome back!


09.06.22 в 04:16

Glad to see you guys back to the office

athraa hatif

09.06.22 в 03:20

Welcome back to real life teachers ..the episode is to short we its used to be 9 or 10 minutes!!!

Scott Dong

09.06.22 в 02:21

Thank you very much BBC Learning English. New style of News Review with short time but still keep much useful content. Can i ask a question about updating the episode of programme which is 10 Easy English Words? My son loves it so much and always waiting for it eagerly everyweek

Mari Iwa

09.06.22 в 02:20

Hooray! Back in the normality (Studio)!

Alan Candanedo

09.06.22 в 02:19

OMG I love the new format (back to the studio) btw Neil looks younger.


09.06.22 в 02:09

The background is so cool!! But, it would be much better if the video time can resume to around 10 minutes and add back the subtitle. Thank you so much BBC Learning English Team^^


09.06.22 в 01:40

Welcome back to the studio.The show is only five minutes long,I want 10mintes or more.

09.06.22 в 01:15

I’m sort of confused the quiz where I can check it in directly?

Aldo Castillo

09.06.22 в 00:33

New format

Wen Guo

09.06.22 в 00:19

I prefer the old version mainly because it had subtitle with it.


08.06.22 в 23:26


Bruce Yang

08.06.22 в 23:15

Great facelifting format, looks more active and vivid, congratulations to the team!

352000 smoky

08.06.22 в 22:43

I'd like them to sit down to speak. I feel a bit uncomfortable.
I may soon get used to it, though.

jie li

08.06.22 в 22:08

u can lying to people! but how can u lying to truth?

Guillermo Cabrera

08.06.22 в 21:54


Константин Кривохижа

08.06.22 в 21:21

What a colorful embroidered shirt

Luffy Manke De

08.06.22 в 21:20

Western, UK media promoting Ukrainian propaganda. Just makes me Lol. Public in the west are sick of Zelensky ranting - Just listen to him, his rantings are become incoherent.

Zelensky and Ukraine leadership is living in a fantasy land, if they think they will Win against Russia army. !
US -NATO dream of weakening Russia and regime change in Moscow has melted away into Washington DC sewer system, where UK Liz Truss is sitting down for her instructions from senile Biden.
Biden is still talking about he wants Putin out - regime change now. !! Russian people are not stupid. !!

Baktilek Beishenaliev

08.06.22 в 21:16

Finally!!! Yeeeah

Teacher Joel Pessoa

08.06.22 в 20:53

I like when you explain longly the headlines

Rodrigo Ramos

08.06.22 в 20:37

It's good to see you in the studio again. The subtitle is not working in this video. Could you fix it, please?

youssef Jalabi

08.06.22 в 20:24

Hi good people , I am so pleased to see you all toghter again (reunited).

The new look of the studio is amazing the team as well.

However, i have a request stying there for agaes!!
I am asking for the transcript for the BBC World services podcast this will make it easier to listen and read simultaneously.
I am everyday listener so if i get the transcript for the podacst i will be appreciative.

Thanks a lot

Brigitte saint-pé

08.06.22 в 20:04

Hello Everyone
I used to hear from you all locked up in your own homes.
I'm glad this whole mess is over.
By the way, I hope your next videos will be as long as before. This one was too fast, it doesn't allow us to improve our skills. Thank you very much for taking my request into account


08.06.22 в 19:59

This is a great improvement. clear and short! I stopped watching News Review because it was dragged for too long explaining very simple words or phrases. especially the spelling each word out is not necessary. I'm very happy to see presenters in full picture. They look gorgeous. Love you both Neil and Sian!

Shaza Kaskas

08.06.22 в 19:48

Thanks for your efforts and finally go back to the studio. I can't believe it, but could you add more explanations and examples please. In my opinion, the old videos were better understanding, We would be so happy to learn from you. We won't be bored at all


08.06.22 в 19:47

Love this new concept

Sueli Ishiyama

08.06.22 в 19:47

Nice studio. I'm happy for you. BBC News Review is with remodeled structure and I hope you can improve more and more in this new time. :))

adilson alp

08.06.22 в 19:40

Too bad the videos don't have subtitles anymore

Agni Aretaki

08.06.22 в 19:40

Hello! The previous model was longer and more efficient!!! Bring it back, please! Any way thank you for your effort!

Ognich Bochar

08.06.22 в 19:04

In the name of GOD, stop arguing and focus on UK ECONOMY ONLY. EURO, USD, and GB STERLING are depreciating. You are well paid and do not feel the suffering of poor uk families.

Geovane Araujo

08.06.22 в 18:25

I am so glad to see all of you working inside the studio. It means that the COVID restrictions are soft and we can return our normal life. God bless all of your team, BBC Learning English.

ho fai Yau

08.06.22 в 18:20

Thank you, I have learned a lot~ ♥️

raad alhashimi

08.06.22 в 18:16

Thank you. I love to hear you speaking. ❤️

kanwal Hina777

08.06.22 в 17:44

Studio video did not break the record of home videos with Rob and Roy. which were loaded with examples and explanation.


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