An Advanced Explanation Of God-Realization

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What is God-realization and how does it different from other kinds of spiritual experiences and insights?

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Otaku Thomas

28.09.21 в 15:12

damn that was legendary

Peter Raisis

27.09.21 в 00:50

So you had to take drugs that don't exist to see where you are That can't be the way to full consciousness in the void of nothingness where the god dreams, nothing is connected but it is the awakening.

Noel 923

26.09.21 в 05:17

Ive been seeing my thoughts manifest more and more as the years go on. I wonder if becoming this powerful manifesting entity has to do with catching on to the secret or simply evolving to such a capable state

J Seymour Guenther

26.09.21 в 02:02

With whom are you arguing?

Alex Moodie

24.09.21 в 13:21

Thoroughly enjoying the humor in this


23.09.21 в 03:32

as a God I try to trick myself why are you trying to wake me up from my own dream?


23.09.21 в 02:45

God teaching himself about himself and watching it himself as well without knowing it.

Tamz Pestolante

22.09.21 в 23:39

Are you happy and fulfilled?

Rawberry Cherry

21.09.21 в 21:03

You all are imaginary ?! Damnnn i made the youtube im so smart. I made ya’ll to fool me as well. I made myself so that i can call that myself!! Smartass bitch

Filipe Monteiro

20.09.21 в 18:57

This is a awesome guy i would really like to be friends with him, seems like a aesome person to discuss about nice things, thank you brother!


20.09.21 в 13:30

2:00 you laugh like Eckhart Tolle XD


18.09.21 в 20:32

O men, give ear to this parable: Those you worship other than God can never create as much as a fly, even if they get together to do so; and if the fly were to rob them of a thing they would not be able to snatch it away from it. How weak the seeker and how weak the sought! (22 : 73).

You're not God.


17.09.21 в 12:42

At 1:44:55 he mentions other spiritual teachers who aren't god-realised, but surely they don't exist as they're just figments of my imagination? We can't all be gods sharing a reality that we all created, unless there was a consensus between everyone what the rules of the game should be before we forced ourselves asleep. Not sure if billions of gods could agree such a thing.
Plus, if two people pass in the street, next to apot plant, are they both creating the street and pot plant from their imagination, or only one of them?


17.09.21 в 12:26

I just imagined that I posted this comment.

prawdziwa milosc istnieje

15.09.21 в 08:02


Alireza Aryankhah

14.09.21 в 20:47

Leo, why can't GOD overcome the boredom of permanent bliss? I mean couldn't Paradise be defined as a situation which boredom is not an issue anymore?

First Last

12.09.21 в 04:26

Wonderful feeling when getting in touch with one's inner self Thanks for everything.


11.09.21 в 19:39

And how do you know if that's the highest point?
What if there are other things beyond consciousness(s), beyond God(s)?
What is what?
Taking the metaphor of game = life, God = Game design/creator.
What if this is one of those games, of what we call be that "God"?
What if there are more games, more things like Gods or Creators, in a matter we feel like infinity, but is beyond that?
Anyways much Love 4 All, 4 You.
I Feel You <3

Matthew Thomas

11.09.21 в 08:50

Hey Leo - you should do a video dedicated to breaking down solipsism. This aspect of yourself would appreciate it

Sarah Amin

07.09.21 в 10:23

1st God realization:
It was spontaneous and not induced by psychedelic but forced by a lot of suffering due to a twin flame experience if you're familiar with it. Though suffering seems like a long memory by now.
It happened two weeks ago.
It started when I wrote on paper something I wanted to know and understand. It was a question: What is it like to be me?
And I remember that I saw like 20 min of one of your live awakening videos, maybe before or after writing this question, which popped on my Facebook feed.
Then, maybe the same day or the next one after this question, I saw a post on Facebook: How do you see God?
And I paused for a moment thinking that all my ideas about God are just ideas.
I was Gazing at my closed window and I thought: is God somewhere far away behind this window and then it suddenly came to me and I commented: (I don't see God, there's no one there but me, how could I know that you are real and not a part of my dream that I call "reality" , no one exists but me. This is all an illusion.)
Then it occurred to me that if no one exists but me then that means that I am God and my room is the whole universe. I exist. I always did. I always will do. There's no one out there. It felt terribly lonely and I started crying.
I escaped this by falling asleep. I woke up and nothing changed. The same realization stayed with me. It meant that I was never born, my parents were not real, all my memories were just story lines and I came back to your channel wanting to continue to watch the rest of your video but I found something else, another video of yours called what does awakening feel like? I watched it and I related.
I laughed and cried and I commented.
It literally felt like death and I kept saying that I  successfully broke my mind and I must be crazy. And there's no one to tell them about it because I am utterly alone.
The thing is I couldn't take it, I freaked out and I told myself I want my ego back.
And guess what? It did come back.
I kept watching videos of yours about God realization. I related to a lot especially the more tough parts.
I am a little braver to go back and dive deeper I think.
Still I know you don't exist but I enjoy writing to you.
Well, my insight is: Nothing exists until it does.


05.09.21 в 13:23

When you understand that your life is as fragile and impermanent as a bug on the ground, you are God.

petre Trusca

04.09.21 в 07:26

Today's enlightenment is tomorrow's attachment.

Donald Yanson

04.09.21 в 06:33

If you haven't seen the movie Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson Morgan Freeman the majority of people in the world use only about 10% of the cognitive ability of the brain mind in the movie Scarlett Johansson is given a genetic drug compound which increases the cognitive ability of her mind extrasensory perception telepathy clairvoyance interesting to think about whether any of it is it all possible remains to be discovered


03.09.21 в 23:21

What do you think about that god realization is ALMOST imposible without psychedelics?
You could meditate for 40 years and never have one... but then 3-4 hours into a fasting lsd trip you can broke reallity and strech into singularity with such lucidity and conciousness that none breathing excercise, none car accident, none meditation can help you to achive...
Maybe they are the greatest technology ever made?
Maybe its the TOOL that we dreamed to be the trigger?
It feels almost like hacking or cheating reallity, but so necessary in order to integrate and assimilate infinite conciousness

petre Trusca

03.09.21 в 20:33

He's bluffing, there is no such chemicals, he is creating a cult for those who want the chemical.

petre Trusca

03.09.21 в 18:35

Great story Leo, now what?

Matheus Donadelli

01.09.21 в 21:58

This is perfect Leo, described it head on with no bullshit terms from religions, very simple to understand even for the unconscious. Continue this profound work (Even if nothing has any meaning after all haha), but at least it can on the physical form function as a reminder from direct experience, so as to make suffering more bearable on the Human Level, in comparison to total unconsciousness. After all, it‘s still a game even after god realization. In That regard the Buddhists are right with the „Chop wood, carry water“ analogy.

Anna Bear

30.08.21 в 16:04

I have experienced this. You are the first person I can find that understands this. Thank you

Cuyl Shepherdton

26.08.21 в 12:37

I can completely understand but only because I have gone through the process. So, I get it. I would love to talk to another human being in person who has actually gone through this and been given this knowledge and love from God. I just get it, that all I can say.

Abass Jamaludin

26.08.21 в 00:12

You're going crazy man wtf is this

Half Way

25.08.21 в 09:18

Leo, you say that "if self deception was easy to unravel then everybody would have their reality unravel". So you think each person lives in a different reality in a delusional mind state that they can't see they are you? And if so, why do you think they would want to have their reality unravel? What makes you think "if it was eay everyone would do it", why do you think they would want it?


25.08.21 в 03:55

I wish i could take this in university

Mandy Luz Marquez

25.08.21 в 03:41

“No matter how big. Number, it will always be closer to zero than infinity”

Mandy Luz Marquez

25.08.21 в 03:39

I love how you start all your videos with “you will never understand what I’m about to say....but I’ll say it anyway” lol

Benjamin Munk

24.08.21 в 06:31

Maha Maya vs Yoga maya, what will you chose... I believe everything you say, also that Illusion is all that is, but as God you will have to chose a illusion sooner or later. God wants to experience infinite selfes in infinite realities, but you as "son" of God can be a part of a infinite reality where you can be part of God´s adventure where love only will be expanded and experienced. So I chose to learn about how much love God can express in form, which I believe is a never ending. The vedas teach this to be Yoga maya... That is my illusion and I cant wait to walk this path into experience love never ending unfolding in form og and relations

Mariana Gretel

24.08.21 в 01:24

Please share your detox program, Leo. I am so in need of this as I’m in a critical period, spiritually and physically/mentally

Bronson Stone

23.08.21 в 22:21

Love your work Leo.
At about 1:34 you suggested that a person would not want to stay in ‘god’ mode, but this is still part of the process. Like putting chips in a deep fryer, at first it bubbles a lot, but the more done the less bubbles, well the person who cannot get to god mode is bubbling a lot, and a person who gets to god mode and loses it is bubbling less but still bubbling, eventually the bubbles will stop and this will be the stabilising in god mode.
It is only your ego that says it doesn’t want god mode, the ego wants to dominate as you know.

At 2:13 you said "and why you created me, to help yourself to awaken". This contradicts your previous statements that 'you' created the illusion to break the loneliness and for fun ..... so why then insert these random 'god' mode buttons we can push to get out (you are the button).

Your attachments are still strong, they are deluding your interpretations, but I am glad, because you wouldn't be making these videos otherwise.

Thank you Leo


21.08.21 в 14:23

You do not know God, you must have some decency in you to apologize to the innocent people you’ve deluded and stop what your doing.

Ernie Prado

21.08.21 в 14:11

You are my next segment in my imagination. My imagination of you teaching me, of Wich is me.

Ernie Prado

21.08.21 в 13:22

This is all a figment of my imagination. I'm sitting here listening to this, smoking imaginary lemonchello strain and I'm flying in an imaginary existences. Wow


20.08.21 в 20:08



20.08.21 в 19:27

I love you Leo!!!!


20.08.21 в 18:54

Leo. This is honestly amazing. Unbelievably so. God Bless you!!!!


20.08.21 в 17:56

I think Im getting it Leo. I think Im getting not 100% sure yet but its opening up. Knowing and not knowing at the same time!!

Thomas J

20.08.21 в 01:40

Help with detoxing please. I experienced the multidimensional nature of time. There are so many realities that are being imagined in real time. I/we choose which experience to have, and in this body, in a linear fashion.

Same experience with space. Then I experienced space without time and time as an illusion without space.

Boy that was intense. Letting go of the ego is the toughest part. The question is why? But there is no why. It's an infinite game.

Roy Green

19.08.21 в 19:55

Thank u

Nick Biller

19.08.21 в 04:46

good shit. what you're describing as 'consciousness' is aka 'introverted intuition'... a cognitive perception function. People who use this, also use extroverted sensory in some facet. Other types of people perceive more future/past oriented with energetically flipped functions.

additionally, there are various personality systems which describe the character of a person .... you're a bodisatva, clearly. enneagram type 5SO.

how we each interpret this is up for debate... is it a program? a soul? a dream? biological nature?

Bee Happy

18.08.21 в 22:02

You're trying to explain something you do not understand. No one else can understand it or explain it so why do you continue. you can only experience it. Is it your ego that needs money?

nizar benazzouz

17.08.21 в 15:27

Nice video @Leo. Seems that the journey to those higher levels of consciousness is long and interesting (depressing sometimes I suppose too).
But why create the illusion of life in the first place if the notions of boredom and pain do not exist in such God-like states ? To play the game from 0 (provided that first primates and sapiens had super low levels of consciousness) and move from stage to stage till coming back to the God-like state through discovery (call them prophecies) and a lot of luck (people striving do not have the time nor the chance probably to think about that kind of deep questions) ? Isn't thinking about and analyzing this stuff part of the ego itself and its need to justify the why for everything...

Kyle Burnard

17.08.21 в 10:37

So this means that you/we/me is imagining this chemical too right?

Hegos Way

17.08.21 в 06:27

thanks bruh

Urano Steam

15.08.21 в 09:21

Isn't the " Boredom " and " Logic " that made consciousness imagine all of reality a duality that is withheld in consciousness itself like everything else ? Or even " Being " and " Non being "


15.08.21 в 04:02

"Your little mind?" Ffs. Stop it Leo. If you are so "awake " why are you even having a youtube channel? Or ask 250 for a "enlightment course"?

Ezra Watson

12.08.21 в 16:36

Dark Souls, it was so hard getting to the 2nd demon, who just sat on me, game over. I gave up playing. This is not my only take away from this video, lol


11.08.21 в 15:28

Had a god realization and realized you are the universe and the universe is you and everything you are manifest into your reality


09.08.21 в 04:27

I had this kind of God realization on Ketamine

Richard Collier

08.08.21 в 03:05

Leo ,

I appreciate this video in many ways that I haven’t been able to communicate to others the way you have in this video. The part you explained how we are God forgetting that we are God resonates so deeply because I have had the same revelation after a mushroom trip. And the larger message from that I received is to alway make sure you take this information and give back to the world. We are all vehicles to express the wisdom of “God” or whatever is comfortable to anyone to define it. What you’re doing is spreading that awareness across the platforms and helping others who’ve had these same experiences solidify their purpose to do the same. Really appreciate this video

Truth Seeker

07.08.21 в 08:23

I quiet my mind and shut everything down to the point where I I can see vivid random images that randomly come and go each one only lasting a few seconds before morphing into another image. And it ranges from just random people I’ve never met to random places I’ve never seen. The other day I was blown away because I seen this park and I wanted to see how much I can focus on a bush that was at this park and it looked just as real as it does here. The same vivid colors and same type of detail. What’s really bizarre is the people I see. They look so real, is my brain creating them in a random generator lol?

Koffein Net

06.08.21 в 21:15

Man created god in his own image.

Sebastian Grupp

06.08.21 в 10:41

Well I get that everything exists in consciousness and there’s all there is. But would there be a physical world without us humans which are perceiveing it ?

Sten Bäckström

05.08.21 в 11:06

I believe this might be true. I feel you're putting into words that which others say can't be put into words. Listened for many years to Anthony De Mello. After struggling with it for maybe 10 years I was able not to identify with my feelings and that's awesome. But Anthony mentions that moment when you realize what I is, what love is, what God is. He never tries to explain it. I believe you just explained it. Very exciting and disappointing at the same time. What I can't grasp is what the point is of awakening when it's really boring and that's the reason you must go back to sleep. Sounds depressing, but I acknowledge this is probably due to my lack of insight and my perspective from this world. It's exciting and disappointing at the same time. Great video I imagined for myself! That's what I imagine writing to myself now, and still feeling the ego at work...

Alireza Taghizadeh

05.08.21 в 06:32

I got to the point of realizing I am imagining reality and exactly after that I got scared and went to freak mode

The one and only Charlie Chill

04.08.21 в 23:06

What is God???? The Universe, The whole universe is God, and The universe experience its own self, so it's constant never stop creation thought out the experience of life of every single creature that exist inside itself. The universe look itself thought our eyes. What we see, God ( the Universe ) see, what we feel, God feel. We are all one with it, and the Universe is one with all of us. Great video Leo...I do really enjoy your talks. Thanks for sharing and for existing. May the Universe bless your soul forever. Peace.

Jordan Z

04.08.21 в 19:47

You remind me a lot of Alan Watts. A lot of similarities in the speech. As our human reality is just a drama constructed by creation, god, the universe, “I”, and our many other names. I have a persona which I play. A persona means mask in Latin. I wear a mask, pretending I’m something I’m not. Fooling myself into believing this is all real. It’s not fun knowing it’s fake. Belief that something is real gives it meaning. Struggle, pain, suffering. Life is suffering. I’ve had this thought before where I, god, the universe, is trying to teach myself something new in this “physical” “reality” I call life. I’m looking forward to having an “awakening” as this human form. Thanks for your many insights and extremely interesting way of thinking. I appreciate everything you talk about and enjoy your videos. Peace, love and may your life be filled with many struggles and fulfilment ✌️

vibe_addiction InstaGram

04.08.21 в 18:18

Your speaking the same shit ram dass and Alan watts were talking about decades ago. Just adding different noises to make the same sound lmao


04.08.21 в 16:35

i guess, there are still a lot of people who don't know what leo is trying to teach here ... i really understand why some people think "all this is nonsense and leo is just hallucinating" ... from my perspective, this knowledge is for everyone but not everyone has the ability to swallow it .. there are many ways / methods that can be used as a ‘tool’ or as a ‘booster’ to achieve it .. but it all depends on how you prepare yourself. because, if your preparation is not strong and there is still a lack of knowledge, you may be confused and because of that, the ego will take over and use that ‘confusion’ to make you doubt. the ego does not want you to achieve absolute truth because for the ego, absolute truth never exists and will never be able to accept about the existence of absolute truth. so, once you succeed even for just a moment, there will be a significant change in understanding the true meaning of whatever you go through. just be reminded, the farther you go, the stronger the temptation from the ego. based on what i experienced, at first after the awakening took place, it felt like there was a switch turned on and suddenly everything made sense. it was weird but slowly I got used to it. like what leo said, it felt like zooming out and that made me see wider and clearer. it makes you no longer doubt the existence of absolute truth. also, no longer afraid of death, and that doesn’t mean I don’t care if I’m killed, but I’m no longer worried about life after death. and I am always aware of every action, always aware of the situation around me, breathing also in a conscious state, this keeps me always in a state of gratitude.
But! you'll noticed that suddenly the 'world' kinda against you in almost avery way. it's because the 'system' is no longer in control and it kinda think that you also against itself. The 'Zombies' starting to materialize infront of your eyes or your conciousness starting to unmask/unveil this 'Zombies' troops. They will switch from autopilot to more aggresive, brutal and psychopathic mode, begins to attack you by spiting poison that if it hits you it leave a curse marks on you and make you look like you are the most useless, stupid, crazy, hallucinating and weird person in this world. they really like to feed on happiness, love or any good energy they can find. They even eat their own friends or even family, as long as it makes them survive, they dont care..they always unsatisfied with satisfaction.
Be strong, dont let them touch your energy, nothing can affect you if you dont allow it..

Infinite Consciousness

04.08.21 в 04:46

We are the Infinite empty field of Consciousness which in Everything arises.

David Bosankoe

04.08.21 в 03:52

Or an advanced realization of the limits of imagination?

Georg Wilde

03.08.21 в 08:06

The only real question is, how do i become Leo Gura.

Kory Ogden

03.08.21 в 06:36

I was driving while listening to it and heard the part about like "you are the only one that exists" - so in my head i was like "ok so it's a single-player game basically" and I kept trying to reprogram any thoughts of 'Other' with a Non-dual Single-player mindframe , using a hair band on my wrist to pop myself when I have a validation-reaching thought towards others , and keep tapping back into source of conscious experience... I was glimmering in some of the trees and signs occasionally... An analogy I was thinking of , is God-Realization feels like there is magic being leaked from the cosmos, but you get so little... It reminds me of DMT honestly , like thinking of your brain producing a little DMT for your God-Realization and building up your Pineal Gland muscle (I don't think this is literally the case, just a frame you can understand to relate to the Self-Realization as Infinity or however u say it..

This is cool. Leo, good shit man. Must of been hard having those realizations originally. Thank you! I don't think I would have been willing to really embrace this idea otherwise.

Just Me Allen

02.08.21 в 18:31

Leo, but your height is 6’ 2” and mine is 5’ 5” I would like to be at least 6’

Beginning Hope

02.08.21 в 16:40

As someone who does psychedelics the part about “projecting” the use of psychedelics, is so deep and mind blowing…

Brent Yarbrough

02.08.21 в 07:03

You can not be compassionate without someone or something else suffering or being poor or lacking in some way. That is love that is life that is us. None is superior.

Brent Yarbrough

02.08.21 в 06:50

“The point of the game is the challenge” ❤️
The reason why you’re life is what it is is because you chose it.

Brent Yarbrough

02.08.21 в 06:02

This was my DMT trip! You just described, as was my personal experience of “Omnipotence”, “Omnipresence”, and “Omniscience”, as well as sovereignty, all wrapped up into one. You can not deny it, it’s “God” or whatever name you wish to construct for this existence that supersedes and is in all. First time I’ve ever heard anyone else share the same. We make call it “imagined”, if we wish, for all our imagination is reality and all our reality is imagined. There is nothing more real than this. It’s what most of us have been taught from youth though too distracted by our own lives, we hadn’t realized it, possibly even those who taught us did not realize.

Monika Sitarz

01.08.21 в 13:07

Leo,thank you.
Perhaps you could share your thoughts about course of miracles.
How about us as son of God ?


01.08.21 в 10:00

"What a game is, is a set of artificially self-imposed limit that you place on yourself for the purposes of seeing how you tackle those limits and obstacles".

I swear by God, Leo is Enlightened

Moses Ocaya

01.08.21 в 04:59

Leo: "I'm a fragment of your consciousness."
So you have my consciousness.
Do you have your own mind?

Moses Ocaya

01.08.21 в 04:57

Leo: "I'm a fragment of your consciousness."
So you're me, and I'm you.
What does this have to do with Twin Flames?

Moses Ocaya

01.08.21 в 04:46

So now you're God-Realized
After you die, will you reincarnate? Or will you head back to Heaven?


31.07.21 в 22:53

I would disagree with the point made at 1:23:25 regarding more trauma making awakening harder. The suffering can actually turn one inwards because they have no where else to turn to find happiness, leading to the practicing of techniques such an self-enquiry.
Also the point at 1:23:35 about not being willing to accept the trauma, hatred and anger etc. as fantasy. I found this part of the video extremely liberating. Knowing that at a higher level that these negative emotions were ultimately unreal could make it easier to let them go.

Thank you very much Leo. This was such an interesting perspective for someone who has been trying to descend the scale in the opposite direction through meditative practice. I can feel it resonating very deeply as the truth.

Having now finished the video I look forward to more videos geared towards God-realisation. The problem is that a lot of people have no knowledge or access to psychedelic drugs, and so the kind of experience you have articulated is out of reach of those people, being left with techniques such as self-enquiry.

Aaron Taylor

31.07.21 в 17:52

Peter Suyat

31.07.21 в 15:25

Who else was sent by One Percent Better here?


31.07.21 в 06:48

There is no such thing as hatred, just lack of understanding.


31.07.21 в 04:30

Hey Leo, imagine the tallest building to ever exist.  Each floor the square foot area of each level gets smaller and smaller as you go up and up to a needle Point.  The last floor can only hold one person which is the Godhead but the tower is God as well. People just want a nice view. Those on the bottom level there's a lot of area there's a lot of space but they don't have a good view of things they look up and they see the top and they begin to inquire and they wonder how nice it would be to be up there. Sure the view is great but the Godhead is lonely and miserable Wishing he can be down there with all of us. At the very tippy top it's so sharp. It's the sharpest thing that can ever exist. Both sharp as an intellect and as a physical cutting edge point. It Is so intelligent and creative that it destroys as it creates & creates as it destroys. It is both literal and metaphorical. Maybe that's why these spiritual paths don't take us to the very top it gives us a floor that has enough square footage but also gives us a nice view. The best of both worlds.

Tyrone Madison

31.07.21 в 03:14

Sir I know I am a God and so are you

스테파니 Stephanie 조셉

30.07.21 в 01:29

I don't just love you; You are Love.
We are Love


29.07.21 в 02:03

Leo, you are talking about god’s features as a deity but forgetting about his features as a personality. He is also a loving parent who cares about his children. Like we do about ours. We are not just bubbles of god’s consciousness trying to fool him. We are him plus something else. We are new creations that help him grow somehow. Look 1+1=2. But in case of creation of a new being 1+1=3 or more. This is how we are born. A paradox and the truth at the same time. When personalities creatively interact a result of their actions is always bigger than just a sum of effort they applied. Look into the concept of Trinity. How god can be one and three at the same time. It really unravels the mystery of Creation. It shows that we are not simply an endless loop of god’s own delusion, but an ever evolving organism, a family of a great creator. If he is just one and single means that everything is just his dream. It’s a hinduist concept. It was very progressive for it’s time but it was upgraded 2000 years ago. Thinking that you are god who fools himself out of eternal boredom will leave you mentally exhausted and desperate or trying to escape this reality in elusive nirvana bliss and mindlessness. Thinking that you are a child of a loving father who planned an exiting potentially eternal life for you which is full of discoveries, spiritual evolution and fun, will leave you satisfied, involved, hopeful and fulfilled. Yes, this world is a very realistic illusion but this is how children learn. This is how our children learn, through imagination and games. As above so below. For we are created in his image. Look at our relationships with our children and it all comes clear. Take care. Who seeks finds.

Prashant Nawani

24.07.21 в 11:55

"What you will realize if you completely break it is that you want it back."
Is that a universal statement, Leo?
Your smile when you say it brings in a lot of play, and I see through the grave mist that the return seems to have cast in me. I am intrigued by your continual desire to explore gradations of awakening. Is there an explanation for this drive?

Kristina Amelong

23.07.21 в 20:23

Deep bow to your wisdom. Thank you. Realizing the depths along with you!!


22.07.21 в 21:31

This is) a Message sent down from the Lord of the Worlds.
And if the messenger were to invent any sayings in Our name,
We should certainly seize him by his right hand,
And We should certainly then cut off the artery of his heart:
Nor could any of you withhold him (from Our wrath).
But verily this is a Message for the Allah-fearing.
And We certainly know that there are amongst you those that reject (it).
But truly (Revelation) is a cause of sorrow for the Unbelievers.
But verily it is Truth of assured certainty.
So glorify the name of thy Lord Most High.

Quiet Sounds of Qualia

22.07.21 в 08:35

Every being is a player in Gods infinite eternal game. The game as always been written and each player has always been written because infinite potential has infinite outcomes already decided… all possible outcomes.
Time was created as a concept to align a sequence of events in the game upon. Each player is you, the awareness behind it and each player is lived one at a time by you. Its not that you got attached to the player per say, but as the player is written it is aware of its being written and is writing itself. But the infinite potentiality already wrote it from the beginning of time, you are just experiencing yourself writing a part of the cosmic game over a stretch of time. Your character dies and all memories are lost, including the concept of time, off to writing the next character. What order? There is no order because there is actually no time, you create the concept of time to write the character. They all just happen, and when the memories are lost, you’re back to scratch, to pure nothing.
Are the players experiencing life at the same time? Yes and no. No because you experience them one at a time. There is only one you, there’s not another you being aware of a character while you are being aware of yours. Is that ever actually in your experience? No. You can only experience the character your in right now and no one elses. Yes, you are experiencing them at the same time because time is a construct and once the memories are lost, you are back to scratch so you can simultaneously be living in two characters at the same place on your concept of time, but still experienced one at a time. Ultimately, you, God, awareness itself are alone and always alone in your current experience, but you can arrange many players being experienced by you on the same patch of time.

Your survival situation is also already written simply in the existence of pure nothing, infinite potential, infinite outcomes before time comes in the picture. When you are born, you are born into a game already happening, even tho for you is the beginning again, because you forgot all your memories in the last player. Your subconscious motives as a player is to survive because in infinite potentiality existed infinite evolution of beings with survival instincts, all you had to do is choose which one to start writing (be born into), and your conscious motive is something you don’t know yet, as an infant. Those in your community feed you a purpose and you take it, until you find it doesn’t fulfill you and you keep searching and searching for a purpose and never find it unless you awaken and understand who you are, you may choose to love universally, or just watch, and maybe that ends up being the same thing. The universe is the ultimate infinite self bootstrapping machine. The catch is, when you are born, you know nothing, but you are in a construct you already created and forgot, and you learn and make choices based on part truths you believe based of what your environment tells you, or act out of intuition. These may be the same thing in an ultimate sense. It’s easy to get lost in yourself, near impossible to find your self with out physical death, but then again you created eternity to do the whole thing over and over again.

If you are only ever aware in one player, how did you know how to put together the whole thing across the construct of time over and over again with each player lived out one at a time? Intuition, clues, breadcrumbs. The deeper timeless truth lies with in, and you start to see the big picture, or at least aspects of it as you get in touch with yourself, which is ultimately paradoxical and illusory. The part of you that knows what you are guides you to write the player in harmony with the greater game (at least sometimes). And there are always context clues.

Awesome Cheesecake

21.07.21 в 15:35

I have entered this God-Realization space half a dozen times now. When I have entered this space, there is an intrinsic sense of tragedy. Underneath the sense of awe, even under the sense of terror at the incomprehensible potentiality of that space, is a sense of infinite aloneness. That this god mind prefers to not be aware of itself because that omnipotence is the essence of aloneness. That the fractalization of unity consciousness into the plethora of individualized consciousnesses is to escape its own oneness. And inevitably at the end of each of these these experiences, the unity consciousness always condenses itself into a singularity point and disappears, almost as an attempt to erase itself. The ultimate moment of truth, the possibility of absolute nothingness at all. And in that final empty nothingness - it finds itself still existing and quickly rebuilds my egoic self to escape. As if the God mind is choosing the illusory existence of time and space in order to fractalize itself into a multitude, escaping the biting infinitude of it's endless existence.

Luke Cronquist

21.07.21 в 13:08

Seeing yourself as god just seems like rationalized narcissism.

Be Free

20.07.21 в 15:12

Advaita is pronounced uh-dway-tuh

james staggs

20.07.21 в 15:07

I'm not so sure it's a problem of someone's mind not being able to understand the communication so much as it is a problem of spoken language and it's own inherent limitations. A single word can be interpreted many different ways depending on a variety of factors. So when you say "total" or "infinite" the idea you're trying to communicate may not get through to everyone.

I also think you kind of brought up the essence of, well, everything, that essence being the paradox. The higher/deeper you go into this stuff the more things are but aren't, here but also there, limited but unlimited become. Take time for example. It can't have a beginning because it's causal but it also can't go backwards forever for the same reason, but it has to go back forever since it can't have a beginning but it can't...that seems to be at the center of many of these "larger" ideas, the paradox I mean.

Half Way

20.07.21 в 07:04

So Leo you have infinite power in Godmode but you can't heal your own disease.
What kinda "InFiNiTe PoWeR" is this?


19.07.21 в 22:40

How people are being constructed ?

Akshit Srivastava

19.07.21 в 10:29

Consciousness is self created . Why did this consciousness come into existence ? There should also have been nothing . No consciousness . Then why all this .

LAQ 24

18.07.21 в 11:52

This video is totally insane


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