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English Addict with Mr Duncan

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It's English Addict LIVE from England on Sunday 15th MAY 2022. Hi everybody, this is Mr Duncan in England. Chat live and direct with other English addicts around the world. Today we will look at 'making plans' and 'picture' words and phrases. Mr Steve will also be with us as well. Join us live at 2pm UK time and enjoy the spontaneous English live chat. Unplanned and unscripted with Mr Duncan on YouTube.
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parisa nazemi

17.05.22 в 11:45

Thanks alot dear Mr Duncan and Mr Steve for teaching to us and also make learning english fun and pleasent for us❤❤


16.05.22 в 18:54

Brilliant as always. Thank you Mr. Duncan and Mr. Steve.

shamil isaev

16.05.22 в 14:36

If I were wealthy, I would never pay that much for a painting.
never ever

With that money, you can own many more beautiful things than one painting

Luisa Cordón

16.05.22 в 11:42

You 2 are superb

Palmyra Rameikiene

16.05.22 в 11:02

Sometimes the life is like a zebra: from black to white , from white to black

Deeno S

16.05.22 в 07:40

I need your help help how to learning English please I am from Ertira Africa I want learning English

Deeno S

16.05.22 в 07:38

I am new here sir thanks you

Sandra Gonzalez

16.05.22 в 01:02

Thank you Mr DUncan. I m missing your live streaming ❤️❤️

Bielorrusia subnoivrach

15.05.22 в 23:58

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Bielorrusia subnoivrach

15.05.22 в 16:21

Thank you for the song!!! You made my day!!

English Addict with Mr Duncan

15.05.22 в 16:09

Time Codes - Click on the blue time codes to skip forward to...
POISON + CARVING on a TREE - 1:24:16 PICTURE words and phrases - 1:30:28

magomed magomedov

15.05.22 в 16:07

I am so happy that you are close to getting 1 million subscribers and I want to congratulate you on 200 episodes

magomed magomedov

15.05.22 в 16:07

Thank you mr duncan and mr steve for this lovely livestreem

Rosa Rhoda Rodriguez Anido Jones

15.05.22 в 15:53

Hello everyone there !

100 dob

15.05.22 в 15:23

Thank you very much Mr. Duncan, Mr. Steve, for this english lesson!. Was absolutely brilliant.


English Addict with Mr Duncan

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English Addict with Mr Duncan

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