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If you want to know how to speak American English you’re in the right place! My YouTube channel is perfect for you—it’s completely dedicated to helping you think in English and improve your spoken English. And if you’re ready to start dedicated training on how to speak American English please, please watch this video. I have the ultimate resource ready for you! My online school, Rachel’s English Academy, is the best place I know of for learning how to speak American English. I want to tell you all about it! You’ll meet teachers, get a tour of the school and hear from current students about their experience! Speaking English fluently isn’t just about vocabulary. You need more than that. You need to train your mind and voice to sound like a native English speaker. It’s intimidating, but I’ve devoted my professional life to creating resources that will help! And Rachel’s English Academy is the culmination of my 15+ years of training people in American English pronunciation. There are so many tools available, not to mention an amazing community of fellow learners. So if thinking in English and increased English fluency is your goal, please take this opportunity to join my Academy. Even if you can’t think in English now, with the help of the Academy’s English lessons you’ll see immediate improvement! The first time you’ve realized that you stopped translating in your head will be an absolute joy. That’s what I want for you! So check out the video, check out the Academy and let’s get to work helping you learn how to speak American English.

00:00 Introduction
00:24 Sign up before the price increase
00:38 Why join the Academy
01:43 Chao interview
04:15 30-day money back guarantee
04:25 Meggy Testimonial
05:17 Daniel Testimonial
06:28 Romain Testimonial
07:32 Personal Video Feedback
08:03 Teacher Alicia feedback
08:27 Why is the price going up?
08:58 What you can work and train with on a daily basis
10:29 Sophie Testimonial
11:50 Karen Testimonial
12:53 Sign up before Sunday
13:02 Jane Testimonial

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Improve your American Accent / spoken English at Rachel's English with video-based lessons and exercises. Rachel uses real life English conversation as the basis for teaching how to speak English and how to sound American -- improve listening comprehension skills. Study English vocabulary and English phrases such as phrasal verbs, as well as common expressions in English. Learn American idioms and American slang.

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Вчера в 00:31

I just watched the video.is it too late to sign up for this ?how can I sign up if I could ?

Mile Teacher

18.05.22 в 01:54

:( I wish I saw this message before so I could have signed up.

Romain Caz

17.05.22 в 08:14

Awesome video. This is the most amazing academy ever !


16.05.22 в 16:41

I don't speak english. ME TOO 명백한 귀요미 로고 도용입니다. 이뽀미 죽지마세요. 애은 정정당당 앤.


15.05.22 в 20:44

hello, I am your student in your academy I have one question do you know any websites for Ameircan story please ?

Abilio Junior

15.05.22 в 15:38

Hi Rachel this is course for iniciatial studant?

Jason Cai

15.05.22 в 04:13

I am from Shenzhen city China, could i pay and learn from you?

Papa Thoai

14.05.22 в 21:41

Be found you r channel.I very need it.thanks.God bless you .

diniz oliveira

13.05.22 в 16:34

No more special price, Rachel!? I tried to become a member of the academy, But this special offer has done.

Camilo Lemus

13.05.22 в 03:23

I didn't notice the price was going up, now is too late and the prices increased :( Is there any chance to joind the academy with the old prices, please? you know, the dollar has strengthened compared to latin american currencies :/

m n

12.05.22 в 18:38

hank you very goood

anya taylor

12.05.22 в 11:21

Hello I'm Frantz
I'm at Saint domingue
I thank you for your video

littlenineful chen

12.05.22 в 04:46

How can I join? Is there a link for this special event? Thanks


12.05.22 в 00:00

Could we stop the academy when we want it

Dr.Ar. Man

11.05.22 в 18:09

Can I join 259$per year))I'm just now about that price and it too late ((can you do something for me?

vikram gangaramani

11.05.22 в 17:56

Hi,please can u send me the link of the video where we have the 50 states of USA with the capital’s (pronunciation)

Nader Mina

11.05.22 в 02:34

Hi, I’ve just seen this video. How can I sign in academy?


10.05.22 в 17:23

Is there a difference in British English?

يزيد عبد الرازق

10.05.22 в 14:29

Do Americans are the most people raise dogs in their houses?
The definition of prank in all english speaking countries made a video about the word prank definition I would like to watch.
Is English language today becomes a barrier between users and natives? Debate video required.
I would like to see video about those topics.


10.05.22 в 12:22

hey Rachel, how did your kids learn to read out loud with good pronunciation ? how did they learn to recognize what sound make a A for exemple in the new word ? did they learn with your academy ? and did they have to learn every single word in English with the ipa transcription ? please help


10.05.22 в 12:19

I would like to prepare for the TOEFEL exam but I think my English is at the level of a beginner. Could the academy help me being successful?

hélèna gautiera

10.05.22 в 10:43

it's a big big big increase, I've just seen that increase and that video, didn't have time to sign up.. It's a very huge increase and too short reprieve.

أَحْمَد رَمَضَان عَلِي أَبُو العِلا

10.05.22 в 04:21

Rachel , I have watched your video about the pronunciation the word [ Clothes ] ... I understood that the sound [ th ] is not pronouced in this word ... I'm I right or not ? ... that's because it's really hard to me to pronounce the sound [ th ] before the sound [ z ] ... I hope you answer my question .


09.05.22 в 22:26

Can you analysis language from this program TV, Family plot ? This is very helpful TV series. https://youtu.be/kRON7nBmYhM

allesse amunigi

09.05.22 в 14:14

oh no !! It was too short as a time limit , we've just seen it right now..


08.05.22 в 12:49

I'm a bit wondering if cancellation step of subscription was described, which would make easier to start.

Joe Macmillan

08.05.22 в 09:03

I love Rachel

Pere Canyelles

08.05.22 в 08:24

Is there a diphthong in the word idea?

Raouf Allani

07.05.22 в 22:07

Thank you teacher

Rama krishna

07.05.22 в 17:51

Hai Rachel's can you please teach me english if any course available please let me kown i'll join

Bill T

07.05.22 в 15:07

You did a thing a while back on the N'T contraction. All well and good, but what about the words with "ldn't" or "dn't" contraction? I hear more and more people (usually millennials) pronouncing the word "didn't" as DI-UN'T, as Oh no, you diun't. Where did THAT come from? Is it a "black" thing?? Can't find any info on this anywhere??

Phối Đồ Xinh

07.05.22 в 03:20

I have a dream: to have 100 people respond to my messages

City Engineering

06.05.22 в 21:38

How many day in a month take class and at what time and how much a day with $27

Céline Karter

06.05.22 в 14:34

Hi Rachel!! I've enrolled today!! I'm so happyyyyyy!!!

Сергий Entertainment television

06.05.22 в 13:43

You're a great teacher, Rachel! :) I appreciate your work very much!

saeed gh

06.05.22 в 06:49

I do not know where to start the videos ?


05.05.22 в 10:57

Your videos are misinformative,
scam and clickbait. You force people to speak with a local accent and deceive people into believing that's the correct and native way to speak.

Cao Nhi TV

05.05.22 в 06:56

I'm in another country, so can I join the course?

Wang Fei

05.05.22 в 04:29

Dear Rachel, I just want you to know how much I enjoy the Rachel’s English Academy! My favourite part is Vlogs. I really enjoy it. I practice every day! Thank you!

Esmeralda Garrido

05.05.22 в 03:48

Let’s say I paid a month $27.00 I like it and want to do after that month a full year. So that will be $259.00?


04.05.22 в 17:14

There's this phrase that I have been wanting to throw in your direction and you know it's something I think we can handle when we going to get in the shower

Rafael Augustus

04.05.22 в 14:09

Hey Rachel I loved your classes and I've been learned a lot with you, so thank you for it, just one thing every time I see you I remind her the Rogue , sorry if you don't like it.

Anh Ngọc

04.05.22 в 13:39

If I'm at A2 level, can I join your course?


04.05.22 в 13:12

Is there any method to improve listening skills?


04.05.22 в 12:12

It's a huge increase..why ?

Amir Ashayeri

04.05.22 в 09:44

Magnificent job

Мария Костюкова

04.05.22 в 08:13


04.05.22 в 06:17

Hey Rachel I wanted to request you a videos explain some difficult sentences in Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's suit trail I'v been watching the videos but not understanding what the context is i know the words but not what they are saying, if you can please do that

Daniel Alvarez

04.05.22 в 04:00

I love your videos. I hope to have soon enough money to buy your training accent.

tian lan

04.05.22 в 02:31

Oscar Martinez

04.05.22 в 02:23

Hello Rachel ¡¡ Can I subscribe if I am a beginner or are they for advanced levels?

Ms. Introvert

04.05.22 в 01:20

I can immitate american accent its just that I cannot speak fluently and spontaneously

ronaldo ferreira Oliveira

03.05.22 в 23:39

Your english training is the best teacher rachel

ครูดิอร สอนน้องท่องโลก

03.05.22 в 23:14

I’m your student, I approved this message. Your class is the most outstanding English class that I have ever attended. I haven’t wanted to take any other online courses with anyone but yours.

I have a great job and life in the USA, but English is hard for me to get great or master it. I strongly believe that you can help me.

Fayçal Ounissi

03.05.22 в 19:51

Hi Rachel, I'm one of your students and I want know if my subscription's price will stay the same as long as my subscription is going on ?

M3andhm HD

03.05.22 в 19:24

I wanna know if I can really reach my goal in two months

Titus Dziri

03.05.22 в 16:32

It's really professional Rachel , I know that because I was a french teacher . Good luck

Erik Adonay Sarmiento

03.05.22 в 16:04

Your videos are totally the best, I gotta say I've learned a lot by watching your amazing videos but I can't afford for a training or English class with you. It's just out of my budget. Nothing's free in life, but you something can not make it.


03.05.22 в 15:44

Got u,$ .one day this month


03.05.22 в 15:35

StrayCat Zamora

03.05.22 в 15:35

Heyy Miss Rachel!!! I just wanna say to all of those doing their best to learn, never give up, keep rocking it, you got this!!!!!!!

Vyacheslav Solonin

03.05.22 в 15:25

Хай всем

Edvin Orozco

03.05.22 в 15:24

Let me ask you something... Where were you born? ❤️❤️ thank you we appreciate your videos...


03.05.22 в 15:06

Hello guys

Daily pronunciation.

03.05.22 в 14:53

Greetings from Sri Lanka.

Javohir Abulqosimov

03.05.22 в 14:48

Dear Rachel im from iraq
I like to learn English
How i start of language

Awiksandr 1337

03.05.22 в 14:15

Miss Rachel you look more Canadian that american always wanted to say that.

Pitts Chapel Farm

03.05.22 в 14:12

I noticed Rachel asked the question to Chao "Can I ask you a question?" and then immediately asked it without Chao answering whether it was OK. I have seen this in the workplace before. Is it natural and acceptable to ask but not wait for an answer on these occasions? Just something I have noticed before.

VIP 116

03.05.22 в 14:11

I'm vikaram in india

VIP 116

03.05.22 в 14:10

Nice content maim thanks

Learn As you can

03.05.22 в 14:08

Thank you so much, you are always helping all of us.

Ramzy - رمزى

03.05.22 в 13:40

Thank you.

Jade Bangoura

03.05.22 в 13:24

Hello Rachel!
I am a French English teacher and I love your videos which are always 100% relevant.

Useless Vad

03.05.22 в 13:00

Sounds promising. My practice consists of hours of listening to something, like Terence McKenna talks. The guy has passed 20 years ago but his lections are living on the internet. And his speech is full of life all the time although the topics are controversial

bhaskar narnolia

03.05.22 в 12:45

Do you have any special application to purchase your subscription?

Zanani Mohamed

03.05.22 в 12:43

Plz which level we need to get benefit from academy and there some way to gain more vocabulary

احسان اسلامی

03.05.22 в 12:39

hi good afternoon from karaj iran

Amjad Rady

03.05.22 в 12:36

Greetings from lraq amarah city


03.05.22 в 12:32

I am a native English speaker, born in the United States and I watch your videos and realized... I don't know how to pronounce some words. Is it because I'm a New Yorker? Is it it caw-fee or cof-ee?

Michał KJ

03.05.22 в 12:17

Generally there are two groups of learners 1) those who as forigners live among natives 2) those who live in countries where English is a foreign language.

If I do not care about pronunciation permenantly my English speaking and understanding skills will disapear. What to do? How to care about my English skills?

Imagine my general knowledge of English is advanced, but pronunciation, rythim, melody drop down quickly. How to deal with it?

Rachel you are good teacher. Tell me what to do?


03.05.22 в 12:15

God loves you all
Откройте свое сердце Богу и покайтесь в своих грехах, что бы вы обрели вечную жизнь и не попали в Ад.

andry ny hoavy RAZANADRAKOTO

03.05.22 в 12:10

think you so much!

Asd D

03.05.22 в 12:08



03.05.22 в 12:07

whatever little progress has been made in my english by watching your vides

ابدأ - start

03.05.22 в 12:06

Thanks a lot

Pablo Repetto

03.05.22 в 12:04

How Do I join to your community???Can you send me an email please??

Nadira Haider

03.05.22 в 12:03

Will you provide certificate teacher?

Pablo Repetto

03.05.22 в 12:02

Hi good morning from Buenos Aires Argentina

ciymil3 ciymil1975

03.05.22 в 12:02

Nice to here you again


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