6 Minute English: Connecting remote communities

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In certain developed countries around the world, there is a stark difference in the availability of internet to different communities. In tribal lands, located in remote, rural and rugged landscapes, internet connection is often very patchy, or non-existent. In this episode, Sam and Neil discuss attempts to connect these remote areas. Join us to explore this topic and learn the useful vocabulary you need to talk about it!

This week's question:
What was the name of the first ever internet browser, the engine for searching websites? Was it:
a) Ask Jeeves?
b) WorldWideWeb?
c) Yahoo?
Watch the video to find out the answer.

global village
description of the modern world as a connected community in which people communicate across great distances using technology such as the internet and telephone

happening suddenly for a short time and not in a regular way

(informal) bad, not able to be trusted

information passed by people telling each other, rather than being written down or sent electronically

small, modern electronic device or machine which does something useful

(straight) from the horse's mouth
(idiom) directly from the most reliable source, or from someone who has reliable knowledge of it

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The light of islam Abdullah al mahbub

28.08.22 в 09:26


Mostafa Al-Ghurabi

28.08.22 в 08:30

People use to hear every thing by word-of-mouth but now they can search for information, checking it and learn what they desire from the horse's mouth without being deceived by people or misleading sources

Mostafa Al-Ghurabi

28.08.22 в 08:23

We still have a spasmodic internet connection here since it's being operated wirelessly and not using modern technology such as cables. Dodgy internet can really be irritating. but still, we are greatful that we have it in the first place and being a part of that global village.

Worapan Jinlamai

25.08.22 в 15:29

Thanks for the great video, it certainly opened my eyes regarding the digital divide. It reminded me of my time in middle school.  I attended a district school in the countryside near my home.  My school has 2 computer rooms, each room has about 20 computers, but most of them can't work, although some of them work, but the internet speed is very slow.  My school solved the problem by having teachers teach only computer theory before, to wait for the budget from the Ministry of Education.  In the end, I graduated from middle school.  I didn't actually use a computer at all. It made my family realize that I should have gotten something more appropriate so they decided me to move schools.


25.08.22 в 15:29

I think the digital divide created a great impact for the people who live in the villages. As all the guests in the video tell about their problems, it can be seen that there is a huge digital divide between the people in the city and the people who live in the village. For my own experience, my hometown is in the countryside where when there is a storm the internet signal is cut off and I can't use anything even to make calls. And if there is a thunderstorm for a long time, I will not be able to receive any information, not even the weather forecast. All I can do is wait for the storm to subside and my internet signal is back up.

Wolf White

25.08.22 в 15:03

I like this podcast. It is very interesting that there is still an unstable internet connection nowadays though every technology is improved from the past. As the first woman mentioned, her internet connection is work for just a short time in her city and another city cannot even make a phone call. However, the villagers built their own telephone transmission tower for liking stable network. Also, the internet provides benefits to farmers such as climate information and using technology to have gadgets available in the farm.

Manthana Phromsopha

25.08.22 в 14:57

Thank you for sharing such an interesting discussion. I had a similar experience with Katie as the village I lived in was quite rural and surrounded by forests. This results in delayed access to the internet. Therefore, the internet lag caused my long-distance communication with my mom to be very difficult due to the fact that I was studying at the university. A good internet means people don't miss out on opportunities or can communicate clearly. So I think it's great that everyone has access to a good internet connection wherever they are.

ศิริลักษณ์ หันแถลง

25.08.22 в 14:29

This podcast is very relevant to me because I live in a rural village with fewer telephone signals. Sometimes the 4G signal changes to 3G, which makes my internet usage very slow while playing social media. It shows me the digital divide and why living in a rural area is not as extensively covered by the internet as in cities. And the new thing I got from this podcast is that the first Internet browser was called WorldWideWeb because at first, I didn't think it was an internet browser.


25.08.22 в 14:19

The digital divide is really impactful and vital to people. Like Aamer couldn’t access the internet to get reliable weather information. Reliable weather information is very important as it affects his agricultural products. Or in my case, I was born and raised in rural Thailand and was able to almost fully use the internet at the age of 13-14 years. I knew about coding when I was at high school. It was so sad. If I had access to the Internet sooner, I would have studied programming languages at young ages.

จิราภรณ์ เหลาบุญมา

25.08.22 в 13:58

This is a useful video. My hometown is in a remote area, so the internet connection is not stable. My father is a farmer, so he needs to know about the weather information when will be raining. In the past, the internet connection in my hometown is terrible. My father knew about weather information by observing the different types of clouds that can determine the weather, and also getting information from "word-of-mouth". However, today's internet connection is more stable than in the past, so it is easier to get weather information.

ปณิดา บุญมีสนม

25.08.22 в 13:50

Thank you for such a great video. This talk is relevant to my experience. Technology makes me get correct and fast information. Same as the talk mentions "The internet brings reliable climatic information".Accessibility to technology helps my life easier to check or prove something. Before I did not have the internet I had to wait for the village leader to announce the news about my school like if today my school had a holiday or not because my school was in another city. It was difficult to get information from the teacher or principal directly when it was the weekend. Sometimes the village leader forgot to announce the news or told wrong information. Years later, I have more access to technology and internet. I have Facebook to follow up on the news of my school's FB fan page or ask the teacher immediately. It makes me get the right and fast information.

1234 Телефон

25.08.22 в 13:27

Thank you for the interesting discussion. There are some interesting words such as doggy, tatty, and horse's mouth. I've learned that even the UK has problems with internet connections. The impact of the digital divide is bad situation. We should get information thoroughly and quickly. I used to use the internet in my village to study online, but the screen took a very long time to load, there was no picture, only the sound was stuck. I think that if everyone has stable internet access, we can update new information in real-time and learn a lot.

อวัศดา ฝางคํา

25.08.22 в 13:24

It is an interesting topic because I am faced with a spasmodic internet problem like Katie. I grew up in the countryside of one province in Thailand which is near Laos. Sometimes a spasmodic internet connection happened without a problem. Many years ago, the government tried to fix this problem by giving the WiFi one spot per village. However it can’t help people in the villages. It also me

Ple Prapaporn

25.08.22 в 13:18

I am one who lives in the countryside. In my village, the internet is difficult to access and at present, it would be like that. Due to a lack of internet signal, Some homes have to install Wi-Fi and the installation of signals and equipment causes costs more than necessary. It's different from a capital city with good internet coverage and easier access to the internet than people living in the countryside. Therefore, the internet should be everywhere, and it should be easily accessible.

Jirawan Bausriyod

25.08.22 в 13:09

Thank you for sharing this podcast. I am quite familiar with the topic you are discussing in this video, especially when you tell the story of the area where Mr.Aamer Hayat lives. I visited a village without an internet connection many years ago during the summer vacation. In the village, people live very simple lives, so word-of-mouth communication was also necessary for the spread of information. Living without the Internet is interesting and enjoyable for me in a unique way. However, I still believe that having access to the internet is important for students and also many people nowadays because I've missed important tests because of a lack of an internet connection. Love from Thailand

JK Ionism

25.08.22 в 13:08

Thank you for sharing this interesting video

JK Ionism

25.08.22 в 13:08

Thank you for sharing this interesting video

Tatsawan Khonghintang

25.08.22 в 12:38

This video is very useful. Thank you for sharing. In the video at 2:11 minute, Katie said that the internet in her hometown is quite spasmodic because of her internet cables. This case is quite similar to me. I live in a countryside village in North-East Thailand. The internet connection is poor because of low quality cables. I am so upset every time the internet is slow. When there are heavy thunderstorms, the cables always get problems and I have to wait for technicians to fix them.


25.08.22 в 12:28

Thanks for sharing a nice and useful video. The first thing I learned from this video was the new vocabulary there are dodgy, tatty. I had quite a similar experience with this video. I have a poor internet connection which affects my daily life. I live in a place where the internet is difficult to access. I am still a student so there are important announcements from universities or hospitals. I can't know right away. I may have missed some information related to me, for example, due to covid 19 vaccination announcements but accepting a limited number of people with good internet access will get that opportunity first. This problem affects not only me but also other people. This is my experience, so I think if the internet is accessible to all areas of the country. It will be very useful to everyone.

อัมฤทธิ์ตรา มาสขาว

25.08.22 в 10:41

Thank you for sharing your knowledge of early Internet topics. I am from Thailand. I learned about how early people used the Internet and learned about new terms I'd never heard of, such as horse's mouth, which was word-of-mouth. Or is it a gadget which means small electronic devices I think using the internet in the old days was very difficult for people living in the countryside like the Aamer you mentioned in the video. I also had the same experience at my house in Yasothon at that time. The internet signal wasn't even enough. Even so, the mobile signal was only two bars. It caused me to receive information more slowly than my village friends. For a friend in my village who has the money to set up the internet at home, it would be good for them to get information quickly. Unlike me, I have to go to the center of the village to connect to the Internet or go to the internet of my neighbor to receive information. But I'm glad I was able to answer your above question as you asked about the early internet names used. I replied that it was B. because I used to use that website name to find information.

สุพรรษา ทานะกาศ

25.08.22 в 08:46

Thank you for sharing a good video with me. I got new information from this video that tribal lands, which are situated in remote, rural, and rugged landscapes, frequently have very patchy or nonexistent internet connections, which can lead to issues with the digital divide. If many people lack internet access, they will miss a lot of information on social media and the use of new technologies. Also, I learned new vocabulary from the video, like "dodgy," meaning bad, and "spasmodic," meaning happening suddenly for a short time.

หัสดิน เกตุศักดิ์

25.08.22 в 07:13

Thank you for sharing this post cast. I have been to country side and I found that there was poor connection of internet and lack of signal. I missed an important announcement from my assignment. I think it is important to let everyone access to the internet. We are living in a world of technology and we all should have a good internet connection for any purpose. I believe that soon every part in the world could have internet access for everyone to be able to use it because I believe that it is useful and important for us.

Pim Montiraporn

25.08.22 в 06:59

Very interesting talk and a great place to learn new vocab, and from this video, I learned new words such as the horse's mouth, dodgy, and spasmodic. I'm from Thailand, and I've also experienced a lack of internet connectivity and sometimes no phone signal in a rural village during heavy rain. So I think they should use more technology to have some gadgets to provide a stable internet connection like in town. Actually, I guessed the correct answer to your question: b.

สนิตา เชื้อโชติ

25.08.22 в 06:26

I really agree with you and the impact of the digital divide. I am one of the people who live in a rural area. Struggling with the internet is a normal thing that we always face. For example, when we want to download an ebook we use 4G or 5G. It is difficult to complete. In contrast, WI-FI is very easy to download huge amounts of data. So, I think the area that we live in can be the cause of internet problems.

Up to Beer

25.08.22 в 05:30

I think people who live in a village that far from a city always face bad internet access. Same as me! I’m the one who live in a countryside village. When storm come, I will lose internet connection and mobile signal. It’s very bad without internet access because it’s very important to use internet or mobile signal to contact people from different place. When there is emergency case and you live alone, it’s impossible to contact anyone for help.

ชาญชนม์ เจริญชัย

25.08.22 в 01:58

Thank you for sharing such an interesting topic. I am Thai, and I have learnt many unfamiliar words from this video such as spasmodic, dodgy. Also, I think it is really difficult sometimes for people on the rural areas or some places that make people to have the difficulties to connect with the internet. Even though I live in a town, I sometimes struggle with the bad internet connection, and it really affects my life on that day because I mostly rely on the internet for my works and study. I could not imagine how people in those areas need to rely on some information by word-to-mouth which can be from prediction. So, I think it will be great if everyone can access to the internet to take great advantages for their life in the globalization.


20.08.22 в 17:03



20.08.22 в 08:06

Instagram and TikTok @apik_angielski

See you there :)

Yến Lưu

20.08.22 в 04:36

Thanks a lot!

Yiğitcan Baysal

17.08.22 в 06:49

Hi mates
I'm looking for a speaking partner to practice English if you want to improve speaking English we can practice.
Let me know.

ROHIT singh bisht

14.08.22 в 15:36

Please mention subtitles also

Jackie Angkor

13.08.22 в 15:41

I miss Katerin.

Tobias Arias Toya

12.08.22 в 23:59

What an interesting talk BBC, have a happy summer

Hom Nath Dharel

12.08.22 в 13:56

Love from Nepal. BBC Learning English channel is a great platform to learn English as whole for me and I hope for everyone.

sompa hansda

12.08.22 в 06:05

I remember these day(nostalgic) when internet connect with phone

hưng vũ

11.08.22 в 19:48

Thank you for useful topic. It makes me remember onething about my country.
In 1989, the first company started installing mobile phone system in Vietnam that is named “Viettel”. Nowaday, this company is still the best and it has a lot of clients from all around the world.

name surname

11.08.22 в 19:00

Hello from Poland

safir semon

11.08.22 в 18:27

Excellent learning place. Thank you.

Elvyn M. Gonzalez

11.08.22 в 15:39

Thanks bbc team, love from Dominican Republic

RK. Kretzer

11.08.22 в 14:07

A Lot of Thanks. Hugs from Brazil.

Bilal Khan

11.08.22 в 13:21

Plz we need you to stand in front instead of this picture plz don't make such videos again where you discussing a picture with us plz

Eliana Matte

11.08.22 в 11:25

Free Assange NOW!

Zeeshan Ahmed

11.08.22 в 10:19

Love from Pakistan

Πετρος Νικου

11.08.22 в 10:18

Tatty dodgy

Thuỳ Trang

11.08.22 в 10:15


0:15 dial-up internet: to get a connection to a computer or telephone over a telephone line
0:19 handshake: he act of taking someone’s right hand and shaking it, which people do when they meet or leave each other or when they have made an agreement
0:52 broadband: system of connecting computers to the Internet and moving information, such as messages or pictures, at a very high speed
1:07 take a closer look
2:23 dodgy: (informal) bad, not able to be trusted
2:32 spasmodic: happening suddenly for a short time and not in a regular way
2:45 irritating: an irritating habit, situation etc keeps annoying you
4:50 idealistic: believing that you should live according to high standards and principles, even if they cannot really be achieved, or showing this belief → realistic
5:45 word-of-mouth: information passed by people telling each other, rather than being written down or sent electronically
5:32 global village: description of the modern world as a connected community in which people communicate across great distances using technology such as the internet and telephone
5:51 from the horse’s mouth(idiom): directly from the most reliable source, or from someone who has reliable knowledge of it

8/11/2022 ALL THE BEST FOR YOU ^^

Josef Novak

11.08.22 в 10:03


أخوكم من فلسطين قطاع غزة

11.08.22 в 10:00

Gaza under the shelling helped me, O people of goodness, I am the mother of Palestine from Palestine. My children are orphans, we live in the house of rent.


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